VUCA Intervention (VUCA)


In the current era of instability and rapidly changing business environments, we need managers who can navigate and lead to avoid being left behind. Change is ongoing and we must learn to adapt. Our leaders need to reassure at times of uncertainty and encourage adaptability amongst their teams.

This unique corporate intervention is specifically tailored to give current and future managers the essential skills and readiness to steer their business forward through a VUCA environment, keeping with the goals outlined in the Group’s new five-year vision, Delta 21. A Leadership Professional will guide managers and their team to analyse the needs of their operating company and together build specific strategic outcomes for the future.


VUCA is designed for managers, supervisors and team leader who want to ensure their teams and companies are ready to face the challenges of a changing world.


Schedule 2019

Quarter 1
HSSEFebruaryHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Feb-1916-Feb-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World03-Feb-1916-Feb-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWFebruaryCommunication in the GAC World03-Feb-1902-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEFebruaryCompliance and Ethics24-Feb-1923-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAFebruaryCyber Security Awareness03-Feb-1902-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRFebruaryGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness03-Feb-1902-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEFebruaryHealth, Safety, Security and Environment17-Feb-1902-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World17-Feb-1902-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
TBL - DubaiFebruaryTeam-based Leadership26-Feb-1927-Feb-192 days - Workshop
IMSMarchIOSH Managing Safely03-Mar-1901-Jun-1913 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEMarchHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Mar-1916-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World03-Mar-1916-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWMarchCommunication in the GAC World03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEMarchCompliance and Ethics03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAMarchCyber Security Awareness03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPMarchDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
DONMarchDolphin.NET03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
GANMarchGACagent.NET03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRMarchGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness03-Mar-1930-Mar-194 weeks - Self-paced
LFSMarchLinkedIn For Sales03-Mar-1906-Apr-195 weeks - Self-paced
GFEMarchGAC Finance Essentials03-Mar-1913-Apr-196 weeks - Facilitated
ONGMarchOil and Gas Support Services03-Mar-1913-Apr-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDMarchPersonal and Professional Development03-Mar-1913-Apr-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEMarchHealth, Safety, Security and Environment17-Mar-1930-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World17-Mar-1930-Mar-192 weeks - Facilitated
Quarter 2
HSSEAprilHealth, Safety, Security and Environment07-Apr-1920-Apr-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World07-Apr-1920-Apr-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWAprilCommunication in the GAC World07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEAprilCompliance and Ethics07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAAprilCyber Security Awareness07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
FLPAprilFoundations of Leadership Performance07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Facilitated
GDPRAprilGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
GFNAprilGACfreight ENSCO07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
GFOAprilGACfreight Oil and Gas07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
GFTAprilGACfreight.NET07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Self-paced
HPTAprilLeading High Performance Teams07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Facilitated
SAOAprilShipping Agency Operations07-Apr-1904-May-194 weeks - Facilitated
GEPAprilGlobal English Programme07-Apr-1904-Apr-2052 weeks - Self-paced
AOG*AprilAdvanced Oil and Gas Support Services07-Apr-1918-May-196 weeks - Facilitated
EBWAprilEffective Business Writing07-Apr-1918-May-196 weeks - Facilitated
GIC*AprilGAC Internal Control07-Apr-1918-May-196 weeks - Facilitated
EPS - DubaiAprilEffective Presentation Skills17-Apr-1918-Apr-192 days - Workshop
HSSEAprilHealth, Safety, Security and Environment21-Apr-1904-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World21-Apr-1904-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEMayHealth, Safety, Security and Environment05-May-1918-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World05-May-1918-May-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWMayCommunication in the GAC World05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEMayCompliance and Ethics05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAMayCyber Security Awareness05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRMayGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness05-May-1901-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEMayHealth, Safety, Security and Environment19-May-1901-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World19-May-1901-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IMSJuneIOSH Managing Safely02-Jun-1931-Aug-1913 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEJuneHealth, Safety, Security and Environment02-Jun-1915-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World02-Jun-1915-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWJuneCommunication in the GAC World02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEJuneCompliance and Ethics02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAJuneCyber Security Awareness02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPJuneDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
FFFJuneFreight Forwarding Fundamentals02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Facilitated
GANJuneGACagent.NET02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRJuneGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness02-Jun-1929-Jun-194 weeks - Self-paced
GSFJuneGAC Sales Fundamentals02-Jun-1913-Jul-196 weeks - Facilitated
ONGJuneOil and Gas Support Services02-Jun-1913-Jul-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDJunePersonal and Professional Development02-Jun-1913-Jul-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEJuneHealth, Safety, Security and Environment16-Jun-1929-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World16-Jun-1929-Jun-192 weeks - Facilitated
Quarter 3
GFTJulyGACfreight.NET07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
GIC*JulyGAC Internal Control07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment07-Jul-1920-Jul-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World07-Jul-1920-Jul-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWJulyCommunication in the GAC World07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEJulyCompliance and Ethics07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAJulyCyber Security Awareness07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
DONJulyDolphin.NET07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRJulyGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
SAOJulyShipping Agency Operations07-Jul-1903-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
AOGJulyAdvanced Oil and Gas Support Services07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
EBWJulyEffective Business Writing07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
GFEJulyGAC Finance Essentials07-Jul-1917-Aug-196 weeks - Facilitated
CSE - DubaiJulyCustomer Service Excellence17-Jul-1918-Jul-192 days - Workshop
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment21-Jul-1903-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World21-Jul-1903-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IMSAugustIOSH Managing Safely04-Aug-1902-Nov-1913 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment04-Aug-1917-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World04-Aug-1917-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWAugustCommunication in the GAC World04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEAugustCompliance and Ethics04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAAugustCyber Security Awareness04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPAugustDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
FFFAugustFreight Forwarding Fundamentals04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
FLPAugustFoundations of Leadership Performance04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
GDPRAugustGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Self-paced
HPTAugustLeading High Performance Teams04-Aug-1931-Aug-194 weeks - Facilitated
LFSAugustLinkedIn For Sales04-Aug-1907-Sep-195 weeks - Self-paced
ONGAugustOil and Gas Support Services04-Aug-1914-Sep-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDAugustPersonal and Professional Development04-Aug-1914-Sep-196 weeks - Facilitated
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment18-Aug-1931-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World18-Aug-1931-Aug-192 weeks - Facilitated
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment01-Sep-1914-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World01-Sep-1914-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWSeptemberCommunication in the GAC World01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNESeptemberCompliance and Ethics01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSASeptemberCyber Security Awareness01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRSeptemberGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness01-Sep-1928-Sep-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment15-Sep-1928-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World15-Sep-1928-Sep-192 weeks - Facilitated
Quarter 4
IMSOctoberIOSH Managing Safely06-Oct-1904-Jan-2013 weeks - Self-paced
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment06-Oct-1919-Oct-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World06-Oct-1919-Oct-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWOctoberCommunication in the GAC World06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNEOctoberCompliance and Ethics06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSAOctoberCyber Security Awareness06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
DMPOctoberDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPROctoberGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness06-Oct-1902-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
GEPOctoberGlobal English Programme06-Oct-1903-Oct-2052 weeks - Self-paced
GFROctoberGAC Financial Reporting06-Oct-1916-Nov-196 weeks - Facilitated
ONGOctoberOil and Gas Support Services06-Oct-1916-Nov-196 weeks - Facilitated
PPDOctoberPersonal and Professional Development06-Oct-1916-Nov-196 weeks - Facilitated
ENS - DubaiOctoberEffective Negotiation Skills16-Oct-1917-Oct-192 days - Workshop
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment20-Oct-1902-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World20-Oct-1902-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Nov-1916-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World03-Nov-1916-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
CGWNovemberCommunication in the GAC World03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CNENovemberCompliance and Ethics03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
CSANovemberCyber Security Awareness03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
GDPRNovemberGeneral Data Protection Regulation Awareness03-Nov-1930-Nov-194 weeks - Self-paced
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment17-Nov-1930-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World17-Nov-1930-Nov-192 weeks - Facilitated

