eNewsletter December 2009

Dec 2009

Message from the GM: Wrapping up one successful year and opening up a new one of possibilities

Why SAO? Lars Heisselberg on why GAC needs Shipping Agency Operations

Sam on GACSaM: Sam Meharg on how GACSaM gives GAC an edge

GCA 2010: A sneak peek at the exciting lineup for 2010

GEP 2010: The Global English Programme is set to break ground in Q1 of 2010

Damien O'Donoghue

Message from the GM

Just as we are wrapping up the successes of 2009, we are opening up the exciting possibility of 2010. The support we’ve received from you, the GAC World, has been phenomenal, and more and more GAC People are getting involved in training and development.

Our portfolio of participants is getting more diverse every year, and our progress in the field of Business Area courses designed by GAC, for GAC, means that we are creating effective learning experiences and sharing services knowledge across the GAC World.

This year, we enabled G2G and integrated solutions through the discussion forums in the Business Area courses, and for next year, we will be evolving to Business Area Operational courses.

There are exciting new developments coming to GCA, and we look forward to your continued support and partnership on the road to development in 2010.


Best Regards,
Damien O’Donoghue,
GM, GAC Corporate Academy

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And the winners of the 2009 GCA Annual Awards are...

The Middle East, for

Best Region.

Mavis Tan, Admin and HR Manager, GAC Singapore,

Best GLO.

Graham Wright, Test Administrator, GAC Singapore,

Best Participant.

GAC Singapore, Best Company, whose dedication

garnered this award for them in 2007 as well.



Introduction to GAC the World (IGW), our flagship course, has been updated and evolved for release in the New Year. All topics have been updated, and relevant information such as the new global organization, is given in-depth coverage.

New topics on HSSE, Ethics, the Environmental Award, Vision Y Global Values and GAC Time have also been introduced.

IGW is the entry level course for new joiners to the GAC World, and a prerequisite to further GCA courses. To learn more about IGW and GAC Corporate Academy, please talk to your in-company liaison officer.


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Lars Heisselberg: Why does GAC need SAO?
Lars Heisselberg

" Shipping Agency Operations (SAO) has been designed by GAC’s own experts in order to develop a customer focused and integrated shipping community, and to promote GAC-to-GAC (G2G) business today and in the future..."

As we grow, it is vital that everyone understands and embraces "The GAC Way" of doing business. Wherever you go, GAC is known for its professional reputation. That’s why it is so important that all GAC people fully understand our business, and our approach to it. We are constantly seeking new and smarter ways to serve our customers, and one of these ways is through SAO or the GCA course Shipping Agency Operations.

SAO is designed to impart a detailed understanding of the Shipping Agency Value Chain, as well as the common language and processes our customers demand from us. It will give you an insight into the importance of our business application – GAC Agent – and why accurate management information is critical to both us and our clients.


Lars Heisselberg,
Group Vice President,
The Americas

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Sam Meharg: How GACSaM gives GAC an edge
Samuel Meharg

Samuel Meharg is a Boarding Agent in New Orleans with GAC-RUR, and an experienced graduate of Personal & Professional Development, Introduction to GAC World, and GAC Shipping Business.

Sam shares his insights on GACSaM, a powerful tool available to the GAC world than many of his colleagues may not be aware of.

I was introduced to GACSaM during my GAC Shipping Business course, in which one of the weekly modules was devoted to business intelligence and the introduction and discussion of GACSaM. Group Sales Director Neil Godfrey was our module host.

Global English Programme to launch Q1 2010

The Global English Programme, or GEP, is a new opportunity being offered to the GAC World by the GAC Corporate Academy. GEP aims to reach out to GAC personnel all over the globe aspiring to significantly enhance their abilities in written and spoken English, as well as comprehension and use of English as the common international business language in our organisation.

The GCA Global English Programme is a highly engaging, personalised, online learning experience that can develop business English communication skills. GEP is appropriate for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and develops the critical skills employees need to communicate confidently and effectively in English. Strong English skills are important for global business, and while building their overall English proficiency, GAC employees also need to be prepared for key work situations that require English.

In alignment with GAC's strategy, GEP also aims to open the lines of communication and relationship-building between all GAC operating companies and enhance Client business relations.

From the Learning & Development Forecasts received in the past few months from companies planning their Training Year 2010, we see a huge demand for this Programme.

The first Global English Programme will be launched in the first Quarter of 2010.

