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July 2014  

GAC Corporate Academy


GCA Award Winners Celebrate
Join us in celebrating our ISO 29990 certification for non-formal education and training. MORE
GACfreight and ENSCO Operations
Bill Hill (Executive VP, Commercial) and Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan (Group IT Director, pictured) discuss why the GACfreight and ENSCO Operations course was so important and how it has helped our relationship with our major customer ENSCO.
EUR’s Strategic Approach to L&D
EUR is taking a strategic approach to learning and development this year and Ivo Verheyen, Group Vice President, EUR, (pictured) explains why.
GCA is ISO 29990 Certified!

On June 25th, GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) officially received its ISO 29990 certification at a ceremony in Corporate HQ.

Only around 30 learning organisations currently hold ISO 29990 certification, which is the gold standard for corporate learning and development. GCA is the first in the Shipping, Marine and Logistics industry and one of the first based in the Middle East and Africa region to be accredited.

The certificate was formally presented to GCA General Manager Damien O’Donoghue by Alireza Ramin Majd, DNV Country Manager for the Middle East, Northeast & South Arica and West Asia. DNV is the accrediting body for ISO.


Alireza Ramin Majd and Patrik Hallden water the ‘Tree of Knowledge” at GAC HQ


The official GAC ISO 29990 cake


From the presentation ceremony: Christos Markopoulos (Marketing, Sales and Business Development Manager, DNV), Danielle Ali Shah (GCA), Alireza Ramin Majd (Country Manager, DNV), Sherol Fernandes (GCA), Damien O’Donoghue (GCA), Debbie Nicol (GCA Governance Board Member), Patrik Hallden (GAC), Sonia Prabhakar (GAC), Waleed Jameel, Lorraine Fernandes (GAC Dubai Quality team), Felicito Hernandez (GCA)

“The journey from our start-up just seven years ago to where we are today has been incredible. ISO 29990 certification sets where we are today as a benchmark of quality standards from which we shall continually innovate and improve over the coming years to continue to fulfil our commitment to deliver the learning strategies of our customers.”

Damien O’Donoghue, GCA General Manager

“Training is an increasingly important investment and it’s important for training services providers like the GAC Corporate Academy to develop processes and performance standards to measure and meet the challenges they face. ISO 29990 provides a model for quality professional practice and performance, and a common reference for the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development.”

Alireza Ramin Majd, DNV Country Manager for the Middle East, Northeast & South Arica and West Asia

“GAC’s Corporate Academy was set up to constantly improve the educational level and quality within a range of areas in GAC. Achieving ISO 299990 confirms the commitment to our customers and colleagues that we take them, our business and constant improvements seriously. Thanks for joining me to congratulate our colleagues to this achievement.”

Christer Sjodoff, Group Vice President, Solutions

More information

GCA’s ISO certificate, new White Paper “GCA, Moodle and ISO: Partnering for Corporate Learning Excellence” and more information about our ISO status can be found on our website http://www.academy.gac.com/gca-achieves-iso-29990-certification/

Delivering Your Learning Strategy-
GACfreight and ENSCO Operations

Delivering Your Learning Strategy- 
GACfreight and ENSCO Operations
Delivering Your Learning Strategy- 
GACfreight and ENSCO Operations

ENSCO is one of GAC’s biggest global customers in the Oil and Gas business, and when their recent feedback indicated opportunities for enhanced integrity and accuracy of data management in GACfreight, GCA and Group IT got to work to develop an innovative new online business application training course for GACfreight.

The result was the GACfreight and ENSCO Operations (GFN) course, developed as a self-paced online course that takes participants through ten modules of instructional videos and quizzes to ensure the highest level of best practice in the application of GACfreight.

GFN was rolled out to more than 130 GAC people who deal with ENSCO in June, and evidence of the learning outcome across the GAC World has been most encouraging.

Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan, Group IT Director (pictured), praised the process of course development saying;

“The GACfreight and ENSCO Operations course (GFN) was put together in the shortest span of time by the Singapore Group IT staff and the GCA team. Kudos to all those involved for all the hard work in putting together this course. GFN got positive feedback from all corners of GAC Group. It saved travel cost / time and the same course content was quickly delivered to 130 users across borders. This is the dawn of a new learning era of GAC applications… at your pace, at your desk, at your will..! It is also the first step towards the beginning of a new strategic alliance between Group IT and GCA to deliver more such application training courses in future.”

Bill Hill, Executive Group Vice President, Commercial recently sent out a message to Group Managers saying; 

“We have completed a series of successful reviews and meetings with ENSCO and have now a solid base for consolidating our existing business with ENSCO and expanding that business further.

ENSCO, as you know, is a major GAC customer and if we ‘get it right’ with them, we are in a position to grow our global Oil & Gas business much more.

We now have a GAC Academy course which is based on our successful discussions with ENSCO. It addresses the areas where ENSCO needs to see our capabilities. I have done the course myself. It’s good. I encourage you and your ENSCO teams to take it.”

EUR Takes A Strategic Approach to L&D
Ivo Verheyen

GAC’s Europe region has taken a strongly proactive approach to learning and development this year, with a number of learning initiatives that align with the strategic priorities of the region.

