eNewsletter February 2014

2013 was a great year for learning and development in GAC, and the 6th Annual GCA Awards celebrate the best achievements of the year from amongst the participants, operating companies and GLOs.
This year, to reward performance excellence throughout the GAC World, the award categories have been expanded to include the Best Participant for each GAC region and the Best Regional Operating Company.
“I am very proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Annual GCA Awards. In the seven years since its formation, GCA has been involved in establishing awareness of GAC’s heritage, values and strategic direction amongst our employees. Now, in Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP), GCA continues to play an important role in strengthening the GAC Group as a performance-driven organisation. These awards recognise the outstanding achievements in learning and development for the GAC Group. I congratulate all the 2013 winners on their awards.”
Patrik Halldén, Group Vice President, Human Resources
Damien O’Donoghue (GCA General Manager), presents the GAC Norway AS Award for Best Operating Company EUR to Mikael Rodseth
Rachel Mojica
GAC Global Hub
Services, Dubai

Winner Best GLO
Bruno Roxo GAC do Brazil Best Participant AME
Anderson Chan GAC Hong Kong Ltd Best Participant
Craig Stewart GAC South Africa Best Participant
Sean O’Brien GAC UK Ltd Best Participant
Chetan Pawar GAC India Best Participant
Nishit Nair GAC Oman Best Participant
GAC do BRAZIL Rodrigo DeMarco
General Manager
Best Operating
Company, AME
GAC FORWARDING &SHIPPING (SHANGHAI) Claus Schensema Managing Director Best Operating Company
GAC NIGERIA Robert Bal & Bola Oduwole
HR Manager GAC Nigeria
Best Operating
Company, ARC
GAC SHIPPING (NORWAY AS) Mikael Rodseth Ahmet Ozsoy Herman Jorgenson Best Operating
Company, EUR
GAC SRI LANKA Preethilal Fernando Director/ CEO Best Operating
Company, ISC
NATIONAL SHIPPING GULF AGENCY CO (ABU DHABI) LTD Ronnie Knowles Managing Director Best Operating
Company, MEA

Rachel Mojica, Global Hub Services, Dubai

Best GLO

Rachel Mojica Winner Best GLO

Selection Criteria

The Best GLO award is based on their certification and the follow-through of these skills in their annual strategic planning, quarterly learning and development, and operational support in helping to ensure the success of participants in their courses.

Rachel Mojica, Financial Process Manager with GAC Global Hub Services in Dubai, has been awarded the Best GLO award for her outstanding performance as GLO.

One of her biggest achievements of the year was the establishment of a ‘Recognition Programme’ for GCA course graduates. “We started an awards ceremony to present the GCA course certificates and recognise excellent course results. The way it motivated our staff to work with greater enthusiasm and confidence in their respective courses is a great accomplishment for me and the organisation.”

“I strongly believe in the importance of self-motivation”, Rachel pointed out, “and will continue supporting our participants in their learning. With the support of Global Hub Services Management, Department Managers, Team Leaders, and cooperation of all the staff, my aim is that our organisation achieves zero removals from the courses and 100% pass rate amongst our participants.”

Peter Osterman, Director of GAC Global Hub Services (DMCC Branch) says that the GCA results by his staff after Rachel became GLO say it all. “From being far down the scale, with a lot of staff not finalising the courses we have now moved up to the top with almost all participants finalising the GCA courses and often with really good results. The main reason for this change is Rachel’s motivating work with following up that no one falls behind.”


Best Participants

Selection Criteria

The Best Participant awards are based on a weighted measure of the number of courses completed in 2013, number of CSF5 hours and average grades over all courses.

Bruno Roxo GAC do Brazil
  • Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)
  • Health, Safety, Security,Environment (HSSE)
  • Shipping Agency Operations (SAO)
  • Key Account Management (KAM
  • Compliance and Ethics (CNE)

Bruno Roxo, Operations Manager of the Santos Branch of GAC do Brazil, completed five courses in 2013 with an average grade of 91%. He believes that the courses have had a positive impact on both his attitude and his professional performance. “Introduction to the GAC World (IGW) taught me a lot about the GAC company and this has helped me a lot to explain our background to customers and gain their confidence. On the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) course I’ve learned how to deal with accidents as well as work proactively to avoid it. With Key

Account Management (KAM) I’ve learned how to identify and approach a customer and assist all the team to work together to gather new jobs for the company.”

