eNewsletter August 2013

Top Story:
GCA Recognised as a Leading Corporate Moodle User. Waleed Jameel presents the GCA experience at the International Moodle Moot
Carla Bannister discusses her vision and challenges as UK GLO
GCA introduces its research into Learning through Gamification
Course Feature:
Upcoming GTSS workshops profiled—OTO and Understanding LNG
New courses: What’s New at GCA—HSSE 4 week and GSA courses ready for Q4 rollout.
Moodle Powered
GCA a Leading Corporate
eLearning Organisation

At the recent international Moodle Moot in Australia, Waleed Jameel, GCA Business Manager, was invited to present how GAC Corporate Academy has used Moodle and eLearning in the corporate context over the past 6 years.

What is Moodle? Moodle is the world’s most popular open source learning management system (LMS) that has become very widely used among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. Moodle is used by universities, schools and businesses, reaching over 60 million users worldwide. Some of the high profile Moodle users include Mazda, Google, Cisco and Open University UK.

What is Moodle

Predominantly used in colleges and tertiary institutions around the world, GCA has been using Moodle as our Learning Management System (LMS) for over six years, and has become a strong advocate for its effectiveness as a tool for corporate use. GCA is now highly regarded as a leader in the application of Moodle in the corporate sector.

“The story, of a simple start with a small team, outlines the many invaluable lessons learnt in the corporate context over time” said Waleed. “One of the more prominent lessons for us was the importance of context. While generic sales courses or finance for dummies courses can be packed with a lot of theory and stories, our specific GCA programmes like the GAC Business Commercial and GAC Finance Essentials courses stand out because of their relevance to GAC people.”

“What is special about GCA courses is that every course is strongly flavoured with its own GAC strategic linkage and relevant stories from our field. Importantly, our courses enable participant networking and relationship building within the global organisation, encouraging GAC people to learn from each other’s experiences”.

The response to the GCA story at the conference was very positive. “They loved the hands on approach, the actual experience we shared with them as a corporate entity and our challenges.”

Waleed noted that it was the GAC course participants themselves who played a major role in shaping GCA – “it was their feedback that guided and inspired us to make our own courses versus ready-made, ‘off the shelf’ courses, and the result has become something that other corporate entities can aspire to.”

Profile:Carla Bannister, GAC UK GLO
Carla Bannister

Carla Bannister joined GAC Logistics UK in January of this year as Human Resources Administrator. By May she had become the GLO for the UK, and has already developed a strong vision for this role.

She shares with us this vision and some of her challenges:

My vision:
I would like the GCA courses to be more highly regarded within the UK, with employees gaining recognition for their achievements and progression through the company. I know this is being done globally and is working effectively. As we have many offices in the UK it is not always feasible to present course certificates, however I would like to do some sort of remote recognition to increase the sense of motivation in the GCA courses.

GLO Challenges:
The GCA courses offer a great deal of benefit and I believe that many employees could learn a lot and increase their work productivity as a result. The biggest challenge is helping them to realise that the courses are worth completion like the other employees throughout the region.

My first goal is achieving pass rates on all GCA courses especially IGW, where the drop-out rate here in EUR is higher than other parts of the GAC World. This is for many reasons, in particular high workloads and cover over holiday periods.

I feel we could be a lot more competitive against the success rates of other GAC companies in the EUR region. Therefore, one of my main focuses for 2014 will be to raise the profile of GCA in the UK!

What our people say about GCA Courses:
“IGW has helped me understand and learn about all the different services that the GAC group can provide. It’s also a really good pportunity to meet new friends and keep in touch with people in the GAC group who are also finding their feet within the company.”
Steve Soppitt – Ops Coordinator
“To have such a company tool that all colleagues of GAC can reach out to one another and interact while learning the roots of GAC’s history & culture was of the likes I have never experienced before.”
Dean Levey – Deputy Freight Manager
“Being able to interact with colleagues all over the world and gain knowledge from different experiences has made settling in to GAC an easy process.”
Tom McNab – Ops Coordinator
“I found the HSSE course to be very beneficial as it was not an area I had much experience in, but my new role requires me to have the knowledge required to protect my team at all times.”
Colin McPhee – Assistant Operations Manager
Learning Through Gamification
Learning Through Gamification

Gamification is the buzzword of the moment in eLearning programmes, and is widely regarded as a way of increasing the level of engagement of online courses. By 2015 more than 50% of organisations that manage innovation processes with gamify them.

So what is Gamification, and how does it relate to us in GAC?

