Leading High Performance Teams (HPT)



The majority of business activity across the GAC World is conducted in teams. However, there is a significant difference in productivity between an average team and a high performing team. Developing and sustaining high performance teams is a specialised management competency. This second level of the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) covers essential aspects of team leadership and performance.

Leading High Performance Teams (HPT) builds upon the universal competencies of a High Performing GAC Manager introduced in Level 1, establishing the strategic priority for effective team management with practical tools for improving the performance of business teams.

This course will also cover the critical aspects of commercial acumen required to ensure profitable and sustainable business. It culminates in the competencies required to lead the process of business strategy within the GAC context.



Completion of the first level of LDP, Foundations for Leadership Performance (FLP), is a prerequisite for enrolment in this course. Recommendations will be made by Company Managers in consultation with GLOs based on the results of the FLP course. The Group Vice President Region will approve participation based on regional manpower priorities.