Global English Programme (GEP)

It is fantastic to hear that GCA is offering the Global English Programme (GEP) again. It perfectly portrays how effective GCA aims to level up the communication standards in our group. I very much recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their English language skills.”

Rodrigo De Marco
Managing Director
GAC Brazil

The ability to communicate competently in the global business language of English is essential for GAC to work in a unified way across its many sectors. The Global English Programme (GEP) aims to improve the ability of individuals from a non-English speaking background to communicate effectively across borders and cross-cultural teams, using English in a business context. The focus is on practical business English and introducing learners, from beginners to advanced, to common business language that they will use in their daily professional interactions.


GEP is designed for all GAC employees wishing to gain better all-round English communication skills.