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GCA the Year that was 2015

New Courses Offered in 2016

Foundations of Leadership Performance

Mona Morsi – GCA Facilitator, Team Leader



Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the final GCA newsletter for 2015.

The seventh annual GAC Employee Engagement Survey (EES) was distributed to all our valued employees across the GAC World in late September. The 2015 EES featured a number of new questions that we felt were better aligned to international standards and our objectives as a Group. We saw an increase in the overall response rate of 3% this year – so thank you to everyone who completed the survey.

Some of the initial feedback has been very positive, including the majority of employees feeling that they have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform their roles, as well as having a good understanding of GAC’s vision, mission and values. More in-depth results of the survey will be shared with you in the new year when all the results are finalised.

Looking ahead at 2016, we are excited to share with you a number of new courses to our portfolio next year. These include courses in the commercial and business operations fields, as well as personal and professional development. More details on this can be found on the GCA website.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all on another very productive year. I’m sure you will be as pleased as I am with what we have achieved. Wishing you and your families a safe and joyful holiday season.

Warm personal regards,

Patrik Halldén
Group Vice President – Human Resources
Chairman – GCA Governance Board





The GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) has once again seen a year of growth and expansion in 2015, both in our core business and within our management team."


Overall this year, GCA launched more than 140 courses, offering deeper insights into a wide variety of topics and thereby further delivering our learning strategy across the GAC World.

Our main achievements this year included the launch of eight new courses to our already extensive portfolio. One of these is the Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP) course, the first level of three featured as part of the newly created Leadership Development Programme (LDP). Leading High Performance Teams (HPT – Level 2) and Performance Driven Leadership (PDL – Level 3) follow the introductory course.


The LDP programme was initiated by Lars Bergstrom, Group Vice President Middle East, with the objective to further equip current and future GAC managers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to manage a performance driven business culture in alignment with Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP). The first iteration of Foundations of Leadership Performance was run in October, with 15 participants learning practical skills – including harnessing signature strengths of personnel and how to best develop these to ensure a dynamic and performance-driven business environment.

In our Commercial sector, we saw the introduction of a new Tenders and Bid Management (TBM) course. This two day workshop was delivered in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Rotterdam. The course is designed to ensure key GAC personnel cultivate the skills necessary for delivering tenders, bids and proposals that win. The workshops have been extremely well received, with feedback showing participants feel better equipped in securing profitable and sustainable new business in a more strategic way.

In May this year, GAC Corporate Academy also launched the Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG) course. ONG has been developed to provide a strong foundation of understanding of the oil and gas industry in which we operate. It covers everything from the basics of the oil and gas industry and the economics associated with it, essential terminology as well as GAC’s extensive list of products and services.

As one of GAC’s strategic priorities is to expand our oil and gas business throughout the Group, this course ensures all required GAC personnel have strong foundation knowledge of the industry and our own oil and gas business. The creation of the ONG course clearly demonstrates the value of the GAC Corporate Academy within the organisation, by specifically creating a course to meet real strategic learning needs. This course was also extremely well received, with 95% of first participants recommending this course to their GAC colleagues and sighting a significant rise in their level of confidence and knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

TBM course Group photo

Pictured above and below: Employees from GAC offices in United Arab Emirates, USA and Oman took part in the Tenders and Bid Management workshop in Dubai, November 2015.


On a more operation level, GCA saw the establishment of more practical and self-paced online courses including the IOSH Managing Safely (IMS) course, which is run through the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. This course is designed for managers, HSSE representatives, supervisors and staff responsible for managing health and safety effectively.

A new strategic direction for GCA in Business Application Training, in partnership with Group IT.

GACfreight (GFN) course was also launched, providing a full understanding of the use of GACfreight in our business with ENSCO, the global provider of offshore drilling services to the petroleum industry. Again, feedback by participants was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% stating they would recommend it to their colleagues.

For staff that use GAC’s official shipping agency operational system – GACagent, a new course GACagent.NET (GAN) is designed to give users a better understanding of how to use this system in their day-to-day activities.

Finally, we have also streamlined our three compulsory courses – Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Health Safety Security and the Environment (HSSE) and Compliance and Ethics (CNE) as part of the New Employee Orientation (NEO) initiative. This is to ensure all new joiners to the organisation are equipped with the foundation knowledge to support their new role, as well as ensuring they are experiencing the GAC Spirit from the outset of their employment.

