Course Directory


New Employee Orientation

CodeCourse Name
IGWIntroduction to the GAC World 
HSSEHealth, Safety, Security and Environment 
CNECompliance and Ethics 
CGWCommunication in the GAC World 
CSACyber Security Awareness 
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness 

Business Communication

CodeCourse Name
GEPGlobal English Programme
EBWEffective Business Writing

Business Operations

CodeCourse Name
ONGOil and Gas Support Services 
SAOShipping Agency Operations 
FFFFreight Forwarding FundamentalsNew in 2019
AOGAdvanced Oil and GasNew in 2019


CodeCourse Name
GSFGAC Sales Fundamentals 
LFSLinkedIn for Sales 
KAMKey Account Management 
ASTAdvanced Sales Techniques 
TNBTender and Bid Management 

Business Performance

CodeCourse Name
GFEGAC Finance Essentials 
GFRGAC Financial Reporting 
GICGAC Internal ControlNew in 2019

Leadership Development Programme

CodeCourse Name
FLPFoundations of Leadership Performance 
HPTLeading High Performance Teams 
PDLPerformance-driven LeadershipNew in 2019
VUCAVUCA InterventionNew in 2019

Professional Development

CodeCourse Name
PPDPersonal and Professional Development 
TBLTeam-based Leadership 
EPSEffective Presentation Skills 
ENSEffective Negotiation Skills 
CSECustomer Service Excellence 

Business Application Training

CodeCourse Name
GFNGACfreight ENSCO Operations 
GFOGACfreight Oil and Gas 


CodeCourse Name
IMSIOSH – Managing Safely 
DMPDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme 
CNRCompliance and Ethics Refresher 

* Mandatory for all new joiners