*PILOT       This indicates a course launching as a pilot. The nominated participants will go through a selection process by the Course Ambassador or Subject Matter Expert.

Schedule 2018

Quarter 1
GFTFebruaryGACfreight.NET04-Feb-1803-Mar-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
HSSEFebruaryHealth, Safety, Security and Environment04-Feb-1803-Mar-184-week eLearning
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World04-Feb-1803-Mar-184-week eLearning
PPDFebruaryPersonal and Professional Development04-Feb-1817-Mar-186-week eLearning
CNEFebruaryCompliance and Ethics Course25-Feb-1807-Apr-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEMarchCompliance and Ethics Course04-Mar-1814-Apr-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
DONMarchDolphin.NET04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
FLPMarchFoundations of Leadership Performance04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning
GANMarchGACagent.NET04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFEMarchGAC Finance Essentials04-Mar-1814-Apr-186-week eLearning
GFOMarchGACfreight Oil and Gas04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GSFMarchGAC Sales Fundamentals04-Mar-1814-Apr-186-week eLearning
HPTMarchLeading High Performance Teams04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning
HSSEMarchHealth, Safety, Security and Environment04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World04-Mar-1831-Mar-184-week eLearning
IMSMarchIOSH Managing Safely04-Mar-1802-Jun-1813-week eLearning (self-paced)
LFSMarchLinkedIn for Sales04-Mar-1807-Apr-185-week eLearning (self-paced)
ONGMarchOil and Gas Support Services04-Mar-1814-Apr-186-week eLearning
Quarter 2
CNEAprilCompliance and Ethics Course01-Apr-1812-May-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
GEPAprilGlobal English Programme01-Apr-1830-Mar-1952-week eLearning (self-paced)
HSSEAprilHealth, Safety, Security and Environment01-Apr-1828-Apr-184-week eLearning
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World01-Apr-1828-Apr-184-week eLearning
CGW*MayCommunication in the GAC World06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFC*MayGCA Facilitator Course06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning
GFRMayGAC Financial Reporting06-May-1816-Jun-186-week eLearning
CNEMayCompliance and Ethics Course06-May-1816-Jun-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
EBWMayEffective Business Writing06-May-1816-Jun-186-week eLearning
FLPMayFoundations of Leadership Performance06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning
GFTMayGACfreight.NET06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFOMayGACfreight Oil and Gas06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GSFMayGAC Sales Fundamentals06-May-1816-Jun-186-week eLearning
HPTMayLeading High Performance Teams06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning
HSSEMayHealth, Safety, Security and Environment06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World06-May-1802-Jun-184-week eLearning
ONGMayOil and Gas Support Services06-May-1816-Jun-186-week eLearning
PPDMayPersonal and Professional Development06-May-1816-Jun-186-week eLearning
CGWJuneCommunication in the GAC World03-Jun-1830-Jun-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
DONJuneDolphin.NET03-Jun-1830-Jun-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GANJuneGACagent.NET03-Jun-1830-Jun-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
IMSJuneIOSH Managing Safely03-Jun-1801-Sep-1813-week eLearning (self-paced)
LFSJuneLinkedIn for Sales03-Jun-1807-Jul-185-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEJuneCompliance and Ethics Course03-Jun-1814-Jul-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
HSSEJuneHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Jun-1816-Jun-182-week eLearning
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World03-Jun-1816-Jun-182-week eLearning
EPSJuneEffective Presentation Skills20-Jun-1821-Jun-182-day workshop
Quarter 3
TBLJulyTeam-based Leadership01-Jul-1802-Jul-182-day workshop
CGWJulyCommunication in the GAC World01-Jul-1828-Jul-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEJulyCompliance and Ethics Course01-Jul-1811-Aug-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
EBWJulyEffective Business Writing01-Jul-1811-Aug-186-week eLearning
GSFJulyGAC Sales Fundamentals01-Jul-1811-Aug-186-week eLearning
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment01-Jul-1814-Jul-182-week eLearning
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment15-Jul-1828-Jul-182-week eLearning
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World01-Jul-1814-Jul-182-week eLearning
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World15-Jul-1828-Jul-182-week eLearning
ONGJulyOil and Gas Support Services01-Jul-1811-Aug-186-week eLearning