One of our greatest achievements to date is the ISO 29990 quality certification, which creates greater credibility and strength within both the learning and development field and the industry sectors in which we operate. We are therefore very pleased that in June this year, GCA successfully passed the first Periodical Audit of GCA’s ISO 29990:2010 management system. Passing the Periodical Audit means that GCA’s management system has fulfilled specific requirements of the ISO 29990:2010 standard after an on-site assessment by the certification body.

This Periodical Audit is an annual requirement, ensuring that the high standards continue and all targets are met.

To conclude, we are extremely pleased with what we achieved in 2015. We continue to deliver our Vision – to be a world-class corporate learning organisation that enables and executes the priorities of the GAC Group. On behalf of the Academy – thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to  your learning.

Courses Launched in 2015

Tenders and Bid Management (TBM)
IOSH Managing Safely (IMS)
GACfreight (GFN)
GACagent.NET (GAN)
Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG)

Leadership Development Programme
– Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP)
– Leading High Performance Teams (HPT)*
– Performance Driven Leadership (PDL)*

* Will commence in 2016

2015 GAC Corporate Academy –
Key Performance Indicators:

  • Courses operated – 140
  • Unique enrolements – 6,783
  • CSF5 hours – 50,340
  • Pass rate – 87%
  • New courses launched – 6
  • Workshops run – 9
  • Participation satisfaction – 92%



By proactively identifying the learning requirements from each operating company or business entity, training plans and targets can be developed along with participant attendance schedules. In turn, this allows GCA to develop an optimal schedule for the coming year to meet demand across the GAC World.

2016 will see the launch of a number of initiatives that are strategically aligned with the Group requirements. A variety of commercial courses are in the process of being developed to support our priorities in becoming a sales-driven organisation, while there will also be a focus on business operations, with a new generation of courses targeting core business areas. We have also added a new course within the professional development portfolio – which we feel will be a popular addition.

The GAC Leadership Development Programme is a fantastic new initiative that will build upon our leadership and performance culture. The first of the three courses, Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP) already ran late this year, but the second and third installments, Leading High Performance Teams (HPT) and Performance Driven Leadership (PDL) will be new in 2016.

As we approach the end of the year, it is time to start thinking about which courses fit with your own learning needs. It’s a great opportunity to think of how you can enhance your own personal performance and the business performance of the Group as a whole.

The 2016 GCA Course Prospectus is available from your GLO, and course descriptions are detailed on the GAC Web site academy.gac.com. Please register your interest in courses for 2016 with your GLO or line manager now.

NEW in 2016Commercial

GAC Sales Fundamentals (GSF)
LinkedIn for Sales (LFS)
Advanced Sales Techniques (AST)
GAC Sales Leadership (GSL)
Customer Relations Management (XRM)
Tenders and Bid Management (TBM)*

Business Operations

The Business of Shipping (BOS)
Sea Freight Operations (SFO)
Shipping Agency Operations (SAO)*
Air Freight Operations (AFO)*

Professional Development

Successful Career Development (SCD)

Leadership Development Programme

Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP)
(commenced in 2015)
Leading High Performance Teams (HPT)
Performance Driven Leadership (PDL)

* Redeveloped courses



In October the GAC Corporate Academy successfully launched the pilot Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP) course, the first of the newly established, three stage Leadership Development Programme (LDP).

This foundation level course introduces participants to the Universal Competencies of a High Performing GAC Manager. The aim is to link individual performance with business performance outcomes, while also giving current and future management personnel a better understanding of performance driven behaviour, communication and the relationship between individual performance and financial results.

GCA’s Danielle Ali Shah, facilitated the pilot course and reflected on the uniqueness of the course and the positive performance of the participants: “This course really revealed what a diverse mix of individuals we have amongst us across the GAC World. What brings them all together in this forum is their eagerness to learn how to become better leaders. Whether they are existing managers who are looking at refining their leadership skills, or individuals keen to gain the knowledge and confidence to shift into a highperforming GAC Manager, this course gives you the platform to do so.”

Participants who successfully completed Foundations of Leadership Performance will be invited to participate in second level of the programme Leading High Performance Teams. Successful completion of these two prerequisites will then give managers the opportunity to undertake the final level Performance Driven Leadership.

