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Learning and Development 2015

The Learning and Development (L&D) forecasting process is now underway with forecasts due at the end of October. The results of the forecast will be compiled into the GCA Course Schedule for 2015.

“Vision Z-Global Performance (VZ-GP) is all about Performance, and the L&D Forecasting process is an important opportunity to improve the way we perform across the Group.

With learning and development one of our key measurements through CSF5, L&D Forecasting allows us to plan, set targets, and then measure our progress towards the achievement of these targets.

It also allows us to test the interest for new courses and initiatives based on Group initiatives and interest from across the GAC World.”

Patrik Hallden, Group Vice President, Human Resources
Targeting Learning and Development for 2015

The Learning and Development (L&D) forecasting process is now underway with the final forecast submission date set for 31st October. The results of the forecast will be compiled into the GCA Course Schedule for 2015.

The L&D Forecast is a planning tool not only for GCA but for all GAC companies. By proactively identifying the learning requirements from each operating company or business entity, training plans and CSF5 targets can be developed along with participant attendance schedules. In turn, this allows GCA to develop an optimal schedule for the coming year to meet demand across the GAC World.

With targets being set according to L&D forecasts, accuracy is of the utmost importance. The accuracy of forecasting has been steadily improving over the years, thanks largely to the efforts of our GLOs.

Now is the time to start thinking about which courses fit with your own learning needs. With the Group focus on Performance, it’s a great opportunity to think of how you can enhance your own personal performance and the business performance of the Group as a whole.

The 2015 GCA Course Prospectus is available from your GLO, and course descriptions are detailed on the GAC Web site www.academy.gac.com. Please register your interest in courses for 2015 with your GLO or line manager now.

New Courses for 2015

L&D Accuracy (%)

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Ave
2013 61 77 74 77 72
2014 76 70 84 77

Vision Z-Global Performance (VZ-GP) is all about Performance, and the L&D Forecasting process is an important opportunity to improve the way we perform across the Group.

With learning and development one of our key measurements through CSF5, L&D Forecasting allows us to plan, set targets, and then measure our progress towards the achievement of these targets.

It also allows us to test the interest for new courses and initiatives based on Group initiatives and interest from across the GAC World.

Patrik Hallden, Group Vice President, Human Resources

Sherol Fernandes This year we are aiming for at least 90% accuracy in the L&D forecasts and are counting on your support to achieve this. The L&D forecast influences the GCA course schedule and all iterations are programmed to meet the demand that comes through this planning process. If an operating company is unable to meet their forecasts this greatly affects our operating capability as well – mostly resulting in cancelled courses and disappointed participants. We have been diligently measuring the accuracy of each company forecast and this will be included in our quarterly regional reports. Sherol Fernandes, Customer Relationship Manager, GCA

Putting the Spotlight on Performance

Since our Vision Z – Global Performance (VZ-GP) five year strategic plan rolled out in 2013, there has been much talk about the subject of “Performance”. But what does this really mean?

Performance can be thought about as a set of measurable processes that helps us achieve our goals. It includes:

  • Selecting goals and targets
  • Measurement against these goals, and
  • Taking action

GAC TIME is our strategic management system that helps keep our goals and targets aligned with our Critical Success Factors (CSFs). It allows us to determine “where we are today, where we want to be, and how we are going to get there”. GAC TIME promotes innovation and continuous improvement through the culture or measurement at all levels of GAC.

Additionally, the Group Employee Engagement Survey (EES) measures some of the more qualitative factors relating to our performance as a Group. What is clear from the EES over the last five years is that as a Group we have opportunity to improve in our ability to manage our people. In GAC TIME we refer to Motivated and Trained Personnel (CSF5). The common themes include performance appraisals, improved management skills, constructive feedback and rewarding contributions.

This year, GCA has been working with our strategic partners to develop two new courses designed to build upon the competencies of GAC people to better drive a positive performance culture in their teams and workplace.

The High-Performing GAC Manager (HPM)

The High-Performing GAC Manager (HPM) workshop was developed to prepare current and future GAC managers and supervisors to drive a high performance culture in their teams.

It acknowledges that the most important job of a manager is to inspire, support and drive their teams. Building strong leaders, with a strong performance-oriented approach allows us to respond quickly to changes in the business and drive sustained growth. The pilot HPM course was launched for APA in Bangkok in September, and was hailed as a great success. It was the final step in the “Improving Middle Management Competencies” programme being run in the Region.

Lena Seah, Regional HR Manager, commented that it was the perfect end to the programme. “In line with the GAC VZ-GP Strategy, this HR initiative was designed to introduce middle management throughout the region to a development programme consisting of various elements that we felt were essential to being a high-performing GAC Manager.”

Lena explained that the selected candidates from the middle management have been through a series of leadership developmental initiative over the span of a year and half. “We started with the Team-Based Leadership (TBL) in Jan 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. It was a good meet up for the middle management and doing team building was an excellent start. Thereafter, the team have participated in a number of eLearning courses together, including Effective Business Writing (EBW), GAC TIME (GTM), and GAC Finance Essentials (GFE).

We have received very good feedback about this programme. Some Company Managers mentioned even if the programme has ended, they should still continue to meet sometime and do things together!”

Lena Seah

Lena Seah, Regional HR Manager, APA

HPM is a practical approach to high performance leadership based on the GAC leadership competency framework. The framework provides a roadmap for the manager to influence, motivate and build a high performance work culture in a GAC TIME specific context.

