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VZ-GP Leads the way for GCA
NSGAC Launches Business Success with IGW
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GAC TIME and Effective Business Writing
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Dry Cargo Operations Workshop, Dubai
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Announcing the 2013 GTSS workshop schedule
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GCA Awards 2012 photos
VZ-GP Leads the Way for GCA

The GAC Vision Z—Global Performance (VZ-GP) strategic plan sees a clear evolution from Global Values in Vision Y (VY-GV), to Global Performance in Vision Z. So what does Performance mean for GAC as a Group, and GCA in particular?

Global Performance means more than just improving the way we operate externally with our customers to improve our profitability. It also means improving the way we work internally, to perform better. While our sales and other front line people may be the part of our business that our customers see, without the firm support from those working behind the scenes, the organisation can never be strong.

In VZ-GP terms, this is written as valuing our assets, primarily our people. One of the keys to valuing our people is to provide the learning required to constantly improve, and this is where GCA fits in. Now, more than ever, GCA has an important role to play in GAC becoming an organisation that focuses on performance.

This year I encourage you all to think about your own personal performance, and how GCA courses can contribute to both your own and GAC’s ongoing success.

– Patrik Halldén, Group Vice President, Human Resources


Feature: NSGAC Launches Business Success With IGW

GCA’s flagship induction course, Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), is currently playing a key role in the new NSGAC project in Abu Dhabi.

NSGAC was recently awarded a three year logistics contract by Abu Dhabi Terminals for managing one of their customer’s “Gateway Supply Chains” at the newly opened Khalifa Port, operated by Khalifa Port Container Terminal in Abu Dhabi. Currently NSGAC operates and manages four warehouses at the new Terminal facilities, each with an approximate capacity of 10,000 square metres. Further expansion of the facilities is under discussion with a commissioning program planned for January 2014.

Ronnie Knowles

Ronnie Knowles

Ronnie Knowles, GAC’s Abu Dhabi Managing Director, explained how the IGW course has been an important part of the early stages of the project.

“IGW has given our staff not only an induction to GAC but also to Abu Dhabi Terminals, a key customer in NSGAC’s future business plans. Through IGW we will be able to train all 65 of our staff (of whom 70% are new GAC employees) in the business and the products we are working with, GAC’s culture and management philosophies, and the key personnel within the companies.”

Abu Dhabi Terminals, like GAC, have a strong culture of learning and development, and continual education of the NSGAC staff is part of the contractual requirements moving forward.

“We have already seen that through IGW our staff are better able to understand their role with GAC, who Abu Dhabi Terminals are, and understand the business requirements of the end user” says Ronnie. “This is important for all staff to understand to ensure the business is a success.”


Course Feature: New Courses for Q2

GCA has two new courses ready to launch in Q2, GAC TIME (GTM) and Effective Business Writing (EBW).


The GAC TIME (GTM) course aims to provide an overall understanding of the GAC TIME framework, and the culture of measurement and continuous improvement that is essential to our ongoing success as a Group.

The course focuses on the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that are in use across the GAC World, with simple and practical things that we can do to enhance all aspects of our business and sustain the culture of measurement and innovation.

Bengt Ekstrand

Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the GAC TIME initiatives in their own company, and through the course have the chance to investigate and share best practices across the GAC World.

“2013 signals the start of our new Group Strategic Plan, Vision Z – Global Performance. This focus on performance makes it more important than ever to ensure that we as a Group are united in our understanding and application of GAC TIME.

This course is aimed at everyone in the GAC Group, because fundamentally we all have a role in ensuring our success through one or more of the GAC TIME Critical Success Factors. I encourage across the board participation in this important course.”

– Bengt Ekstrand, Group President

Effective Business Writing (EBW)

The Effective Business Writing (EBW) course is developed for GAC professionals in today’s business world who want to improve their written communication skills.

With the increasing speed and volume of communication these days, it is becoming more and more important that our written communication is clear and conveys our meaning effectively. Through our emails, reports, presentations and even instant messaging, we are representing the face of GAC in everything we do, whether it is to our customers, suppliers or our colleagues.

