GACfreight ENSCO Operations (GFN)


This GACfreight ENSCO Operations course is a self-paced course that provides a full understanding of the use of GACfreight in our business with ENSCO, the global provider of offshore drilling services to the petroleum industry.

ENSCO is a key customer for GAC and to fulfil our commitment of “Delivering your strategy” it is essential that we provide excellent service at all times. An important part of this service involves the effective use of GACfreight, the business application that supports our business dealings with ENSCO.

The course provides the background to ENSCO and the role we play in their business. It then moves onto instructional simulations and videos that cover our use of GACfreight including the handling of purchase orders, receiving goods, booking shipments, dispatching goods, managing G2G shipments, supply base operations, the use of GACtrack and generating reports.


All GAC staff who work with our key customer ENSCO are required to undertake this course to ensure a high level of applied knowledge in the use of GACfreight for their business.