Key Account Management (KAM)

“I knew a lot about Key Account Manager due to my former roles, but I must admit that the GAC Key Account Management course has brought this knowledge to another level. It became very clear that the perception of Key Account Management within GAC is significantly deeper. I can state without a shadow of doubt that this course was very helpful in order to improve my Key Account Management capabilities.”
Elias Mandas
Sales Manager Automotive
GAC Regional Office Europe

At GAC, Key Account Management (KAM) represents a strategic approach to building long-term partnerships with our most valued customers. It provides the opportunity to work with these customers at a local, regional and global level, presenting GAC as a fully integrated one-stop-shop for shipping, logistics and marine services.

The KAM course has been developed to introduce Key Account Managers and others involved with our key accounts to the foundations of Key Account Management in GAC; the KAM Charter, KAM Handbook and KAM Plan. The course will provide you with the opportunity to apply the KAM Plan's strategic planning process to your own key accounts and eventually present this to your line manager and other stakeholders in the final module.




This course is designed for current and future personnel who are designated as Key Account Managers.  This may include personnel from management, sales, customer service and operational job classes, or any GAC personnel that have a key role with major customer.

Key Account Management is the advanced level of GAC’s Commercial portfolio.  It complements the following core sales-focused prerequisite courses: