GAC Financial Reporting (GFR)

”The key objective of GFR is to ensure that all our Finance Managers and their teams understand the importance of the GAC Group Reporting Pack (GRP) and to achieve accurate and timely reporting.

We need to drive a positive reporting culture in line with our culture of measurement and continuous improvement. We have therefore made this course mandatory for all Finance Managers – for those new to GAC and as a refresher for existing managers.”

Mikael Leijonberg
Group Chief Financial Officer

This course is designed to ensure the GAC Group as a whole reaches new standards of accuracy and consistency in financial reporting. This course will introduce you to the GAC Group Reporting Process, the GRP, which is a standard reporting tool used by Finance Managers across all GAC companies. This course will also introduce you to all the other management reports used in GAC. You will also gain an understanding of the importance of closing reports on time.



The course is open to all GAC employees and network agent partners and is designed for all personnel who wish to increase their understanding of the GAC financial reporting process.