eNewsletter April 2009

April 2009

Mark Delaney Joins the GCA Governance Board: Currently the GM of GAC Abu Dhabi, Mark has been appointed to the GCA Governance Board.

Course Feature – Shipping Agent Operations joins the GCA lineup to develop a customer focused and integrated shipping community to promote GAC-to-GAC (G2G) business today and in the future.

Excerpt from GAC Spirit at Work: "...In some respects GAC is a pretty unique company. I work in the head office and meet many of the top managers in the group every day."
-Thomas Bjorklund


Ty Harris Ty Harris: LGW clarifies the services we provide and encourages ideas to develop existing and new services. It has made a difference in that it highlights business opportunities both within and outside of the GAC Group. As a Group, we have the knowledge and the experience to succeed. It is about bringing the different sectors of the business together to work as one to score many goals. Everyday we encounter opportunities and GAC is about grasping these opportunities and turning them into success stories.

People are different with different views, but putting everyone together with open dialog generates energy. A business with no barriers can accomplish great things and I believe the G2G global community can push the boundaries for a better, more profitable business. Fellow logisticians can exchange information, gain knowledge and focus on providing the first class services we are here to provide. A can-do attitude makes things happen and the benefits gained from G2G inter-business relations pay dividends, lower costs – higher profits.

Sharing business intelligence allows many to accomplish great things on a big scale. It is a powerful aspect of our business and hence, for me, has a very high value. Everyone knows information is power, and sharing it makes us powerful.

Mark Delaney


Mark Delaney Joins GCA Governance Board

GAC Corporate Academy has the honor of announcing that Mark Delaney, currently the GM of GAC Abu Dhabi, has been appointed to the GCA Governance Board. Mark's extensive operational experience in a diverse range of appointments across the GAC World make him ideally suited to providing strategic guidance on the academy’s strategic objectives.

A graduate of the Copenhagen Business School, Mark began his GAC career with GAC Marine in 1993. His experience in the GAC World has taken him through Kuwait and Dubai, and he has been serving as the GM in GAC Abu Dhabi since 2006.

"I hope to bring insight and feedback from that side of GAC," says Mark regarding his areas of focus regarding GCA. "- to contribute to GCA becoming an acknowledged training organization in our industry."

GCA extends its warmest welcome and looks forward to the honor of Mark Delaney’s expert guidance.

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As an example, the LGW course established that Oman possibly has a lot of warehousing opportunity. If it was possible to bring the warehousing opportunities Syamkumar Kulangara sees in the Oil & Gas industry and align it with the warehousing opportunities Achuthan Sasidharan (GAC DXB) mentioned were in Oman, perhaps something could happen! If you include the assistance of GAC Energy, GAC DXB’s warehousing experience and some GAC Spirit, we have the solutions and may only need to align everything together. Of course, we would need to investigate and plan, etc, but with a can-do attitude we can accomplish things.

LGW inspires and encourages individuals to understand the current business and to take the knowledge forward, to think of new ideas and try to develop the business. I think the course gives GAC the ammunition and we have to go out there and use it. With proactive attitudes, vision and action, the knowledge and concepts gained from the course will improve our bottom line profits.

Thanks & Regards,

Ty Harris
Air Export Clerk
GAC Logistics (UK) Ltd – Heathrow

Ty Harris

Ajeet Singh: LGW has broadened my horizon of understanding the business that we do in GAC. Since we are associated with GAC Energy, I have realized that we can try to plug in GML and GPL to our operations by doing a little more than what we are doing at the moment.

I would like to draw your attention to Mr. Lars Safverstrom's editorial in one of the editions of GAC Chat, where he gave the example of a salesman who just sold the nice suit to a customer that the customer wanted. Nothing wrong in it. He did his job. But he could have made an attempt to sell him a shirt, a pair of socks, a pair of cuff-links, a tie, etc just by asking if the customer wanted them.

LGW opens your eyes to various services that we provide and certainly puts us in a better position to sell ourselves as a one-stop shop.

Even though we exist globally, not everybody is aware what a difference we can make when we combine together. With that in view I feel G2G is a unique concept, which not only brings various GAC offices across the world together, it also builds a strong relationship among the colleagues, which will boost the confidence level and assist in a big way to explore and increase business on a broader and longer platform. Of course, wherever you go.