CGWAugustCommunication in the GAC World05-Aug-1801-Sep-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEAugustCompliance and Ethics Course05-Aug-1815-Sep-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
FLPAugustFoundations of Leadership Performance05-Aug-1801-Sep-184-week eLearning
GFTAugustGACfreight.NET05-Aug-1801-Sep-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
HPTAugustLeading High Performance Teams05-Aug-1801-Sep-184-week eLearning
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment05-Aug-1818-Aug-182-week eLearning
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment19-Aug-1801-Sep-182-week eLearning
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World05-Aug-1818-Aug-182-week eLearning
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World19-Aug-1801-Sep-182-week eLearning
PPDAugustPersonal and Professional Development05-Aug-1815-Sep-186-week eLearning
DMP*AugustDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme05-Aug-1801-Sep-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
CGWSeptemberCommunication in the GAC World02-Sep-1829-Sep-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNESeptemberCompliance and Ethics Course02-Sep-1813-Oct-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
DONSeptemberDolphin.NET02-Sep-1829-Sep-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GANSeptemberGACagent.NET02-Sep-1829-Sep-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFESeptemberGAC Finance Essentials02-Sep-1813-Oct-186-week eLearning
SAO*SeptemberShipping Agency Operations02-Sep-1829-Sep-184-week eLearning
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment02-Sep-1815-Sep-182-week eLearning
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment16-Sep-1829-Sep-182-week eLearning
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World02-Sep-1815-Sep-182-week eLearning
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World16-Sep-1829-Sep-182-week eLearning
CNRSeptemberCompliance and Ethics Refresher23-Sep-1803-Nov-182 hour eLearning (self-paced) available for 6 weeks
Quarter 4
ASTOctoberAdvanced Sales Techniques07-Oct-1817-Nov-186-week eLearning
CGWOctoberCommunication in the GAC World07-Oct-1803-Nov-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEOctoberCompliance and Ethics Course07-Oct-1817-Nov-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
EBWOctoberEffective Business Writing07-Oct-1817-Nov-186-week eLearning
FLPOctoberFoundations of Leadership Performance07-Oct-1803-Nov-184-week eLearning
GEPOctoberGlobal English Programme07-Oct-1805-Oct-1952-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFROctoberGAC Financial Reporting07-Oct-1817-Nov-186-week eLearning
LFSOctoberLinkedIn for Sales07-Oct-1810-Nov-185-week eLearning (self-paced)
HPTOctoberLeading High Performance Teams07-Oct-1803-Nov-184-week eLearning
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment07-Oct-1820-Oct-182-week eLearning
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment21-Oct-1803-Nov-182-week eLearning
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World07-Oct-1820-Oct-182-week eLearning
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World21-Oct-1803-Nov-182-week eLearning
ONGOctoberOil and Gas Support Services07-Oct-1817-Nov-186-week eLearning
PPDOctoberPersonal and Professional Development07-Oct-1817-Nov-186-week eLearning
ENSOctoberEffective Negotiation Skills24-Oct-1825-Oct-182-day workshop
DMPOctoberDriverMetrics Profiling and eLearning Programme07-Oct-1803-Nov-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GICNovemberGAC Internal Control04-Nov-1815-Dec-186-week eLearning
CGWNovemberCommunication in the GAC World04-Nov-1801-Dec-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNENovemberCompliance and Ethics Course04-Nov-1815-Dec-186-week eLearning (self-paced)
DONNovemberDolphin.NET04-Nov-1801-Dec-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GANNovemberGACagent.NET04-Nov-1801-Dec-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFTNovemberGACfreight.NET04-Nov-1801-Dec-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
IMSNovemberIOSH Managing Safely04-Nov-1802-Feb-1913-week eLearning (self-paced)
SAONovemberShipping Agency Operations04-Nov-1801-Dec-184-week eLearning (self-paced)
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment04-Nov-1817-Nov-182-week eLearning
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment18-Nov-1801-Dec-182-week eLearning
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World04-Nov-1817-Nov-182-week eLearning
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World18-Nov-1801-Dec-182-week eLearning
IGWDecemberIntroduction to the GAC World02-Dec-1815-Dec-182-week eLearning
HSSEDecemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment02-Dec-1815-Dec-182-week eLearning