Essentially, GACSaM it is a database including customer profiles, archives, and port call statistics regarding commodities and Vessel operations. In particular, GACSaM contains a journal section where business intelligence on current and potential customers can be reported and shared. GACSaM On-Line is the web interface and has an in-built report generator, which allows the user to configure statistical and MIS reports in a variety of ways, and assist in the analysis of our business.

Primarily, GACSaM is utilized by the Shipping Marketing Team, however during our course there was a lot of discussion about making it available to the operations departments of the Shipping, Logistics and Marine divisions of company. This point was also brought up during recent visits to New Orleans by the President of GAC Shipping USA, Bob Bandos, and Group Vice President Lars Heisselberg.

How does this give GAC an edge? GACSaM allows for business intelligence data to become readily available to those on the Shipping Marketing Team in order to engage customers in the most effective manner, which will eventually result in more revenue opportunities.

Are most people aware of GACSaM and how to use it? For those of us on the “front line” of the shipping operations I would have to say no, but I believe that will change as we approach the New Year. Often, in the process of working with Vessels owners, operators or charterers, we form new contacts and gain insight into other company’s operations, and GACSaM will allow us to pass this intelligence on more efficiently.

I would recommend to my colleagues to become more comfortable utilizing GACSaM and interacting with our marketing groups with regard to current and prospective customers. Through our course I got to meet some of our Marketing Managers, Shashi Nair, and Nikos Marmatsouris. These gentlemen along with their counterparts in other markets are very open to suggestions and appreciate everyone’s feedback regarding customer service.

GACSaM can be accessed at http://www.gacsam.com. Full help is available under the main help menu. Also the GACSaM team can be contacted via email at gacsam_team.dubai@gac.com .







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Sneak Peek: The GCA 2010 Lineup

GCA develops its course portfolio based on demand from the field and input from specialists in the field. The following line-up is what we're anticipating - but may change subject to actual demand and operational capacity.


Introduction To The GAC World (IGW)

IGW is the flagship course of GCA, and will provide a wealth of highly valuable information regarding the history, ethics, spirit, HSSE and corporate culture, which will make a difference to your career with GAC.

IGW For Marine (I4M)

IGW For Marine is a course being designed for marine crew personnel in the GAC World who spend a majority of their time on their ships. By request from Group VP Region, GCA is bringing a contextualised learning experience to crew at work. The course will cover all the IGW topics (History, Ethics, HSSE, GAC Spirit) with a special focus on their immersion in the real-time learning experience of GAC Marine crew.



Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE)

Communicating, promoting and complying with the GAC HSSE policy is every employee’s responsibility regardless of rank or location. As a course participant you will enhance your knowledge on GAC’s views, policies and build awareness throughout your organization including areas for improvement and also to be able to promote the importance of HSSE to both clients and suppliers.



IT in the GAC World (ITG)

The course is wide-ranging and covers GAC-specific content such as our IT systems, policies and security, our business and communication applications, our office automation systems and the roles and responsibilities for IT in GAC, including the provision of support and training.




The GAC Logistics Business (GLB)

This course equips participants with the knowledge, skills and tools required for a successful logistics career in the GAC World. This course covers the range of GAC-specific logistics products that have been developed and also how they are deployed throughout the GAC World to provide integrated solutions for current and future clients.


The GAC Shipping Business (GSB)

This course equips participants with the knowledge, skills and tools required for a successful shipping career in the GAC World. This course covers the GAC Group’s Shipping Organisation structure , the Global Shipping Business, Products and Services of the GAC Shipping Business, and use of Support Infrastructure. A key theme of the course is importance of business intelligence.



GAC Freight Operations (GFO)

This course covers the fundamentals of the freight forwarding and logistics business, including key terminology, GAC business applications and the business environment.




Shipping Agency Operations (SAO)

Is designed to develop a customer focused and integrated shipping community to promote GAC-to-GAC (G2G) business today and in the future. It promotes a detailed understanding of the operational environment of the GAC Shipping business – and most importantly "the GAC Way" – how and why we do the things that we do.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The key to this long-term retention of customers is excellent CRM. This course gives you tools and techniques to achieve financial and relation based achievements with your customers.


GAC Financial Processes (GFP)

This course covers the key GAC Time processes, Dolphin functionalities and terminology that leads to effective financial processes, and general accounting information and basic rules to increase understanding of why things are done.


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