New Employee Orientation

“The intention of the GAC NEO initiative is to ensure new joiners quickly embrace the GAC culture and the approach of continuous learning as an important part of doing business. It reinforces the GAC Spirit and GAC-to-GAC (G2G) philosophy, as well as the importance of attitude and competency in line with Vision Z – Global Performance.”

Patrik Hallden,
Group Vice President,
Human Resources.

GAC New Employee Orientation or GAC NEO is the Group's initiative to induct all new employees across the GAC World with a common universal foundation and understanding of the business.
GAC New Employee Orientation courses include the four-week Introduction to the GAC World (IGW) and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) courses, as well as the self-paced Compliance and Ethics (CNE) course.
These courses are compulsory for all new joiners to ensure they are equipped with the foundation knowledge to support their new role. At the same time GAC NEO allows the operating company to gauge the competency and attitude of new joiners. By looking at the performance of the individual in their foundation learning, line managers and GLOs can assess the potential of the employee in terms of their attitude and willingness to thrive in the GAC World.

CodeCourse Name
IGWIntroduction to the GAC World
HSSEHealth, Safety, Security and Environment
CNECompliance and Ethics
ISEInternet Security
CGWCommunication in the GAC World