*PILOT       This indicates a course launching as a pilot. The nominated participants will go through a selection process by the Course Ambassador or Subject Matter Expert.

GACfreight Oil and Gas


The GACfreight for Oil and Gas (GFO) course is a self-paced course that will provide you with a full understanding of the use of GACfreight.NET in our business with Oil and Gas customers and other industries.

To fulfil our commitment of “Delivering your strategy” it is essential that we provide excellent service to our customers at all times. An important part of this service involves the effective use of GACfreight, the business application that supports our business dealings with the Oil and Gas, Automotive, Aeronautics, Manufacturing and other industries.



All GAC staff who use GACfreight.NET in the Oil and Gas and related industries.


Schedule 2017

Quarter 1
PPDFebruaryPersonal and Professional Development05-Feb-1718-Mar-176-week eLearning
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World05-Feb-1704-Mar-174-week eLearning
HSSEFebruaryHealth, Safety, Security and Environment05-Feb-1704-Mar-174-week eLearning
GFNFebruaryGACfreight ENSCO05-Feb-1704-Mar-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFLFebruaryGACfreight Legacy05-Feb-1704-Mar-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
DONFebruaryDolphin.NET05-Feb-1704-Mar-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
ONGMarchOil and Gas Support Services05-Mar-1715-Apr-176-week eLearning
IMSMarchIOSH Managing Safely05-Mar-1703-Jun-1713-week eLearning (self-paced)
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World05-Mar-1701-Apr-174-week eLearning
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World05-Mar-1701-Apr-174-week eLearning
HSSEMarchHealth, Safety, Security and Environment05-Mar-1701-Apr-174-week eLearning
GSFMarchGAC Sales Fundamentals05-Mar-1715-Apr-176-week eLearning
GFTMarchGACfreight.NET05-Mar-1701-Apr-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GANMarchGACagent.NET05-Mar-1701-Apr-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEMarchCompliance and Ethics05-Mar-1715-Apr-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFO (*PILOT)MarchGACfreight Oil and Gas26-Mar-1722-Apr-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
Quarter 2
KAMAprilKey Account Management02-Apr-1713-May-176-week eLearning
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World02-Apr-1729-Apr-174-week eLearning
HSSEAprilHealth, Safety, Security and Environment02-Apr-1729-Apr-174-week eLearning
GFNAprilGACfreight ENSCO02-Apr-1729-Apr-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFLAprilGACfreight Legacy02-Apr-1729-Apr-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFTAprilGACfreight.NET02-Apr-1729-Apr-174-weel eLearning (self-paced)
GEPAprilGlobal English Programme02-Apr-1731-Mar-1852-week eLearning (self-paced)
EBWAprilEffective Business Writing02-Apr-1713-May-176-week eLearning
DONAprilDolphin.NET02-Apr-1729-Apr-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEAprilCompliance and Ethics02-Apr-1713-May-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
ASTAprilAdvanced Sales Techniques02-Apr-1713-May-176-week eLearning
GFR (*PILOT)AprilGAC Financial Reporting09-Apr-1729-Apr-176-week eLearning (Part 2, 3-week period)
EPSAprilEffective Presentation Skills26-Apr-1727-Apr-172-day workshop
PPDMayPersonal and Professional Development07-May-1717-Jun-176-week eLearning
ONGMayOil and Gas Support Services07-May-1717-Jun-176-week eLearning
LFSMayLinkedIn For Sales07-May-1710-Jun-175-week eLearning (self-paced)
IMSMayIOSH Managing Safely07-May-1705-Aug-1713-week eLearning (self-paced)
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World07-May-1703-Jun-174-week eLearning
HYO (*PILOT)MayHOYER Operations07-May-1703-Jun-174-week eLearning
HSSEMayHealth, Safety, Security and Environment07-May-1703-Jun-174-week eLearning
GFTMayGACfreight.NET07-May-1703-Jun-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFEMayGAC Finance Essentials07-May-1717-Jun-176-week eLearning
GANMayGACagent.NET07-May-1703-Jun-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEMayCompliance and Ethics07-May-1717-Jun-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World04-Jun-1701-Jul-174-week eLearning
HSSEJuneHealth, Safety, Security and Environment04-Jun-1701-Jul-174-week eLearning
HPT MEAJuneLeading High Performance Teams04-Jun-1701-Jul-174-week eLearning
FLP MEAJuneFoundation of Leadership Performance04-Jun-1701-Jul-174-week eLearning
FLP APIJuneFoundation of Leadership Performance04-Jun-1701-Jul-174-week eLearning