The concept behind the Leadership Development Programme is to provide managers and future leaders with powerful tools for improving their performance in today’s GAC world.


The programme is the initiative of Lars Bergstrom, Group Vice President GAC Middle East, who’s vision is to build a strong leadership and performance culture in line with the GAC Group’s Vision Z – Global Performance.

“The aim of our Leadership Development Programme is for current and future GAC managers to reflect on their current managerial style and how they can motivate their teams to perform at their best. Motivated individuals and teams ensure better productivity, higher staff retention and enhanced engagement. This ultimately leads to enhanced business performance.”



Course Testimonials


“I found the entire four week course extremely rewarding. Besides discovering my own leadership style, the SWOT analysis revealed areas for me to work on to enable me to become a high performing manager. Learning from other participants and sharing knowledge was indeed thought provoking and stretch our imagination outside the box. What we learnt in this course will lead us to think differently and making a BIG impact in our overall performance.”

Senior Manager Freight Service
GAC Oman



“This is really an eye opening experience. We may think we know all these facts already, but by undertaking this course, one realises there is so much more to learn. The interaction between participants shows how many talented leaders we have in our organisation. What we have learnt in this course will open another fantastic chapter in our personal and professional lives.”

Assistant Manager Navy Operations,
GAC Bahrain




You can easily see why Mona Morsi has so much passion for her work. Her extensive 20-year career in adult training, whether giving safety workshops in the airline business, running seminars, giving presentations or facilitating eLearning courses, Mona is driven to education and teaching people from all walks of life. Mona is quick to point out what she loves most about her job. “Making a positive difference in others lives is definitely my main driver.”


Mona’s career started in the airline industry as a flight attendant, before founding and managing a transportation company for the US and UK Embassy schools in Doha, Qatar. She then joined GAC Qatar in 2008 as an Asset Management and Security Executive. Hereshe played a key role in HSSE, working with the GAC Qatar management team to conduct a widespread awareness and training campaigns. Mona’s extensive HSSE experience and her love of teaching, positioned her as a valuable member of the GCA facilitation team. In early 2015, Mona was appointed Facilitator Team Leader.

We ask Mona to share with us more about her current role in GCA.

Can you tell us more about your current role?

When I was appointed as Team Leader this year, my first priority was standardising guidelines and policies for our GAC Liaison Officers (GLOs) and Facilitators. For example, plagiarism in our courses was a major concern to us, and we needed to develop a unified set of processes to identify and change behavior in accordance with our ethical framework. With the involvement of key stakeholders, we were able to come up with strategies to identify plagiarism, and policies to effectively manage it.

A key part of my role is developing the GCA Facilitator Community. This includes engagement with all our facilitators, where we discuss new practices, suggestions, ideas and challenges. I’ve completed courses such as Train the Trainer, Leadership Psychology and Leader Techniques, so I really enjoy the engagement with like-minded individuals. I strive to give constant support to all facilitators and external consultants who facilitate courses, as well as monitor progress and assist with administration of courses.

As a Facilitator, I am mainly involved in the facilitation of the HSSE course. My experience with airline safety and security, freight forwarding, and HSSE is a good fit for my work with GCA. I also facilitate a number of other courses including Ocean Freight Operations, Air Freight Operations and Freight Forwarding Fundamentals.

What do you enjoy most about your job, and what do you find most challenging?
Firstly, and most important to me personally, is working with a great team! I believe GCA has a significant influence on the GAC World, and makes a positive impact on the participants. This leaves me committed to do all I can to ensure the continuity and growth of GCA.

The biggest challenge in the eLearning environment is when a participant shows lack of commitment to the course and does not communicate. It makes it extremely difficult for a Facilitator to understand the challenges or difficulties they are facing. With the lack of physical presence, communication is the only way to establish good understanding and rapport. Within GCA, we take a great deal of pride in our product, and treat participants as customers and truly wish to see them excel.

What are the challenges over the next six months?

Over the coming months, our key priority is to upgrade a number of courses to introduce new learning technologies. We systematically go through all courses on an annual basis to see where enhancements can be made in line with the course evaluations. There are many new courses launching in 2016, and these need to be developed, tested and ready for launch. I’m looking forward to these challenges and thrilled that we continue to make a positive difference in the GAC World.




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