LinkedIn for Sales (LFS)

“I was already familiar with LinkedIn and its functions, so I did come into the course with negative preconceived ideas – that were all proved wrong. I not only learnt how to maximize my LinkedIn profile and account, but I also gained much more confidence to publish articles and interact within the LinkedIn networks. I am positive that the course has enabled me to utilize all of the LinkedIn functions more effectively and I would recommend the course to my colleagues. It will open their minds to the full benefits of the networking tool, and they will value the learning and advice.”
Simon Doran
Managing Director, GAC EnvironHull Limited

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, and people involved in sales and commercial activities are increasingly using it as a source of new leads, industry connections and ultimately driving sales revenue. Using LinkedIn as part of your approach to sales will help you research contacts, make connections and develop deeper relationships.

This self-paced course will take participants through the process of developing a profile that stands out, building strong and effective contact networks, and engaging with the LinkedIn community for maximum business advantage.


This self-paced course is recommended for all GAC employees involved in sales.  It will benefit anyone in GAC with an ambition to improve their own LinkedIn Profile and their networking ability within this business-orientated social networking service.