CNEJuneCompliance and Ethics04-Jun-1715-Jul-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
Quarter 3
PPDJulyPersonal and Professional Development02-Jul-1712-Aug-176-week eLearning
LFSJulyLinkedIn For Sales02-Jul-1705-Aug-175-week eLearning (self-paced)
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World02-Jul-1729-Jul-174-week eLearning
HSSEJulyHealth, Safety, Security and Environment02-Jul-1729-Jul-174-week eLearning
GTMJulyGAC TIME02-Jul-1712-Aug-176-week eLearning
GFNJulyGACfreight ENSCO02-Jul-1729-Jul-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFLJulyGACfreight Legacy02-Jul-1729-Jul-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
DONJulyDolphin.NET02-Jul-1729-Jul-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNEJulyCompliance and Ethics02-Jul-1712-Aug-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
TBLJulyTeam-Based Leadership04-Jul-1705-Jul-172-day workshop
EPSJulyEffective Presentation Skills19-Jul-1720-Jul-172-day workshop
ONGAugustOil and Gas Support Services06-Aug-1716-Sep-176-week eLearning
IMSAugustIOSH Managing Safely06-Aug-1704-Nov-1713-week eLearning (self-paced)
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning
HSSEAugustHealth, Safety, Security and Environment06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning
HPT MEAAugustLeading High Performance Teams06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning
HPT APIAugustLeading High Performance Teams06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning
GFTAugustGACfreight.NET06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GANAugustGACagent.NET06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
FLP MEAAugustFoundation of Leadership Performance06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning
FLP APIAugustFoundation of Leadership Performance06-Aug-1702-Sep-174-week eLearning
GSFAugustGAC Sales Fundamentals06-Aug-1716-Sep-176-week eLearning
CNEAugustCompliance and Ethics06-Aug-1716-Sep-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
GLOAugustGCA Liaison Officer20-Aug-1730-Sep-176-week eLearning
ENSSeptemberEffective Negotiation Skills06-Sep-1707-Sep-172-day workshop
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World03-Sep-1730-Sep-174-week eLearning
HSSESeptemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment03-Sep-1730-Sep-174-week eLearning
GEPSeptemberGlobal English Programme03-Sep-1701-Sep-1852-week eLearning (self-paced)
Quarter 4
CNROctoberCompliance and Ethics Refresher01-Oct-1711-Nov-172 hour eLearning (self-paced) available for 6 weeks
CNEOctoberCompliance and Ethics01-Oct-1711-Nov-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFROctoberGAC Financial Reporting01-Oct-1711-Nov-176-week eLearning
PPDOctoberPersonal and Professional Development01-Oct-1711-Nov-176-week eLearning
ONGOctoberOil and Gas Support Services01-Oct-1711-Nov-176-week eLearning
LFSOctoberLinkedIn For Sales01-Oct-1704-Nov-175-week eLearning (self-paced)
IMSOctoberIOSH Managing Safely01-Oct-1730-Dec-1713-week eLearning (self-paced)
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World01-Oct-1728-Oct-174-week eLearning
HSSEOctoberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment01-Oct-1728-Oct-174-week eLearning
HPT MEAOctoberLeading High Performance Teams01-Oct-1728-Oct-174-week eLearning
GFNOctoberGACfreight ENSCO01-Oct-1728-Oct-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFLOctoberGACfreight Legacy01-Oct-1728-Oct-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GFEOctoberGAC Finance Essentials01-Oct-1711-Nov-176-week eLearning
EBWOctoberEffective Business Writing01-Oct-1711-Nov-176-week eLearning
DONOctoberDolphin.NET01-Oct-1728-Oct-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
TBLOctoberTeam-Based Leadership03-Oct-1704-Oct-172-day workshop
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World05-Nov-1702-Dec-174-week eLearning
HSSENovemberHealth, Safety, Security and Environment05-Nov-1702-Dec-174-week eLearning
GFTNovemberGACfreight.NET05-Nov-1702-Dec-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
GANNovemberGACagent.NET05-Nov-1702-Dec-174-week eLearning (self-paced)
CNENovemberCompliance and Ethics05-Nov-1716-Dec-176-week eLearning (self-paced)
HYONovemberHOYER Operations05-Nov-1702-Dec-174-week eLearning
HPT APINovemberLeading High Performance Teams05-Nov-1702-Dec-174-week eLearning
IMSNovemberIOSH Managing Safely05-Nov-1703-Feb-1813-week eLearning (self-paced)
EPSNovemberEffective Presentation Skills08-Nov-1709-Nov-172-day workshop
TBLNovemberTeam-Based Leadership28-Nov-1729-Nov-172-day workshop

