GCA Achieves ISO 29990 Certification



In June 2014, GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) joined the elite group of organisations to achieve ISO 29990 certification in recognition of the learning opportunities it offers, along with the high standard of quality learning services delivered.

Only very few learning organisations currently hold ISO 29990 certification, which sets the international standard for learning services for non-formal education and training. GCA is also one of the first organisations based in the Middle East and Africa region to be accredited, and the first in the Shipping, Logistics and Marine industries.

For GCA’s internal customers, i.e. the operating companies of the GAC Group and their employees, this accreditation gives our customers the assurance that GCA is delivering international standard courses that comply with recognised quality standards for learning service providers. The benefits reach not only the participants, but all those who are impacted by GAC becoming a better learning organisation including HR managers, team managers and supervisors.

GCA received their ISO certification through the accrediting body DNV. The main objective of this International Standard is to provide a universal model for quality professional practice and performance.  It provides a common reference for learning service providers (LSPs) and their clients in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development.

This International Standard uses the term “learning services” rather than “training” in order to encourage a focus on the learner and the results of the process, and to emphasise the full range of options available for delivering learning services.

In June 2015, GAC Corporate Academy successfully passed the first Periodical Audit of GCA’s ISO 29990:2010 management system. Passing the Periodical Audit means that GCA’s management system has fulfilled specific requirements of the ISO 29990:2010 standard after an on-site assessment by the certification body. This Periodical Audit is an annual requirement, ensuring that the high standards continue and all targets are met.

Learn about ISO 29990 at http://iso.org/