eNewsletter December 2013

Top Story:GCA 2013—Reviewing the highlights of another great year for GCA.
EES 2013:Excellent results for GCA this year in the Employee Engagement Survey.
Profile:Jarmo Kihlstrom from International Moving, Qatar shares his experience of the GAC TIME course.
Feature:How the MTQ48 can improve recruitment and selection with Facundo Mendoza from Group IT.
New Courses 2014: The top new offerings for the coming year.
GCA Awards 2013:Just a month to go before the GCA Awards are announced. Will you be amongst them?
GCA 2013
GCA 2013—The Year that Was

2013 has been another successful year for GCA. This year has seen the launch of Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP) and GCA’s new performance-oriented tagline, ‘Delivering Your Learning Strategy’.

‘Delivering Your Learning Strategy’ guides GCA’s philosophies as the corporate learning organisation of the GAC Group. It means:

Developing courses that meet real strategic learning needs in the GAC World.
Building our learning programme each year based directly on demand.
Basing our courses on learning through interaction with colleagues around the world on real world issues to improve business effectiveness.
Continuing to deliver technologically cutting-edge learning programmes.
Providing CSF5 hours completed for every GAC company for measurement of progress towards their learning strategy.


104 courses
8 workshops
4381 participants enrolled
23,000 CSF5 hours
82% pass rate average
3 new courses launched
2 retrofitted courses

2013 Highlights

The EES feedback has told us that in today’s fast-paced business environment, the eLearning capabilities and acceptance of this methodology provides opportunities to evolve. This year, we redesigned our two most popular orientation courses, Introduction to the GAC World (IGW) and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) as 4-week courses and the results have been excellent.

2013 has also seen the launch of a number of successful new courses including GAC TIME (GTM), Effective Business Writing (EBW) and GAC Ship Agency (GSA). The MTQ48 (Mental Toughness Test) as a Pre-Employment measurement tool to select personnel likely to thrive in the GAC World. We also launched two new workshops; Effective Presentation Skills (EPS) and Effective Negotiation Skills (ENS) in addition to the Dry Bulk Operations workshop with GAC Training and Services Solutions (GTSS).

A number of Region-specific courses have been launched including EBW and GTM specifically for the APA Region, as well as GAC Finance Essentials (GFE) for the ARC Region.

Finally, the Compliance and Ethics (CNE) course has rolled out throughout the GAC World, with many companies now 100% compliant. This has raised awareness of the issues of Compliance and Ethics exponentially in the organisation.


This year, GCA has been represented at high profile international conferences around the world including the Evolving Corporate Universities (ECU) Conference, Sydney and Moodle Moots in Australia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

A GCA representative has also been appointed as part of the Programme Committee for the prestigious 2014 Moodle Research Conference based on its highly regarded position in professional Moodle use in the corporate education sector.

EES 2013:It’s all up for GCA

The GAC World has had its say again this year in the 2013 Employee Engagement Survey (EES) – and its great news for GCA.

The questions relating to GCA showed the biggest improvement of the whole survey this year, in particular the question “GCA helps me better understand the GAC World”. Clearly, GCA is on the right track, and the Group-wide Compliance and Ethics initiative in 2012/13 has contributed to a growing appreciation of the role GCA plays in GAC as a learning organisation.

It’s certainly not time to rest on our laurels though… the survey again points to a number of opportunities for improvement in GCA and these form the basis of our strategic approach to 2014.

The feedback this year told us that the GAC World wants shorter courses, an increase in the use of live chats and webinars in the courses, a clear understanding of the Return on Investment (ROI) of GCA courses, more self-paced courses, more senior GAC people as subject matter experts, and professional external accreditation for completing courses.

As a result, 2014 will see a number of changes in our course delivery. As a sneak peak, just some of these include the redeployment of our 8-week eLearning courses as 6-week courses, a new batch of self-paced courses (see our feature below on new courses for 2014) and a set of webinars using GAC and industry experts to cover the latest industry news.

Stay tuned in early 2014 for lots more interesting strategic developments…

Profile:GTM Course Reaps Rewards in Qatar
Jarmo Kihlstrom
Jarmo Kihlstrom, Manager of International Moving, Qatar

Jarmo Kihlstom, Manager of International Moving in Qatar, completed the GAC TIME (GTM) course with GCA in May this year. Just six months after the course, he has already seen significant changes in place within his team.