*PILOT       This indicates a course launching as a pilot. The nominated participants will go through a selection process by the Course Ambassador or Subject Matter Expert.

HOYER Operations (HYO)

“HOYER Operations marks a significant milestone for GCA; it is the first course that has been developed in direct collaboration with a customer – which emphasises how we value the business of HOYER. At GAC we want the highest level of efficiency so that we can fulfill our promise to our customers of “Delivering your strategy”. HYO is designed to make our services consistently better and also hones the skills to effectively engage with our customer, meet their needs and grow the business, benefiting both Hoyer and GAC.”

Stuart Bowie
Group Vice President – Commercial

HOYER is a leading international logistics company that operates specialist tanks for moving liquids by road, rail and sea. GAC has embarked on a major global contract to handle HOYER business, having worked with HOYER since late 2015. The HOYER Operations (HYO) course will build a foundation level of knowledge and competency required for all GAC employees involved in the HOYER business to ensure we deliver optimum operational performance. The course covers the specifications of HOYER equipment, essential handling and operations guidelines, commercial aspects of our partnership, and strategies for continual improvement in service delivery.


HYO is designed for all GAC employees involved in the HOYER business.

GAC Internal Control (GIC)


Internal controls are essential for an organisation to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliable financial reporting, compliance with laws, regulations and policies and to mitigate the risk of fraud and errors.

GAC has developed internal controls to address the most common risks in our operating companies. This course covers these internal controls and provides guidance to GAC finance managers and senior finance staff on the implementation of the controls.

Self-auditing allows GAC companies to take a proactive approach to their own financial control. This course covers internal self-auditing based on standardised internal control guidelines. The target audience is Finance Managers and other accounting staff.


The course is open to all GAC employees and network agent partners and is designed for all personnel who wish to increase their understanding of the GAC financial internal control process.

Business Communication


The importance of business communications is evident in all aspects of GAC business – be it amongst our colleagues and customers, within our many services and most importantly, our overall brand.

