Freight Forwarding Fundamentals (FFF)

“I love freight forwarding. I love logistics. I have been in this profession for quite a while, but this course has shown that you can't possibly know it all. In an abridged way, I have been shown better ways to make my services better and more acceptable to the customers. I now have better understanding of the activities around the hub and how they affect my work.”

Seth Nnamdi Nwughala
Logistics Manager
GAC Logistics Nigeria

Freight Forwarding Fundamentals (FFF) is designed to give you an insight into the terminology, processes and stakeholders involved with the freight forwarding industry. It will show you the pieces of the jigsaw which fit together to move our customer's freight from origin to destination in an efficient, cost effective and legal way right through the transit. Participants will gain a clear understanding of how to maximise efficiency and enhance profitability in the freight forwarding business.


Freight Forwarding Fundamentals is designed for all personnel with a role in freight forwarding, directly or indirectly.

Target: Relevant GAC personnel
Job Class: All
Level: All