Rodrigo DeMarco, Managing Director of GAC Brazil, is a strong supporter of corporate learning and said “In our region, we believe that GAC is a step ahead of our competitors when it comes to a dedicated staff training programme. Our aim is to engage all of our staff in GCA courses, and achieve more than 20% growth.”

Anderson Chan GAC (Hong Kong) Ltd
  • Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)
  • Effective Business Writing (EBW)
  • Team-Based Leadership (TBL)
  • Compliance and Ethics (CNE)

Anderson Chan, Sales Manager from GAC (Hong Kong) Ltd, completed five courses in 2013 with an average grade of 94% to take out the Best Participant from APA award.

“One of the highlights of the year for me was the GAC TIME (GTM) course” Anderson said. “By learning more about the Critical Success Factors (CSFs), I now have a much better understanding when I participate in CSF meetings.” He also discussed how the GAC Sales Handbook (GSH) course gave him the opportunity to upgrade his sales skills. “One of the great benefits of GCA courses is that it expands my contacts around the GAC World through getting to know other colleagues”, Anderson concluded.

Alwyn Mendonca, Managing Director of South China and Hong Kong with GAC Hong Kong, said that Anderson’s courses in 2013 had increased both the customer base profile and business for the year. “GCA’s real strength for us is that is can easily be customised to cater to our learning and development needs cost effectively.”

Craig Stewart GAC South Africa
  • Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE)
  • GAC Liaison Officer (GLO)
  • Compliance and Ethics (CNE)

Craig Stewart, Regional HR Manager for GAC South Africa, has taken out the Best Participant award for the ARC based on his four GCA courses and 98% average score. Craig commented that one of his favourite parts of GCA courses has been the opportunity to meet, interact, share with and learn from colleagues around the world. “In particular the GAC Spirit came alive to me and the feeling of belonging to a global community during the IGW course.”

“A direct learning outcome for me was the opportunity to experience the ease and flexibility of eLearning”, said Craig. “Having personally completed a number of GCA courses both facilitated and self-paced I believe that this knowledge and experience now places me in a strong position to be an active “learning organisation” ambassador for GAC in my new capacity as GLO.”

Erland Ebbersten, Group Vice President of the ARC region passed on his congratulations, observing that “Craig’s enthusiasm has inspired many of our South African team. There is no doubt that GCA learning contributes to positive work performance, and we are strongly committed to learning and development in alignment with the Group’s Vision Z–Global Performance.”

Sean O’Brien GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd
  • Profitable Customer
  • Relationships (PCR)
  • Compliance and Ethics (CNE)

Sean O’Brien, Agency Manager of GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd completed three courses with an average grade of 98% to take out the award for Best Participant in the EUR region.

“Initially I considered the Academy as a tool for learning how to best understand and utilise GAC systems and processes only”, Sean said. “However after completing the courses I found they offered much more. There were many aspects of the courses that provided useful tools that can also be applied to everyday business use.”

After completing the GAC TIME (GTM) course, Sean was invited to join the CSF1 team in the UK and is currently involved in developing ways to implement this in the UK. “I would like to think that my participation shows me as a leader, and hopefully others will follow my example and benefit from the courses”, he added.

Peter Cole, GAC UK’s Managing Director, congratulated Sean on his award and said, “We are strongly focused on improving learning and development in the EUR region, and Sean has been a role model in this respect during 2013. I am confident that the learning from GCA courses has a positive impact on overall business performance and look forward to seeing further impact in 2014.”

Chetan Pawar Oil & Gas Dept. of GAC India
  • Introduction to the GAC World(IGW)
  • Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE)
  • Compliance and Ethics (CNE)

Chetan Pawar, assistant in the Oil and Gas Department of GAC India, completed three GCA courses in 2013 with an average score of 94%, making him the ISC Best Participant. He discussed how the courses have affected his work performance, saying “The GCA courses have made a huge impact on my line of thinking and my day to day work. They have helped me understand my role better in the company. The Compliance and Ethics (CNE) course has given me valuable guidelines as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in our business practices. This is already helping me to carry out my work with more confidence.” Chetan also described how the HSSE Course has increased his awareness of the safety precautions for himself, his team and his family.

