Effective Business Writing (EBW)

“This course helped me and had a big impact in my professional growth. I got a lot of new knowledge in this area of business – it’s one of the most informative and helpful courses that I’ve completed in my life.”

Denis Korotkikh
Agency Department Manager
GAC Russia

The Effective Business Writing (EBW) course is specifically designed to ensure GAC people understand the mechanics of creating appropriate, professionally written content in a business context. The ultimate intention is to ensure we, as both individuals and as a company, present ourselves as the hardworking, knowledgeable, customer focused experts that we are.

This practical course covers grammar, punctuation, style, structure and etiquette to create a well-written email, before applying proofreading and self-editing techniques



This course is designed for everyone in the GAC World with a desire to improve the effectiveness of their business writing.

Target: All GAC personnel
Job Class: All
Level: All