eNewsletter October 2012

GAC Takes Silver at International Awards

GCA has received the Silver Award in the Global Learning Category at the Chief Learning Officer Learning In Practice Awards, held in Colorado Springs on September 21.

Now in its ninth year, the CLO Learning in Practice Awards program recognises industry leaders who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs.

Damien O’Donoghue, GCA General Manager, was there to receive the Silver Award for the major contribution that the GCA Liaison Officer (GLO) network has made to GAC’s Global Learning. He commented, “The CLO Awards judges were very impressed with the GLO initiative that ‘enables the enablers’ and was developed to meet the challenge of how to build more effective communities of professional practice given the size and multinational nature of GAC.”

“In particular, the GLO community has enabled GCA to bring in the right participants to its courses from the pool of more than 9000 GAC employees as well as providing a more local way of coordinating and supporting participants before, during and after the courses”, he said. “The evidence for the success of this network includes an increase in the number of course participants, a highly improved quality of support to course participants before, during and after the courses, and a well-established learning and development forecasting procedure with the GLOs in a key position.”

Damien expressed his gratitude to the GLO community, saying, “The CLO Silver Award were a significant recognition of the cohesive global community of certified GLOs who now act as the conduits of learning throughout GAC. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their continuing contribution to the success of GAC as an evolving learning organisation.”


Compliance and Ethics Scorecard

In our last newsletter we profiled the launch of the new Compliance and Ethics course, a compulsory self-paced course for everyone in the GAC World to ensure we are consistent on GAC’s compliance and ethics policies.

The Compliance and Ethics Scorecard for September (below) puts GAC Solutions at the lead with over 38% completing the course. With the President’s aim being to have all those enrolled completing CNE before Dec 31st 2012 the race is now on!

The Compliance and Ethics Scorecard—September 2012

RegionTotal EnrolledNo. of CompletionsNo. of OngoingNo. of Non-Starters% CompletedCSF5 Hours
All Regions115516522276814.29%990


GLO Corner: GLO1231 Graduates

GCA congratulates the 19 graduates from our third successful GLO course!

The course was a great opportunity to promote intelligent discussion through the forums, and there were many insightful inputs from these remarkable individuals. Most of the discussions were centred around improving current and ongoing processes and the HR strategy.

The GLO course also initiated the GLO Community which was a concept that evolved from GLO courses operated last year. The GLO Community is designed to allow all certified GLOs to interact with one another on a regular basis and share ideas and best practices including the HR strategy. The Community will also be a one-stop-shop for accessing GCA resources such as marketing material, process maps and articles to help GLOs drive learning and development in their organisations.

  • amimee DicdicanAimee Dicdican
  • Connie AshConnie Ash
    New York
  • Jieying PohJieying Poh
  • Marwan MaherMarwan Maher
  • Clara AgahClara Agah
  • Abdelbaki BouyAbdelbaki Bouy
  • Lena SeahLena Seah
  • Meriem BoussahiaMeriem Boussahia
  • Alexey SolodkiyAlexey Solodkiy
  • Rawand KaadanRawand Kaadan
  • Kawissara TanskulKawissara Tanskul
  • Reni ZahrahReni Zahrah
  • Annalie BriersAnnalie Briers
  • Esa HuotariEsa Huotari
  • Geraldine LokeGeraldine Loke
  • Farhana KausarFarhana Kausar
  • Ann SeviliaAnn Sevilia
  • Rodrigo De MarcoRodrigo De Marco
  • Doreen WrightDoreen Wright
    Trinidad and Tobago


Course Feature: Effective Presentation Skills


In October, the new Effective Presentation Skills 2-day workshop took Dubai by storm.

Called ‘GAC Idol’, the workshop works with participants to take their presentations from average to extraordinary. ‘GAC Idol’ draws a parallel between performances and presentations, bringing together memorable Idol moments and Hollywood movie clips to keep the workshop fun and engaging.

Participants start out by identifying their own presentation skills and weaknesses, then develop their skills in four main areas; understanding the audience, preparing their content, delivering confidently and controlling their environment.

The workshop culminates in the GAC Idol contest, where each participant will use what they learned over the two days to create their own great presentation and take turns in being part of the GAC Idol judging panel.

In Dubai our GAC Idols were Melwyn Crasto (Branch Manager, GAC Oman), Per Johannison (Business Manager, Shipping Services, Abu Dhabi) and Jane Timbool (Logistics Coordinator, Abu Dhabi). Congratulations!

To find out more or organise an EPS workshop in your area, contact Sherol Fernandes This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Facilitator Profile: Cosima Brand

Cosima Brand has recently joined the GCA facilitation team, and has just completed facilitating the GAC Sales Handbook course. Here she tells us a bit about herself and why she is passionate about sales, customer relationships and learning.

“I’m an Australian, but my primary residence for the past three and a half years has been Pakistan. I completed an undergraduate and Master’s degree in International Relations at Sydney University with a particular focus on the Middle East.


“Following from this I worked in a Key Account Management role for a multinational organisation, where I was responsible for maintaining customer relationships and developing business opportunities through regularly customer liaison and evaluation. This experience, alongside my International Relations interest, provided me a clear focus in sales development and customer relationship management in international business.

“I have also worked as a workshop facilitator with the Oxfam International Youth Partnership in 2007 which brought hundreds of young activists together from across the globe for learning and development activities in Sydney. This has contributed to my love of learning with people from all around the world.

“GSH was a great course to facilitate, not only because it helped me learn more about GAC, but because I got to experience the dedication and professionalism of GAC salespeople – wow, these guys were really determined to improve their sales skills, no matter if they had been on the job for 15 years, or were a new member of the GAC family like me.

“Going forward I’m really excited to be part of the GCA model of learning, where the courses relate directly to the participants’ day-to-day work so they are learning and then testing it out in practice, then discussing what happened. The kind of global classroom provided by GCA is such an asset, for both facilitators and participants, because we get to share and learn so much more than just the course curriculum.”


Jan Farnelid Retires in Style

The GCA Team celebrated Jan Farnelid’s retirement as VP HR with a small gift of appreciation to remember GCA by!


GCA Awards 2012: Nominations NOW OPEN!

The sixth annual GCA Awards are fast approaching and it is time to start nominating for these prestigious awards in the following categories:

Best Participant – Awarded to the participant whose grades and participa tion represent the best achievement towards fulfilling the learning outcomes and excelling as a GAC employee.

Best Operating Company – Presented to the GAC operating company which has demonstrated the highest level of commitment towards making GAC a learning organisation through the best overall grades and strongest participation in the GCA courses for the year.

Best GLO – For the GAC Liaison Officer who has excelled in spreading the message of the GCA courses and supporting participants in their learning.

Best Global English Achievement – Awarded to the GEP participant who has achieved the most impressive improvement in business English skills.


Jimmy Liak from Singapore receives his Best Participant in the 2011 GCA Awards.

The awards represent the best of the year’s achievements through the Corporate Academy, and are a major recognition of the GAC world’s commitment towards our learning and development objectives.

The announcement of this year’s GCA Awards winners will be made in our December newsletter, and the awards ceremony will be held at the GCA Governance Board Meeting in December.

If you have been part of, or know of a great achievement in any of the four Awards categories, please be sure to submit your nomination to the GCA team. This year it could be you!

GCA Course Prospectus 2013

Based on feedback from the field, GCA is distributing an annual Course Prospectus to all GAC personnel from 2013.

The annual prospectus is an outline of course offerings in 2013, including the delivery mode and number of hours.

The 2013 GCA Course Prospectus will be distributed early in the new year. Look out for your copy!