Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP)


The first level of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP), Foundations of Leadership Performance (FLP), introduces the universal competencies of a High Performing GAC Manager, linking individual performance with the business performance outcomes. It creates a detailed understanding of jobs and people in the organisation, leading performance-driven behaviour, communication and the relationship between individual performance and financial results.

The activities of the course will introduce practical skills for harnessing signature strengths of personnel and how to best develop these to ensure a dynamic, motivated and performance-driven business environment. Participants will also have the opportunity to complete their own comprehensive leadership analysis, which will evolve throughout the course to culminate in a personalised leadership action plan.


Entry into the LDP in general, and the FLP course specifically, will be undertaken through a regional selection process. Initial recommendations will be made by Company Managers in consultation with GLOs. The Group Vice President Region will approve participation based on regional manpower priorities.