GAC Sales Fundamentals (GSF)

“I really enjoyed my first sales course experience. After six weeks of learning, I have now a clear picture of how a high performing salesperson must be; from the first impression till an effective customer relationship. In our high demanding industry, the most important I learnt is how to overcome difficulties and how to deal with objections. And what I realised? People and their behavior makes all the difference. We are all salespersons of GAC and if we work as team we can be truly competitive!”
Tonia Girtoviti
Marketing Assistant
GAC Shipping S.A

The GAC Sales Fundamentals (GSF) course covers the competencies required of a high performing sales person. In GAC, we believe that everyone is a salesperson, so as the foundation in our new portfolio of sales courses, GSF is designed to introduce current and future generations of GAC people to our fundamental approach to sales.

GSF takes participants through the basics of “Selling the GAC Way”, including developing and qualifying sales opportunities, understanding the customer, essential communication skills for building relationships, sales psychology and becoming an effective GAC Sales Ambassador.


This course is recommended for any new joiners to the GAC Group and employees with 0-3 years experience in sales.