Good communications in business is essential for achieving greater performance, and with developments in our daily communications including texts and social media, we need to ensure our people are equipped with the relevant skills to be confident in their daily interactions across the GAC World.

CodeCourse Name
GEPGlobal English Programme
EBWEffective Business Writing

GAC Financial Reporting (GFR)

”The key objective of GFR is to ensure that all our Finance Managers and their teams understand the importance of the GAC Group Reporting Pack (GRP) and to achieve accurate and timely reporting.

We need to drive a positive reporting culture in line with our culture of measurement and continuous improvement. We have therefore made this course mandatory for all Finance Managers – for those new to GAC and as a refresher for existing managers.”

Mikael Leijonberg
Group Chief Financial Officer

This course is designed to ensure the GAC Group as a whole reaches new standards of accuracy and consistency in financial reporting. This course will introduce you to the GAC Group Reporting Process, the GRP, which is a standard reporting tool used by Finance Managers across all GAC companies. This course will also introduce you to all the other management reports used in GAC. You will also gain an understanding of the importance of closing reports on time.



The course is open to all GAC employees and network agent partners and is designed for all personnel who wish to increase their understanding of the GAC financial reporting process.


GACfreight.NET* (GFT)


GACfreight.NET (GFT) is the advanced version of GACfreight that will eventually replace the legacy GACfreight system. GFT provides a practical understanding of the new features in GACfreight.NET. In particular, it will include learning how to handle general freight, purchase orders, receive goods, book freight shipments and dispatch goods. It will also feature learning modules in how supply base operations work, the use of GACtrack and how to produce reports from GACfreight.NET.

This online course combines hands-on training, video lessons and assignments, and successful participants will receive the GAC freight certification.



All GAC staff who use GACfreight.NET for their day-to-day business needs.


Dolphin.NET* (DON)


Dolphin.NET is GAC’s accounting and financial application system designed to support all accounting functions and activities across the GAC World including auditing, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting and tax. This course aims to ensure that all Dolphin.NET users are familiar with the features and capabilities of this essential financial application.

The course will cover the fundamentals of accounting, the new features in Dolphin.NET and how to perform the full range of functions including handling masters, creation of journals, posting information to the ledger as well as month-end / year-end processes and reporting.

The course also covers the integration of Dolphin.NET with other GAC operational applications such as GACfreight, GACagent, and GACmarlog. The aim of this online course is for individuals to receive practical training through video lessons and activities that will lead to increased confidence of the application and quality business outcomes across the GAC Group.



All GAC staff who use Dolphin.NET for their day-to-day business needs.


