Vision, Mission and Values


The vision of GCA is to be a world-class corporate learning organisation that enables and executes the priorities of the GAC Group.


GCA is the corporate learning organisation of the GAC Group.   It exists to deliver specialised, competency based learning using leading-edge technology and evolved learning processes through a GAC-specific context.  GCA inspires and facilitates global performance in GAC stakeholders across the Group, in alignment with our corporate culture – the GAC Spirit.


The Values of GCA are to:

  1. Embody GAC Spirit through learning and engagement with all GAC stakeholders.
  2. Promote continuous learning and professional development.
  3. Translate tacit knowledge through quality research with business experts.
  4. Promote knowledge transfer to current and future generations of GAC people.
  5. Connect GAC people across the Group through learning communities that facilitate knowledge sharing.
  6. Ensure current and future GAC people understand and embrace the Group's values and business objectives.
  7. Support on-going evolution of Human Resource strategy throughout the GAC World.