Patrik Halldén

"Our people are the foundation of our business. We need to ensure that all GAC people experience the GAC Spirit from the outset of their employment, building a strong foundation of doing business, making money and having fun. Our New Employee Orientation (NEO) programme is designed to lay the foundation for a successful future in the GAC World.”
Patrik Halldén
Group Vice President – Human Resources
Patrik Halldén
Patrik Halldén
Group Vice President Human Resource, General Manager – GAC Corporate Academy (Acting)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Coach Companion of Scandinavia AB, Diploma in Coaching, (2012)
London School of Business, Strategic Human Resource Management Programme (2012)
IHM Business School, Marketing Economist (1992)
Phone: +971 4 881 1411
Mobile: +971 56 216 6154
Nationality: Swedish





Administrative Responsibilities:

Chairman – GCA Governance Board

Professional Interests:

Strategic Human Resource Management, Corporate Strategy, Learning and Development, Coaching, Commercial Strategy and Development and Quality and HSSE concepts.


Patrik Halldén was appointed Group Vice President, Human Resources in September 2012. He is well known and highly experienced in the GAC Group, with extensive company manager experience in GAC Operating Companies across the Middle East Region, including GAC Kuwait and GAC Oman.

Patrik is responsible for strategic human resource management (HR) policy and practice across the GAC World, and consults extensively with GAC Group Management in formulating strategies to ensure current and future generations of GAC people embrace the GAC Spirit and support the performance goals of the business.

Patrik oversees the annual Employee Engagement Survey which provides deep insights into alignment of the GAC Group strategies, of which the latest one is “Delta 21”. 

As the Chairman of the GCA Governance Board, Patrik ensures that the corporate learning organisation is aligned to the current and future priorities of the GAC Group, and that GCA is a vehicle for ongoing development and innovation across the GAC World.  GCA must constantly strive to provide e-learning par excellance through innovative learning methods.