eNewsletter October 2013

Top Story:Learning and Development Forecasts for 2014 underway including new courses for 2014.
GAC Trinidad and Tobago:Gobind Kukreja discusses the commitment to learning for better performance
The Participants’ Perspective:Group IT professionals discuss their experience in the Team-based Leadership Workshop
Course Feature:The Mental Toughness Test launches for recruitment, performance management and more!
Introducing: Rachel Burck is GCA’s newest facilitator. Learn all about her shipping background and connection with GAC.
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2014 Learning and
Development Forecasting

It’s the annual Learning and Development (L&D) Forecasting season across the GAC World. This is the time of the year when we think about development planning of our personnel for the forthcoming year.

The forecasts from companies all around the GAC World are now reaching us, and these will be used to build the GCA course schedule for 2014, and published in the Course Prospectus.

New courses for 2014:

  • Freight Forwarding Fundamentals (FFF)
  • GAC Ship Agency (GSA)
  • GAC TIME Basics (GTB)
  • Effective GAC Manager (EGM)
  • Customer Service Excellence (CSE 2-day workshop)
  • Effective Time Management (ETM 2-day workshop)
  • Work-Life Balance (WLB 2-day workshop)
  • Certified HSSE Professional (CHP)

For GCA there are a number of reasons that we carefully plan the coming year of courses. Firstly, it helps us ensure the Group’s Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP) is being reinforced through the GCA portfolio. It also allows companies to plan their GAC TIME CSF 5 training budgets for the coming year.

Most importantly the L&D forecast gives us an indication of where learning priorities exist through identifying interest in existing as well as proposed new courses.

For 2014 we have a range of new courses joining our portfolio, and more information will be available about these in the 2014 GCA Course Prospectus.

Now is the time to start thinking about which courses fit with your own learning needs. With the Group focus on performance, it’s a great opportunity to think of how you can enhance your own personal performance and the business performance of the Group as a whole.

The 2014 GCA Course Prospectus is available from your GLO, and will be distributed through GAC Chat in the first edition of 2014. Register your interest in courses for 2014 with your GLO or line manager now.

GAC Trinidad and Tobago:“When you know better, you do better”

Gobind Kukreja, Managing Director of GAC Energy and Marine Services Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago, is a big believer in the strategic importance of learning and development.

GAC Trinidad & Tobago CNE IGW HSSE
Ayola Hercules Y Y Q4
Berhana Sooklalsingh Y Y Y
Doreen Wright Y Y Y
Duane Vincent Y Y Y
Gobind Kukreja Y Y Y
Kino Francis Y Y Y
Lisa Kawal-Mohammed Y Y Y
Nigel Jaisingh Y Y Y
Ossie Ranghill Y Y Q4
Paul Carlton Y Y Q4
Ronald Ramlakhan Y Y Y
Roshni Lodie Y Y Y

When they set up office in 2011, the intention was to hire all local staff and align them with the GAC way of doing things. With the range of courses offered by GCA, Gobind considered it the best way to provide standard training to the local staff as they joined the team.

“When the three courses CNE, IGW and HSSE became the common new employee orientation programme this year, we set ourselves a target to achieve 100% compliance before end-2013 amongst our team. It seems we will make it, with just three staff left to complete HSSE courses in Q4.”

Gobind believes the three initiation courses have produced significant outcomes for the Trinidad and Tobago team:

  • They are better informed about the Group and can easily relate to and build relationships with people across the GAC World.
  • They take pride in their CNE certificates and are much more aware of avoiding unethical situations that could jeopardise the company’s image with local and international parties.
  • HSSE training is helping them prepare for a necessary local certification with the Energy Chamber – STOW-TT (Safe to Work in T&T).

A clear sign of the importance placed on learning in the office is that the team of just 12 have enrolled in a total of 25 courses this year, including GAC TIME, GAC Finance Essentials, Effective Business Writing, Air Freight Operations and more. Three of the team have completed three courses each as well as CNE, while Berhana Sooklalsingh and Ronald Ramlakhan both scored in the top 5 of their courses.

“I have watched the interest level of my team closely” said Gobind, “and I must say the staff have definitely enjoyed doing the GCA courses. GCA has played a major role in providing knowledge to our existing staff and we hope to continue this way well into the future.”

“You are never too old to learn and I believe in knowledge as an investment that gives us the competitive edge and is something that can never be taken away. Knowledge is power.”

“GCA understands education is critical to the business. The knowledge gained from the resources and the interaction with colleagues from all over the world has provided us with a better understanding of our jobs and the role we serve at GAC.