Paul Haegeman, GAC India’s Managing Director, praised Chetan’s efforts, saying “Since we are implementing more cross training within and amongst departments, it was good to see Chetan’s enthusiasm towards learning more. Course participants who take the training seriously and participate in an enthusiastic way mostly show the same energy in their daily work activities as well, showing responsibility and reliability.”

Nishit Nair GAC Oman
  • Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS)
  • Profitable Customer Relationships(PCR)
  • Key Account Management (KAM)
  • Customer Relationship
  • Management (CRM)
  • Team-Based Leadership (TBL)

Nishit Nair, from Customer Service TNT Oman, completed five GCA courses in 2013 with an average grade of 93%

“My learning from the courses have enabled me not just to work better as an individual, but have created the fire in me to do more as a team player and even more as an employee towards the betterment of the company”, he said. “Each course has had a huge impact on how I work in my day to day schedule”, he pointed out, “from how I treat our customers and how I treat and respect my colleagues, to how my behaviour represents the company also in front of the customer.”

Oman’s Country Manager, Daniel Nordberg, saw a direct impact on Nishit’s business performance through the courses, saying that “Overall, he was instrumental in gaining new business from competition and retaining existing customers and revenue through his excellent customer relationship skills.”


Best Companies

Selection Criteria

The Best Operating Company awards are a calculation of the CSF hours of the company, the accuracy of the Learning and Development (L&D) Forecast for 2013 and the level of engagement of the GLO. It also takes into consideration a company’s forward planning and whether their 2014 L&D forecast is completed.

GAC do BRAZIL Rodrigo DeMarco, General Manager
Best Operating Company, AME

The Best Operating Company for AME has been awarded to GAC do Brazil. Rodrigo DeMarco, GAC do Brazil’s General Manager, said of the award, “GAC do Brazil is very committed to learning through GCA courses. We have seen time and time again that our people are better equipped to represent the company to our customers, more familiar with the basics of HSSE and more productive members of staff in general when they have completed the IGW and HSSE courses.”

Rodrigo pointed out that the commercial and operational courses have also had a significant impact on the work performance of those who have participated and said “We fully plan to continue with our commitment to learning and development for 2014.”

Lars Heisselberg, Group Vice President of the AME region applauded the award, saying “I’m very pleased but not surprised that GAC do Brazil won GCA’s 2013 Best Client Operating Company award. The recognition is proof of the very high level of GCA focus and dedication demonstrated by specifically GAC Brazil but also throughout the region. GCA does an excellent job in motivating and growing our people and plays an important part of the region’s VZ-GP targets and ambitions.”

GAC FORWARDING & SHIPPING (SHANGHAI) Claus Schensema, Managing Director Best Operating Company, APA

GAC Forwarding and Shipping (Shanghai) is awarded the Best Operating Company in APA for its strong commitment to learning in 2013.

Claus Schensema, Managing Director, discussed the importance of GCA courses to provide what he terms “fine tuning” to his mainland China staff from sales, operations, warehouses and management. “I have personally noticed that GCA courses have a direct impact on employee and client retention and new client acquisition”. “My aim”, he noted, “is to upgrade all our employees’ aptitude and encourage more people to see GAC as their employer of choice.”

This attitude is backed up by Dan Hjalmarsson, Group Vice President APA, who said, “In the APA region, we recognise the strong connection between business performance and developing skillful and motivated staff.

Part of our business strategy is to make the most of every opportunity offered by GCA. This is to ensure that our people have the skills and know-how they need in the key fundamentals of operational excellence, HSSE, compliance and ethics. Hence, we are working to fully implement corporate learning in all our businesses throughout the region.”

GAC NIGERIA Robert Bal & Bola Oduwole
HR Manager GAC Nigeria
Best Operating Company, ARC

The Best Operating Company for the ARC region was awarded to GAC Nigeria, based on their CSF5 hours, L&D forecasts and GLO engagement. Robert Bal, Managing Director of GAC Nigeria, and Bola Oduwole, HR Manager and GLO, accepted the award saying, “In 2013 we placed a strong emphasis on learning and development in GAC Nigeria. The result was that we believe that participants are more knowledgeable and therefore more efficient in their jobs which increases the productivity and bottom line of the company.”