The EBW course will cover aspects of writing like understanding the audience, common writing mistakes, online communication, emailing, powerpoint, reports and proposals.

Participants will learn both the theory as well as have the opportunity to practice a range of techniques in each module to improve their business writing skills.

Contact Sherol Fernandes at sherol.fernandes@gac.com.


Course Feature: Dry Cargo Operations

Dry Cargo Operations is a two-day workshop that has been designed by GAC Training and Service Solutions (GTSS) in conjunction with the National Maritime College of Ireland. It provides an introduction and some advanced knowledge in the key aspects of commercial, legal and practical shipping.

The course has been specifically designed to suit all managers and staff who want a clear understanding and overview of dry cargo operations and chartering.

This two-day workshop will cover topics such as contract terms, English law, Letters of Credit, Incoterms and Bills of Lading, all of which are essentials in understanding how traders operate. The course’s calculation workshops on voyage estimating and laytime will help to clarify complex theories and in the final session and delegates will learn how and why different methods of resolution are more suited to certain types of disputes that can arise.

Jeffrey Blum

Jeffrey Blum

The workshop is presented by Jeffrey Blum, an internationally recognised shipping expert with extensive experience in freight forwarding, logistics, chartering and more.

On completing the course, participants will have a better understanding of dry cargo chartering and how trade interacts with shipping.

GCA will be organizing this workshop on 19th and 20th of June 2013 in Dubai.

More details on course content is available on our website, and to enroll contact your GLO or Farhana.kausar@gac.com


Course Feature: GTSS Workshop

The GAC Training and Service Solutions (GTSS) workshop schedule has now been confirmed for 2013.

GTSS is a collaboration between The GAC Group and the National Maritime College of Ireland, bringing world-class shipping courses led by internationally recognised lecturers, to GAC.

For more information on the scheduled courses, click the links to our website or contact Farhana Kausar at farhana.kausar@gac.com

Code CourseStartFinishModeLocation
DCO1321Dry Cargo Operations19-Jun-1320-Jun-132 day workshopMEA
OTO1341Oil Tanker Operations2-Oct-133-Oct-132 day workshopMEA
LNG1341Liquefied Natural Gas Operations20-Nov-1321-Nov-132 day workshopMEA

Welcome to our NEW Website

To align with the Group’s launch of Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP) and new brand promise, GCA has upgraded its website, and introduced a new tag line – Delivering your learning strategy.

The new site incorporates a range of new features designed to improve accessibility to information, as well as an enhanced visual interface.

GCA Business Manager, Waleed Jameel says ”as the number one marketing tool for GAC’s corporate learning organisation, it is important that we reflect the ongoing evolution and professionalism of the GAC Group and closely support the theme of enhanced performance in the VZ-GP era”.

Perform with GCA


GCA Awards 2012

We love photos, so here are a few of our GCA Award winners receiving their awards around the GAC World over the last month.

Congratulations again to Jarmo Kihlstrom from GAC Qatar for his Best Participant Award (top), Doris Huang from GAC Taiwan as the Best GLO (bottom right) and Ramis Puthanpurayil from GAC Sharjah as Best Global English Participant (bottom left).

Sights and Sounds: Felicito Hernandez
Bengt Ekstrand

The GCA team is excited to welcome our new team member, Felicito Hernandez.

Felicito (“Chito” for short) comes to us from five years working as a Corporate Trainer and Management Representative in the manufacturing, retail and interior design industries in the UAE. He also worked for four years as an Information Technology Instructor in two of the largest IT colleges in the Philippines (AMA Computer College and STI College). He holds a certificate in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Masters in Information Technology.

In his spare time, Felicito is an active member of the Filipino Human Resources Practitioners’ Association-UAE, a non-profit organization in the UAE that helps to bring out the HR potential of its members and develop their competencies.

We are delighted to have Felicito in the team, and look forward to his expertise and valuable contribution to GCA operations.