The High-Performing GAC Manager (HPM)

HPM workshop participants in Bangkok

Managing Positive Performance (MPP)

Managing Positive Performance (MPP) is a course designed specifically for current and future managers and supervisors. It aims to enhance skills in managing people and driving a positive performance culture in line with Vision Z—Global Performance (VZ-GP).

MPP covers the essential elements of positive performance management that build upon each other:

  • Understanding jobs and our people (job analysis and job descriptions)
  • Measuring and assessing performance (performance appraisals)
  • Developing and rewarding people (development planning and rewards)
  • Leadership and coaching (leading high performance teams)

“Managing Positive Performance was developed in response to the 2013 Employee Engagement Survey. The survey outcomes showed that performance appraisals, motivation, constructive feedback, listening and coaching all represent real opportunities to better engage our people at all levels. Feedback from the EES and initial results from the MPP course tell us that there is a good opportunity to equip managers and leaders in the business with the skills to drive a positive performance culture. This course can be a catalyst for driving change in the performance management process in our business.”

Mikael Rodseth—General Manager, GAC Norway
Click here for the course information from the GCA website on HPM and MPP.
Regional HR Manager
Introducing the Next Generation of GLOs

The 2014 certification course for GAC Academy Liaison Officers (GLOs) has recently wrapped up and our next generation of GLOs are now fully certified and ready to support GCA in their local companies.

The course brought together 20 of our newest prospective GLOs from across the GAC World. Under the watchful eye of veteran GCA Facilitator Debbie Nicol, the GLOs formed a strong sense of community and had the chance to meet and interact with experienced GLOs and GCA Facilitators in the field. The testimonials speak volumes about the value of the course for setting new GLOs up in their role and forging relationships between GCA and each other.
Daniel Krogh

“The GLO course has been a great tool for a newly appointed GLO like myself. The course for me has acted as a direct manual to a lot of the issues I have been pondering simultaneously, and the discussions are relevant in answering a lot of questions other GLOs are bound to have at the same time.

To provide an example, only last week we went through the nomination process, and I discovered that not only did the others experience a lot of the same challenges, the outcome was a plethora of viable and elegant solutions. The course was well facilitated, challenging and a brilliant source of information and communication with others in the same role all around the world.”

Daniel Krogh GAC Norway

“As a new GLO, it first all seemed so huge and complicated when I was first told about the GLO post, but thanks to the GCA GLO course, I learned so much. Not only did I learn the important aspects of being a GLO, but I also learnt that I alone wasn’t facing hurdles.

The GLO course is not just about learning the responsibilities and addressing our hurdles, but most importantly about having various solutions to overcoming these problems. Thanks to GCA for the GLO course, which makes a GLO’s life so much easier than it seemed!”

Marchita Cardozo – Kuwait

Marchita Cardozo
Delivering our HSSE Strategy

The quality of the HSSE systems in every GAC office directly influences the safety of our people and the reputation of the GAC Group. It also plays an important role in tender submissions with current and future customers.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in the United Kingdom is regarded around the world as the “gold standard” for HSSE Training. GCA has teamed up with Santia Learning Solutions to deliver the prestigious IOSH Managing Safely (IMS) certification course across the GAC World. This course is designed to provide our HSSE representatives with a relevant industry certification. In addition, the course is open to managers and supervisors who wish to gain a globally recognised HSSE qualification.

“This course is an important step in implementing our Group-wide HSSE strategy” points out Constantin Draghici, Group HSSE Manager. “Our target is that all HSSE representatives who are currently not accredited, around 50 in all, will complete the course by the end of Q4. Already, 38 people have begun or completed the course, which is great news!”

Constantin added, “The IMS course will put us in a strong position to ensure that we are fully qualified to effectively implement and manage a world-class HSSE culture throughout the GAC World.”

Constantin Draghici
Hilmi Salim

“IOSH Managing Safely has shown me how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Health and Safety Function and given me a comprehensive view of the Health and Safety Function requirements on an enterprise level. The course has also thoroughly tested my gained knowledge as it examined theory as well as practical application by means of the Assessment Report submission.

I think every enterprise should be aware of the best practices for managing their daily processes safely to increase the overall standard of health and safety in the workplace.”

Hilmi Salim, Occupational Health and Safety Executive, GAC Oman

“You think you know a lot about safety until you take this course! I found the IOSH Course very challenging and informative, and I picked up on some things that I was not applying around the office. For example, I will be sure I have a rug in place in the lunch room to avoid slipping hazard from any liquid spills (water, coffee). Also making sure things are not stacked too high in the storage room where we keep small ship spares and office supplies. These are just some of the things that I took for granted and did not think anyone could get hurt.”

Patty Kurczewski, Administrator, GAC USA

Patty Kurczewski
Michael Sturesson

“I have been involved with HSSE since 1992 when we implemented in Qatar an integrated management system, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 into one system (a first I believe). When I started in Angola, I wanted to establish a similar emphasis on HSSE, and this course has convinced me that this is the way forward. I believe you can’t implement a culture by just having a meeting with the management team. All involved need to understand what you are aiming at and where you are headed. For this reason I have enrolled five of my key staff in the IOSH training course in my quest to get GAC Angola its IMS certification.”

Michael Sturesson, General Manager, GAC Angola

Click here for the course schedule and here for more course information from the GCA website.