Schedule 2015

Quarter 1
HSSEJanuaryHealth Safety Security Environment11-Jan-1507-Feb-154 weeks eLearning
IGWJanuaryIntroduction to the GAC World11-Jan-1507-Feb-154 weeks eLearning
HSSEFebruaryHealth Safety Security Environment01-Feb-1528-Feb-154 weeks eLearning
IGWFebruaryIntroduction to the GAC World01-Feb-1528-Feb-154 weeks eLearning
PPDFebruaryPersonal and Professional Development01-Feb-1514-Mar-156 weeks eLearning
GTMFebruaryGAC TIME01-Feb-1528-Mar-158 weeks eLearning
FFFMarchFreight Forwarding Fundamentals01-Mar-1511-Apr-156 weeks eLearning
FSSMarchFundamental Selling Skills01-Mar-1525-Apr-158 weeks eLearning
GFEMarchGAC Finance Essentials01-Mar-1525-Apr-158 weeks eLearning
GFNMarchGACfreight ENSCO01-Mar-1530-May-15Self-paced
HSSEMarchHealth Safety Security Environment01-Mar-1528-Mar-154 weeks eLearning
IGWMarchIntroduction to the GAC World01-Mar-1528-Mar-154 weeks eLearning
CNEMarchCompliance and Ethics15-Mar-1513-Jun-15Self-paced, Six hours online
TBMMarchTenders and Bid Management25-Mar-1526-Mar-152 Day International Workshop / Dubai
Quarter 2
HSSEAprilHealth Safety Security Environment05-Apr-1502-May-154 weeks eLearning
IGWAprilIntroduction to the GAC World05-Apr-1502-May-154 weeks eLearning
EBWAprilEffective Business Writing05-Apr-1516-May-156 weeks eLearning
GTMAprilGAC TIME05-Apr-1530-May-158 weeks eLearning
MPPAprilManaging Positive Performance05-Apr-1516-May-156 weeks eLearning
SAOAprilShipping Agency Operations05-Apr-1530-May-158 weeks eLearning
AFOAprilAir Freight Operations05-Apr-1530-May-158 weeks eLearning
GSHAprilGAC Sales Handbook05-Apr-1530-May-158 weeks eLearning
CNEAprilCompliance and Ethics05-Apr-1504-Jul-15Self-paced, Six hours online
TBMAprilTenders and Bid Management20-Apr-1521-Apr-152 Day International Workshop / EUR – Rotterdam
HPMAprilThe High Performing GAC Manager22-Apr-1523-Apr-152 Day International Workshop / Dubai
TBMAprilTenders and Bid Management29-Apr-1530-Apr-152 Day Domestic Workshop / APA
HSSEMayHealth Safety Security Environment03-May-1530-May-154 weeks eLearning
IGWMayIntroduction to the GAC World03-May-1530-May-154 weeks eLearning
CNEMayCompliance and Ethics03-May-1501-Aug-15Self-paced, Six hours online
IMSMayIOSH – Managing Safely03-May-1501-Aug-15Self-paced, 24 hours online plus practical activities
ONGMayOil and Gas Support Services17-May-1527-Jun-156 weeks eLearning
HSSEJuneHealth Safety Security Environment07-Jun-1504-Jul-154 weeks eLearning
IGWJuneIntroduction to the GAC World07-Jun-1504-Jul-154 weeks eLearning
CNEJuneCompliance and Ethics07-Jun-1505-Sep-15Self-paced, Six hours online
EPSJuneEffective Presentation Skills10-Jun-1511-Jun-152 Day International Workshop / Dubai
Quarter 3
HSSEJulyHealth Safety Security Environment05-Jul-1501-Aug-154 weeks eLearning
IGWJulyIntroduction to the GAC World05-Jul-1501-Aug-154 weeks eLearning
CNEJulyCompliance and Ethics05-Jul-1503-Oct-15Self-paced, Six hours online
FFFJulyFreight Forwarding Fundamentals26-Jul-1505-Sep-156 weeks eLearning
GFEJulyGAC Finance Essentials26-Jul-1519-Sep-158 weeks eLearning
PPDJulyPersonal and Professional Development26-Jul-1505-Sep-156 weeks eLearning
OFOJulyOcean Freight Operations26-Jul-1519-Sep-158 weeks eLearning
PCRJulyProfitable Customer Relationship26-Jul-1519-Sep-158 weeks eLearning
HSSEAugustHealth Safety Security Environment02-Aug-1529-Aug-154 weeks eLearning
IGWAugustIntroduction to the GAC World02-Aug-1529-Aug-154 weeks eLearning
CNEAugustCompliance and Ethics02-Aug-1531-Oct-15Self-paced, Six hours online
GLOAugustGCA Liaison Officer09-Aug-1519-Sep-156 weeks eLearning
HSSESeptemberHealth Safety Security Environment06-Sep-1503-Oct-154 weeks eLearning
IGWSeptemberIntroduction to the GAC World06-Sep-1503-Oct-154 weeks eLearning
CNESeptemberCompliance and Ethics06-Sep-1505-Dec-15Self-paced, Six hours online
Quarter 4
HSSEOctoberHealth Safety Security Environment04-Oct-1531-Oct-154 weeks eLearning
IGWOctoberIntroduction to the GAC World04-Oct-1531-Oct-154 weeks eLearning
FLPOctoberFoundations of Leadership Performance04-Oct-1531-Oct-154 weeks eLearning
EBWOctoberEffective Business Writing04-Oct-1514-Nov-156 weeks eLearning
GTMOctoberGAC TIME04-Oct-1514-Nov-156 weeks eLearning
MPPOctoberManaging Positive Performance04-Oct-1514-Nov-156 weeks eLearning
SAOOctoberShipping Agency Operations04-Oct-1528-Nov-158 weeks eLearning
ONGOctoberOil and Gas Support Services04-Oct-1514-Nov-156 weeks eLearning
CNEOctoberCompliance and Ethics04-Oct-1514-Nov-15Self-paced, Six hours online
FLPOctoberFoundations of Leadership Performance18-Oct-1514-Nov-154 weeks eLearning
HSSENovemberHealth Safety Security Environment01-Nov-1528-Nov-154 weeks eLearning
IGWNovemberIntroduction to the GAC World01-Nov-1528-Nov-154 weeks eLearning
FLPNovemberFoundations of Leadership Performance01-Nov-1528-Nov-154 weeks eLearning
CNENovemberCompliance and Ethics01-Nov-1512-Dec-15Self-paced, Six hours online
TBMNovemberTenders and Bid Management04-Nov-1505-Nov-152 Day International Workshop / Dubai
OTONovemberOil Tanker Operations17-Nov-1518-Nov-152 Day International Workshop / Dubai