We intend to continue rewarding ourselves with education and taking pride and interest with every course we take at GCA.”

Doreen Wright, GLO, GAC Trinidad and Tobago

Left to Right: Ayola Hercules, Ronald Ramlakhan, Lisa Kawal-Mohammed, Paul Carlton, Doreen Wright, Ossie Ranghill, Kino Francise, Berhana Sooklalsingh, Roshni Lodie, Duane Vincent & Gobind Kukreja

The Participants’ Perspective:Team-Based Leadership Workshop

Team-Based Leadership is a two-day workshop that leads participants through a process of building personal and leadership skills. The aim is for GAC people to become more connected and working more efficiently in teams in order to improve overall performance. Participants come from the workshop equipped with their own ‘leadership toolkit’ to take their teams into the future.

On the 18th and 19th September the TBL workshop was held in Dubai and facilitated by Debbie Nicol.

I found TBL a very good course that in my view almost every employee should do, regardless of whether they are a manager or not.

It helps a lot to understand yourself and also to appreciate that all the people around you have different behaviors. It helped me learn to interact with others in my team and get the most from each situation.

Facundo Mendoza, Senior Project Manager— Group IT

TBL was a thought-provoking workshop that opened my mind to the fundamentals and importance of human behaviors. We had many stimulating discussions about people, situations, managers vs. leaders, and practical assignments to better understand the essentials of building efficient teams.

Overall, the workshop helped me recognise my own behaviors from a new angle, and taught me to appreciate and embrace the differences in others. It gave me the tools and techniques to bring out the best in myself and my team.

Many thanks to Debbie Nicol and the GCA team for arranging and managing this workshop. TBL was a wonderful investment!

Bahman Kazemian, Senior Web and Integration Team Manager – Group IT

Mental Toughness and Business Performance

The internationally recognised Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48) measures how individuals respond to stressors, pressure and challenges. Used in coaching, mentoring, training and development, mental toughness can be directly related to development of positive behaviour, wellbeing and aspirations.

The questionnaire takes approximately ten minutes to complete and measures mental toughness on four scales:

Control The extent to which you feel in control of your life and emotions.
Challenge The extent to which people see challenges, variety,problems and changes as opportunities or threats.
Commitment The extent to which someone makes promises and commits to deliver what has been promised.
Confidence The extent to which people have self-belief in their abilities and the confidence to deal with setbacks.

The MTQ48 is now available through GCA and is an invaluable tool in a range of business performance areas:

  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Successional Planning
  • Employee Development
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team-working
  • Coaching

Mental Toughness

Contact Sherol Fernandes sherol.fernandes@gac.com for more information.

Introducing:Rachel Burck, GCA Facilitator

Rachel Burck

Rachel Burck has recently joined the GCA facilitator team and took time out to sit down with a cuppa and tell us her story.

The story begins when………

“I ‘fell into’ freight when I graduated from my degree in Management Science in the UK. I applied for the Maersk Graduate scheme (MISE) and was lucky enough to be successful. Throughout the training scheme, I completed Operational roles in both exports and imports for sea freight and air freight, (where I met my husband!). One of the highlights was travelling on a container ship, the Majestic Maersk, from Halifax in Canada through three US ports and into Miami which gave me a great understanding of how it all works.

I went on to work in Maersk’s European Capacity department in Copenhagen, responsible for liaising with the vessel stowage coordinators, ports and booking countries. Later I took on Customer Service Management roles in both Maersk Line and then Damco, leaving there only last year to move to Dubai with the family.

GAC is very much a part of our family as my husband works in GAC Dubai (her husband is in fact David Burck, General Manager Freight). Our three children are all regular ‘Spotters’ of the GAC logo – whether it be on trucks in Dubai, Premiership football shirts or Scottish football ground sponsors!!

GCA, learning and GAC people…

So far I have been involved in the IGW and GAC TIME courses, as well recently taking part in the facilitator’s course.

What I love about working with GCA is meeting people from all over the world and helping them to achieve their goals. The challenges can differ on each course so working with each participant to overcome these brings a real satisfaction with it.

My philosophy on learning is that ‘Every day is a school day’. There are always new things around us to learn as nothing ever stands still. To stay ahead of the game in any service industry, you need to have knowledgeable teams to support their customer, understand what he/she wants and how to deliver this.

The GCA courses cover lots of different areas which can all help achieve this aim. I’m really happy to be part of it!