Introduction to the GAC World (IGW)

“New employees are lucky to have the opportunity to complete the IGW course, as it quickly gives you a feeling that you are part of the GAC family. Meeting colleagues from all over the world, reading the history pages, learning the essence of GAC Spirit – all this contributes to a deeper understanding of the Company and its people.”

Elena Timofeeva
Project Manager
GAC Shipping and Logistics – Russia

This Introduction to the GAC World course is aimed at increasing your understanding of the GAC Group.

Through the course, you will gain insight into the history and future of GAC, the DNA that goes into making GAC what it is today, the code of practice we operate by, and what it means to be a citizen of the GAC Group.

Whether you're new to the GAC World or a GAC veteran, IGW is designed to introduce you to everything you need to establish yourself as an important member of the GAC community.




This course is for all new and existing employees within the GAC Group.

Target: All GAC personnel
Job Class: All
Level: All