eNewsletter March 2015


Sherri Garay is a Key Account Coordinator at GAC Energy & Marine Services, LLC, and as well as the New Employee Orientation courses (Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and Compliance and Ethics (CNE)), she completed the GACfreight ENSCO course (GFN), with an average grade of 99.8%

None For me, these courses are a wonderful way to promote the idea that we are all part of a large 'family' at GAC and not just individual companies who happen to be part of the same large corporation. None

Sherri believes that courses allow each employee to grasp the vastness of this company, the principles it was founded on and the services provided around the globe.

None In practical terms the courses helped me a lot. I learned how to submit a CPAR for process changes or HSSE incidents (such as the one I submitted to clean up our dangerously cluttered filing area). I also learned how information is utilized by destination offices during my GFN course, which helps me on a daily basis to better serve our destination offices. None


Daphne-rae Lee, Corporate Communications Assistant with GAC (Singapore) Pte Ltd, completed the New Employee Orientation courses in 2014 with an average grade of 97.4%. She believes that GCA courses are important to GAC as not only are new employees able to learn about the Group, but GAC veterans can also stay updated with the changes in how we do business.

None The online courses are much more fun than studying alone, as they offer interaction, games and guidance from the course. Of course they are also a great place to interact with the other GAC colleagues from all around the world! None

None Personally, Introduction to the GAC World (IGW) course has really helped me to improve my performance at work" Daphne-rae Lee pointed out. "Being completely new to the shipping and logistics industry I was quite clueless when I first joined. However, after taking the various courses, I can now understand the terms used in the industry as well as GAC's products and services. This is really helpful to me (and to other newbies I presume), as with better understanding of the company and services, I can do my job with confidence without having to spend time constantly checking and clarifying. None


Chike Ufondu, Documentation Officer at GAC Logistics (Nigeria) Limited, completed three courses in 2014 with an average grade of 92.3%; Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), Compliance and Ethics (CNE), and Profitable Customer Relationships (PCR). He believes that GCA courses provide GAC people with the skills they need to deliver quality services to our valued customers.

None The HSSE course gave me a strong foundation of GAC HSSE policies and cultures and also how to play my role as a GAC HSSE ambassador", he said. "For instance, after I completed the course, I saw an entrance door to one of the offices being held back with the aid of a heavy fire extinguisher. Thanks to the HSSE course, I was able to immediately file a report for this unsafe condition to be corrected. None

In the PCR course, Chike says he learned important skills in assessing the level of relationship with our customers and also how to innovate action plans aimed at increasing profitability.

None Applying these skills, I was able to create a customer action plan aimed at improving profitable relations with one of our major customers. None


Daniel Krogh, Procurement Coordinator for GAC Norway AS, completed four GCA courses in 2014; Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), Compliance and Ethics (CNE) and GCA Liaison Officer (GLO), with an average grade of 97.3%

None My learning from these courses has led to an ever growing competence and confidence in myself as an integral part of not only GAC Norway, but also as a part of the vast machinery that is GAC worldwide", he said. "For example, during the GLO course we were tasked with creating a Learning and Development Forecast for 2015. This coincided with the actual L&D forecast process, so not only was I able to create a basic draft for what became the actual budget, I was also encouraged to create a spreadsheet system for dividing the forecast by employees, which I then in turn got to share with the rest of the course participants. None

Daniel believes that the GCA courses are important for GAC because they are a vivid reminder that we are all part of something much bigger than the office or warehouse we work in day to day. He commented,

None I have particularly found that the courses help me to face the challenges in my job because others out there in the GAC World are also facing the same issues. None


Thamara Meneripitiya, Assistant Quality Assurance Manager with GAC Shipping Ltd. in Sri Lanka, completed the three New Employee Orientation courses in 2014, and was very positive about his experience.

None For GAC TIME, I am the team leader for CSF 3 that represents continual improvement of the QMS, HSSE and full implementation of the GAC Group compliance and ethics policies. The Compliance and Ethics (CNE) course was particularly helpful for me to understand these policies and be able to measure the compliance breaches for GAC Sri Lanka. None

None Additionally," he added "we are in the process of getting OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for one of area of the GAC Shipping in Sri Lanka and during that process it has been essential to be able to conduct risk assessment and identify control measures proactively. The Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) course has been very useful for this process. None


Saman Peiris, Operations Manager Shipping, Gulf Agency Company Qatar (W.L.L.), recently joined GAC and in 2014 he completed all three of the New Employee Orientation courses; Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and Compliance and Ethics (CNE).

None These courses made a big difference to how I do my job on a day to day basis", he said. "From IGW I am now able to talk to our Principals and customers about GAC history, our products and services and our strengths with confidence. HSSE made me more aware of safety, risks and the GAC HSSE procedures, and am able to answer questions from customers on our approach to HSSE, as well as planning my job to take into consideration the safety risks. When I now discuss GAC's Compliance and Ethics policies with our customers, they are very happy to hear that their business is in safe and honest hands None

Saman believes all new staff should complete these three courses to build their understanding of GAC and to improve their confidence as representatives of GAC globally.


Naveen Kumar, Software Engineer with GAC (Singapore) Pte Ltd. – Group IT, completed all three of the New Employee Orientation courses in 2014 with an average grade of 90.6%. Naveen strongly believes that the future of GAC's learning relies on continuous learning process, leading to continuous improvement.

None Having the option of taking online courses and studying in our own time is critically important when we have to balance work and family commitments", he pointed out. "The courses are extremely informative and the course facilitators are very helpful and interactive. Overall I had an overwhelming experience with all of the GCA courses I attended in 2014. None

None Overall, through the courses, I learned that knowledge sharing and collaboration are the most effective way to learn anything. In this way GCA courses pave way to interacting with our co-participants/colleagues so that we get to know different perspective to the same problem which in turn increases the productivity in a collaborative manner. None


One of the important APA region priorities for Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP) was improving the competencies of middle management. As GLO, Lena Seah the Regional HR Manager from APA, coordinated an intra-regional middle management development programme at the end of 2013 that progressed throughout 2014. It was the success of this programme which led to her award as Best GLO for 2014.

None Participants were nominated from all over the region by their Company Managers and underwent a series of workshops and eLearning courses through GCA to build the competencies that were perceived as important for managers", Lena said This included Team-based Leadership, GAC TIME, Effective Business Writing, GAC Finance Essentials and the High Performing GAC Manager.

It was simply wonderful to see the managers coming together interacting, learning, and working as a team. They were very appreciative that the company had arranged for this programme.

I highly recommend a regional programme to other GLOs looking to take a more coordinated approach to learning and development in their area. None