Ivo Verheyen, Group Vice President, EUR (pictured), talked about his Vision Z – Global Performance based goals of increasing operating margin from 8% to 20% over the 2013 – 2017 five year term of the plan by growing the business in the key sectors of Oil & Gas, Dry Bulk, Cruise and Renewable Energy.

“We will only achieve that by focusing on HR processes, productivity, our commercial approach and broadening our knowledge of the energy market, all with close attention to our business processes including GAC TIME, GAC’s Code of Ethics and our stringent HSSE procedures and policies” he said.

Ivo pointed out that “learning and development is a critical factor in improving our business performance as a region and in partnership with GCA we will be running a series of regional courses to build our capacity and take us positively into the future.”

The regional learning programmes include:

GAC Finance Essentials (GFE)

The EUR region has just concluded its regional GAC Finance Essentials (GFE) course, which included senior managers from all EUR companies. The aim of this initiative was to improve the financial side of the business and build a common financial understanding throughout the region through the 8-week eLearning course.

GAC Finance Essentials (GFE)


The 8-week GAC TIME (GTM) eLearning course will be run as a regional initiative for the EUR region. This will ensure that CSF process owners work with real time business outcomes and share their experiences to build a robust GAC TIME framework across the region.


Managing Positive Performance (MPP)

Managing Positive Performance (MPP) is a GAC Europe initiative designed specifically for managers, supervisors and leaders.

The 2013 Employee Engagement Survey (EES) pointed to significant opportunity for improvement in frontline management and leadership skills across the EUR region. The Managing Positive Performance programme aims to ensure all leaders in the region are equipped with the necessary skills to drive a positive performance culture in line with Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP).

MPP is a 6-week eLearning course that covers the essential elements of positive performance management that build on each other in a simple progression; Understanding jobs and our people, measuring and assessing performance, developing and rewarding people, leadership and coaching.

MPP will be run as an eLearning course over 6 weeks, starting in September.

Managing Positive Performance (MPP)
IOSH Managing Safely

GCA is now offering a new HSSE course specifically designed for HSSE representatives and managers.

The IOSH Managing Safely (IMS) course is being offered through GCA in partnership with Santia, a leading international health, safety and environment training provider. The IMS is the basic industry standard qualification and is internationally recognised.

The course will provide the knowledge and practical skills that participants need to handle health and safety issues within their team. In particular, the course will ensure HSSE Representatives and line managers have sufficient knowledge to monitor and review health and safety within the workplace.

This course is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), one of Europe’s leading health and safety awarding bodies. IOSH sets professional standards, supports and develops members and provides authoritative advice and guidance on health and safety issues. Successful participants will gain an internationally recognised certificate of training from IOSH upon completing the written and practical assessments.

The self-paced online course involves 24 hours of course work with additional time for practical assessment over a period of 30 days. The course dates will be in Q3/Q4 this year based on demand and availability.


“By building a thorough understanding of how to manage HSSE through this course, participants will be well equipped to contribute to an improved health and safety culture within their teams. This internationally-certified course will ensure we are working safely, reducing accidents and complying with the GAC policies and legal requirements.”

Constantin Draghici, Group HSSE Manager
Tenders and Bid Management Workshop
Gurumurthi Shankar

GCA launched its newest workshop, Tenders and Bid Management (TBM), recently in Qatar and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The Tenders and Bid Management Workshop is a practical approach to helping GAC people cultivate the skills necessary for delivering tenders, bids and proposals that win.

The Tenders and Bid Management workshop will lead participants through a process of evaluating how GAC is currently performing on bids, understanding how to implement a tendering process, making and validating decisions and differentiating GAC.

Gurumurthi Shankar, Group Sales Director (pictured), pointed out that “Tenders and bid management is becoming an increasingly important skill-set for the industries and target clients we are seeking.  Developing a winning tender response is both an art and a science, and this course will introduce you to the knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to qualify, develop and review tenders.  In our competitive business landscape, having these competencies will position you to understand the tender and bid process and influence our business success.”

“It was a very interesting and educational training that will certainly help us a lot making better tender bids in the future. All the tools and knowledge gained in this course will be easy to apply in any bid process and I am confident it will make a difference. Anyone who is not a professional in bid management will find this course very useful regardless if you are senior manager or executive.”

Jonas Ericsson | Business Manager – Logistic Services | Gulf Agency Co. Qatar W.L.L. |

“As someone who has completed some very comprehensive high profile tenders over the last 8 years, I found the Bid Management Workshop to be very useful. Some of the tools provided and processes used will definitely help in reducing the pressure and workload of providing the client requirements. The instructions provided on the most aesthetically pleasing layout and key point promotion of our available solutions, will I am sure pay dividends in future bid submittals”

Deri Morgan | Business Manager – Oil & Gas Solutions | Gulf Agency Co.(Qatar) W.L.L |
Tim Snell

Tim Snell is a Tender and Bid Management Specialist with a wealth of experience in bid and proposal management, project-based proposal writing, proposal and capture strategy development and marketing strategy development and research. He was instrumental in developing the TBM workshop and now facilitates the workshop for GCA.

Tim currently works as a freelance consultant offering globally certified training and coaching services. Previously he was the Head of Sales with the Olive Group in Dubai, managing the sales team and overseeing a multi-billion dollar pipeline of opportunities for security and risk management services globally. He was also the Director of Bid and Proposal Development with the Supreme Group in Dubai.