Ajeet Singh

I feel it is of utmost importance for all of us to share business intelligence with each other. We must pass the relevant information to our other offices where the business is about to take place and we are aware of it. Any small information can lead to a big business.

I have written this before and I repeat that I admire what Mr. Erwin Coelho, Business Manager, GAC Bahrain believes in. According to him, "In every lead there is an opportunity and in every opportunity there is a lead." I fully agree with him.

People work in various departments in GAC and I am sure many of them are not aware of our full potential and the diversified operations that we are involved in. For example a person looking after air-import/export cargo business may not be aware of the activities of GPL or GAC Energy etc. Therefore once they are enrolled in a course like LGW their horizons will not only broaden, they can also start thinking out of the box to smell more business and pass on the lead or vital information to the people in relevant departments to follow up.

The rules for work are changing. We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just by how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other. LGW is one such platform which will propel candidates to a new world of opportunities.

Kind regards,

Ajeet Singh
Yard Manager - Offshore Logistics Support Services
GAC, Kakinada

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Course Feature: Shipping Agent Operations (SAO)

GAC is a leading shipping organisation offering global port and hub agency services. In addition to ship’s agency, GAC offers a range of other services such as Bunker Supplies, Ship-to-Ship Transfers, Transit and Ship Supply Services. At the centre of all this activity, is the Shipping Agent.

Shipping Agent Operations (SAO) is an eight week interactive eLearning course designed to develop a customer focused and integrated shipping community to promote GAC-to-GAC (G2G) business today and in the future.

Who this course is for:

The target audience for this course is not just current and future GAC Shipping personnel, it is also GAC employees interested in benefiting from a greater understanding on the GAC Shipping Business, from any region or sector, including our partners across the globe.

What this course covers:

By the end of this course, SAO participants will have a detailed understanding of the operational environment of the GAC Shipping business – and most importantly “the GAC Way” – how and why we do the things that we do.

Course topics will cover the stakeholders in the GAC Shipping world, shipping agency terminology, core business processes and documentation, technology and the role of the GAC Shipping Ambassador. Customer focus, and results-driven processes are the theme of this course, and participants will meet and interact with others within and across the GAC Shipping World.

SAO will also enable increased awareness of the role of internal and external stakeholders in the shipping value chain - and the relationships to the GAC Shipping Organisation.

Alignment of GAC terminology and technology will also be a core focus of the SAO course, and participants will be given the knowledge and tools to communicate with aligned international business language expectations. The use of common internal GAC shipping process language and supporting resources drives integration and alignment throughout the GAC Shipping Business globally.

These outcomes of the SAO course go beyond building a global team of GAC Shipping ambassadors – setting the standard for GAC to be the best in the industries we serve across the GAC World

How this course will be taught:

SAO runs for eight weeks and is delivered via our state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System.

The course is open to all GAC employees. For further information, please contact Rehan NaeemThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Business Development Manager - GAC Corporate Academy.

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Excerpt from GAC Spirit at Work: Full eBook available here
Thomas Bjorklund

In some respects GAC is a pretty unique company. I work in the head office and meet many of the top managers in the group every day.

I was struck very early on by how friendly and down to earth everyone was. I got the feeling that I as a person was important to the company. Bjorn Engblom himself told me that he knew my position had a long start-up period and everyone welcomed any questions I might have.

I know people working in some other companies who almost feel as "machines". They get the feeling that the profit they generate is the only thing that counts. I cannot imagine that anyone in GAC would have that feeling. Even if the profit is very important, I am convinced that by making people feel like valued persons and giving employees a feeling of trust everyone becomes more productive and a lot more loyal to the company.

If I take myself as an example, at periods I work a lot of overtime. I also often log in from home to read my E-mails. But I seldom reflect over that it is overtime. I suppose I like to do it because I feel that the company is loyal to me. Then it becomes very natural to be loyal back. Every person wants to contribute to his own family. Not many people enjoy contributing to someone who gives nothing back. That is why the family feeling is important and I really felt like I was being welcomed into a family when I joined GAC. This is the GAC spirit to me.

Free eBook

-Thomas Bjorklund
Manager Financial Processes
GAC Head Office
Dubai, UAE

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