In simple terms, Gamification of eLearning courses tries to make learning more fun. Over the last 10 years eLearning has come a long way, from simply transferring the resources and assessment to an online portal, to making the most of the incredible tools that the internet can provide. Anyone who has been to school knows that learning is much more effective when it based on games and challenges rather than simply reading and repeating! Gamification techniques bring out our natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression and more.

Learning Through Gamification Anna Krassa, Course Development Consultant

Anna Krassa, our Course Development Consultant is enthusiastic about finding how Gamification works in the corporate environment. “In GCA we have always known that the best learning happens when participants are sharing their own stories and learning together.” Anna is at the helm of the project researching if and how current Gamification tools can enhance the GCA learning experience, using the Introduction to the GAC World (IGW) course as a basis.

“In August we have run two IGW courses in parallel; one the normal version, and the other including achievement badges, challenges, games and competition on top of the usual learning resources” she explained.

“The results will make for a fascinating study, and should lead to much more information on whether Gamification can make a contribution to our learning programmes in GCA.”

Upcoming: Oil and Gas Workshops

Coming up over the next few months are two workshops presented by GAC Training and Service Solutions Ltd (GTSS). GTSS is a partnership between the National Maritime College of Ireland and GAC that brings us world-class lecturers for workshops on the latest developments in the oil and gas industry.

Both workshops will be presented by Stephen Gyi, who has over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been involved in ship to ship transfers of oil and gas, supervised the commercial aspects of transporting these commodities, and managed oil and gas tanker fleets.

OTO Oil Tanker Operations 18-Nov-13 19-Nov-13 2 day workshop Dubai
LNG Understanding LNG 20-Nov-13 21-Nov-13 2 day workshop Dubai

“Being the local partner of choice for our customers, we also have to be the experts on local requirements.

To ensure we always improve to meet and exceed the ever developing Global requirements, it is essential to embrace the learning opportunities, especially related to safety, security and efficiency issues involved in oil industry.

The OTO workshop is a foundation and should be part of every staff member’s individual learning plan.”

Joachim Holst, Business Process Manager Shipping, GAC HQ

Oil Tanker Operations

Oil Tanker Operations in Port (OTO) is a two-day workshop covering a comprehensive view of the latest safety, security, efficiency and environmental measures as it relates to the shipping agency business.

Key features of the course include:

  • Oil distribution
  • Safety & security
  • Ship/shore interface
  • Associated operations
  • Mooring & oil jetty layouts
  • Pre-docking procedures
  • Measurements & calculations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Record keeping and Letters of Protest

Understanding LNG

Understanding LNG is a two-day workshop that gives structured introduction to the LNG industry. It covers the entire process from buying and selling of LND to the transportation, world markets, logistics and safety issues. Day One will provide a comprehensive approach to understanding the key elements of the LNG business, while Day Two focuses on the supporting activities that underpin an LNG operation.

  • The buying and selling of LNG
  • Types of transportation agreement
  • The LNG value chain
  • Operational safety issues
  • World markets
  • Shipping
  • LNG trading
  • Operational shipping logistics
  • Maritime law, regulations and codes of practice

Oil & Gas Operation

What’s New at GCA

Constantin Draghici, Group HSSE Manager Constantin Draghici, Group HSSE Manager

The GCA team is continually working with our senior management stakeholders on new and updated courses to fulfil the learning needs of the GAC World. In the next couple of months we have two important new courses ready to launch:

HSSE 4-week course

Earlier this year it was announced by the President that completion of the HSSE course would be compulsory for all new joiners to the GAC World. In order to streamline the course, a new 4-week HSSE is being launched in October. This new course will cover all of the essential ingredients of the previous 8-week course, including HSSE Basics, how HSSE is implemented in the GAC World, the HSSE needs of our customers, and each person’s own role in HSSE.

GAC Shipping Agent Operations Course

The GAC Shipping Agent Operations course (GSA) is the next generation of the Shipping Agent Operations (SAO) course, and features a completely updated approach. It includes the following key learning outcomes:

Joachim Holst, Business Process Manager Shipping Joachim Holst, Business Process Manager Shipping
  • Understanding Group standards including products and processes essential to our shipping operations.
  • Appreciating what is involved in the job of Shipping Operations including the full range of services that our customers can expect from their Agency Fees.
  • Familiarity with the policies and procedures involved in compliance for vessels and customers.
  • Knowledge of GACagent and the complete lifecycle of a job from enquiry to completion including the Pending Tray.
  • Understanding the role of Ship Agent in the past, present and future.

If you are interested in finding out more about either of these courses, contact Farhana Kausar at Farhana.kausar@gac.com