GCA Liaison Officer (GLO)

"With all the support from the Management I’m positive that my role as a GLO can now be carried out very effectively which in turn will help build knowledge within our business area and at the same time promote GCA as a concrete learning platform."

Mary Fernandez,
NSGAC Abu Dhabi.
GCA Liaison Officer (GLO).

The GCA Liaison Officer (GLO) course is designed to support the GCA Liaison Officers in their role as the critical link between GCA and the rest of the GAC World.

The course will assist GLOs to gain a complete understanding of the GLO role, as well as supporting Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives in GAC Operating Companies. Participants will gain skills in L&D processes, creating awareness and supporting participants progress.


Who this course is for:

The course is open to all current GLOs and future prospects across the GAC World.

Target: Current and prospective GLOs