“On April 24 I received an email from Klaus Holmager about CSF7 and the level of GACmove system utilisation. This was a wakeup call that we were not on the right track. The email listed all the International Moving (IM) countries, and being very competitive, I confess that I was not happy to see that other offices were better than us.

“This email came during the time that I was doing the GAC TIME course, and I connected the two tasks! I could have picked an easier CSF/KPI but felt that this would be a good opportunity to use the training to get some actual results.  

“In May I completed the presentation to my team on CSF7 as the culmination of the course, and I also announced two cash incentive awards for my staff. That really got the attention of my team and gave them the motivation to improve our system utilisation. The result is that our CSF7 measure has increased by 3% and actually exceeded the target. In practical terms, the business implications are that our work and reporting are so much more accurate now, and everyone feels that it really has helped them to do their work faster and more efficiently, even though in the beginning it felt a bit like a thankless chore.”

Jarmo was so impressed with the results of GTM that he nominated two of his staff members for the course in Quarter 4 and says they have also gained a great deal from the course.

“They have recently completed their own CSF presentations at the end of the course, and both of them were amazing! Neither of them really made a presentation like this to a group before, and that in itself was a great learning experience. I feel that the degree of ownership of these bigger concepts has definitely increased, not just in the two people who did the course, but in our whole team. From the interaction during the presentations it was clear that everyone has views and ideas and these discussions will lead to positive change.”

Jarmo now has a number of his other team members enrolled in GTM next year, and is confident that it will continue to result in tangible improvements to the International Moving business in Qatar.

Course Feature:Enhancing Recruitment and Selection with MTQ48
Jarmo Kihlstrom
Facundo Mendoza, Senior Project Manager, Group IT

Facundo Mendoza, Senior Project Manager with Group IT, has been one of the first managers in GAC to use the Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48) as part of his recruitment and selection process. One of the uses of the MTQ48 is as a pre-employment compatibility test which helps to identify traits of prospective GAC personnel that are most likely to thrive in GAC’s fast paced business environment. It helps us to predict what types of people are likely to thrive in the GAC World.

This month Facundo shared with us his experience of the questionnaire:

“I found the information provided by the MTQ48 extremely detailed. The results show how candidates respond to control, challenge, commitment and self-confidence, and this helped me a lot in tuning the recruitment process.

When I am recruiting someone I always ask for three opinions and if all of them are not “decently” positive then I don’t consider the candidate. The questionnaire has given me an extra tool for making more informed decisions about a candidate and also helps me to confirm (or not) what I felt during the personal interview.

I would highly recommend the MTQ48 test to other managers who want to improve their recruitment processes and improve their chances of hiring the right person for the job.”

For more information on the MTQ48, contact Sherol Fernandes at sherol.fernandes@gac.com

New Courses for 2014

The Annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is used every year by the team at GCA to listen to what the GAC World is saying about our courses, and develop future strategy as the Group’s corporate learning organisation.

This year the EES responses have indicated that the GAC World wants more self-paced courses, more management-based workshops and more courses on the specifics of logistics operations.

Our 2014 course portfolio has responded to this feedback with four new courses set to launch in the New Year:


An eLearning course that introduces the key components of the freight forwarding business and focuses on maximising the efficiency and profitability in the freight forwarding business.


A self-paced course that familiarises participants with the International Commercial Terms (INCO Terms) that form the basis of shipping documentation, and explains the importance of correctly using these terms for accuracy in communication efficiency.


A self-course that introduces the basic principles of GAC TIME and how we incorporate measurement into our daily business for optimum performance.

The High
Performing GAC Manager

A workshop-based course that builds leadership skills and provides a road map for GAC managers to influence, motivated and build a high performing work community for positive business outcomes.
GCA Awards for 2013

The most exciting time of the year is just around the corner, with the GCA Annual awards set to be announced in January! For the seventh year in a row, the GCA champions will be celebrated with awards in the following categories:

2013 Awards

Best Participant (Regional)

Awarded to the best participant for each region whose grades and participation represent the highest achievement towards fulfilling the learning outcomes.

Best GLO

For the GAC Liaison Officer who has excelled in spreading the message of the GCA courses and supporting participants in their learning.

Best Operating Company

Presented to the GAC operating company that has demonstrated the highest level of commitment towards making GAC a learning organisation for 2013.

The awards represent the best of the year’s achievements through the Corporate Academy, and are a major recognition of the GAC World’s commitment to achieving our Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP) learning and development objectives.