Robert commented that the real benefit of GCA courses is to build “knowledgeable employees who will work smart in line with the Group core values and cultures”, however he added that the additional advantage is that “induction training allows us to be able to easily identify high performers and under performers.”

Erland Ebbersten, Group Vice President of the ARC region congratulated GAC Nigeria and said, “In the current economic climate, continually striving to improve the service we offer our customers sets us apart from many other businesses, and GAC Nigeria continues to show their commitment to learning and improvement.”

GAC SHIPPING (NORWAY AS) Mikael Rodseth, Ahmet Ozsoy
Herman Jorgenson
Best Operating Company, EUR

GAC Norway AS was awarded the Best Operating Company for the EUR region with an overall score of 92% in the GCA weighting system.

Ahmet Özsoy, Managing Director of GAC Norway AS, says that his first priority for 2012 and 2013 was ensuring that his team completed the GCA orientation courses. “The results from the global EES proves that this has been successful as we saw a significant improvement on the EES results in the understanding of GAC Corporate Culture, GAC Ethics, GAC Environmental Policies and Procedures.”

“For new staff it is important that we set the expectations from the first day when they are enrolled to the mandatory courses”, Ahmet said. “We often see that good performance in GCA links directly with good on-the-job performance as well.”

Ivo Verheyen, Group Vice President for the EUR region, also sees a clear correlation between the participation of the Norwegian team and their financial performance. “This doesn’t only apply for the IGW course but also the HSSE and GAC TIME courses, amongst others.”

Ahmet’s plan for 2014 is “to enrol all staff (existing and new joiners) to the new GAC TIME Basics (GTB) course (managers will be prioritised first) as we believe that understanding GAC TIME is going to be crucial to help us drive the Performance Strategy in Vision Z.”

GAC SRI LANKA Preethilal Fernando, Director/ CEO
Best Operating Company, ISC

GAC Sri Lanka has taken out Best Operating Company in the ISC region for their excellent performance in learning and development in 2013. Preethilal Fernando, Director/ CEO of the GAC Sri Lanka group of companies, stated that, “GCA’s world-class eLearning portal is an advanced tool in today’s knowledge-inspired corporate world and our employees truly feel the difference from this form of learning when they compare themselves to their counterparts in almost all other Sri Lankan shipping/marine and logistics companies.”

“The Compliance and Ethics (CNE) course in particular has been very important for us” he said. “It has equipped us with knowledge for engaging with our customers in a responsible manner. As a result, the marine supply services division is now dealing with marine security companies with a much improved sense of HSSE, ethics and compliance.”

With the help of GCA courses, GAC Sri Lanka is committed to further raising the bar in its professional standards in shipping, marine and logistics fields. Andrew Leach, Group Vice President of the ISC region, echoed this sentiment, observing that with the wide range of activities provided by GAC Sri Lanka, “a clear focus on HSSE, compliance and ethics, operational excellence and technical support is essential.” Andrew pointed out that “GCA enables our dedicated team of management and staff to operate at an optimum level of professionalism and performance – and enhances the knowledge and experience which has been built up within the group.”

Best Operating Company, MEA

The Best Operating Company award for the MEA region goes to National Shipping Gulf Agency Co. (Abu Dhabi) Ltd (NSGAC). Ronnie Knowles, NSGAC’s Managing Director said of the award, “The courses from GCA are a fantastic resource for NSGAC employees which have been implemented wholeheartedly across NSGAC, especially in our Port Khalifa operation.” Ronnie and his team have worked with GCA to customise elements of the IGW course to reflect their Khalifa Port operations and they will soon be rolling out a modified version for the GCA HSSE course. “

“Through the IGW course,” Ronnie explained, “we have been able to recognise skilled personnel on the back of their course scores and their general IT skills during the learning. This has led to opportunities for a few staff to advance their careers and move into our admin department as a result.”

Lars Bergstrom, Group Regional Vice President of the MEA region, applauded NSGAC on their achievement and said, “Their achievement underlines our commitment to continuous learning, based on the belief that it has a significant positive impact on our performance, our results and our morale. None of us can afford to rest on our laurels, smug in the belief that we have learned everything we need to do our job. The GAC Corporate Academy remains a key strategic initiative for the GAC Group as a whole and our region in particular.”