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GCA Courses: What’s In It For Me? Part 1

These days, the pressures on our time are enormous. As a result, before starting any course with GCA, it is essential that participants understand what’s in it for them, or what they will take away from the course to help them in their job. In this article we will feature the thoughts of just some of our participants, talking about “What’s in it for me?” in the courses.

Adding Value

The value in GCA courses comes from the fact that the courses are designed by GAC subject matter experts to be aligned with VY-GV objectives, and are run by GCA to meet the local need.

Wilfred NazarethLearning should be continuous, regular and conscious effort. Over five years, GCA has been continuing to add courses which are adding value to individuals personally and professionally in meeting company objectives.

Wilfred Nazareth,
Customer Service Manager, Freight,
GAC Dubai
Deniel JenkinsTailor-made courses, like tailor-made suits, fit best! GCA courses cut the unnecessary clutter that generic external courses often have thereby increasing effectiveness and shortening learning times.

Daniel Jenkins,
Assistant Manager IT,
GAC Oman

GAC as a Learning Organisation

Because GCA courses involve sharing the real experiences of GAC people all over the world, the learning never stops. GCA courses help to build GAC into learning organisation where knowledge, experiences and learning are constantly shared even though we work in different offices all over the world.

Abdussamed KoyappathodiAfter my IGW course, I find I am explaining our history to my colleagues and customers so that they understand that we have good network and strong team as well.

Abdussamed Koyappathodi,
Customer & Cargo Services Coordinator,
GAC Saudi Arabia
Pramod KumarThis course has provided me with a considerable amount of extra information about GAC’s core businesses, variety of services and strengths. Now I feel that I have much more to offer to my customers when I approach them to explore new business options.

Pramod Kumar,
Customer Service Manager, 3PL,
GAC Dubai

Part 2 of this article will appear in our June e-Newsletter.



Group IT Learns with GCA

Mattias SundstromThis month we spoke with Mattias Sundstrom, GAC Group IT Director, about the importance of learning and development in the IT department and role of GAC Corporate Academy in achieving its learning outcomes.

“The Information Technology field is an integral part of the knowledge-based ‘new economy’ and with this focus on knowledge it means that IT people are committed to undertake lifelong learning. Past are the days where you could prepare for your entire career in the beginning of your life and in the IT field we spend probably more time than any other discipline on learning.”

He further elaborated on this, pointing out that although IT staff need to spend a lot of time learning their own subject, “We also need to learn other fields such as finance, operations and more in order to understand the needs and provide solutions. Group IT is involved in many GCA courses such as Introduction to the GAC World (IGW), Air Freight Operations (AFO), Ocean Freight Operations (OFO), Shipping Agency Operations (SAO), GAC Financial Essentials (GFE) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These courses provide us with a common terminology and a basic understanding for other functions from which we can continue and learn.”

“Group IT is committed to every team member taking part in at least one GCA course over the year”, Sundstrom said, and this clearly demonstrates Group IT’s high level of ongoing commitment to GCA’s learning programs.


Course Feature

Ocean Freight Operations

Mattias SundstromOcean Freight Operations (OFO) is a new course from GCA, designed to give an understanding of the ocean freight forwarding business within the GAC World. The course introduces a commercial focus to our ocean freight business, building operations that contribute to our bottom line. By operating in a smart and efficient way using techniques like consolidation, profitable outcomes can be achieved.

“This course serves as a good foundation to new entrants in Ocean Freight Operations and serves as a refresher to those already experienced. Most of us in the industry learnt it the hard way but this course is a much better way to prevent this “learning by mistakes” technique and equips personnel with essential start-up knowledge. OFO will open doors to future development of a person into this field.” Vincent Dsouza, Regional Freight Sales Manager, Middle East

“This course is perfect for anyone new or in ocean freight who wants a good understanding of the way GAC handles sea freight shipments.”Richard Mallen, General Manager (Liner), Nigeria

Building communities

Helena Cuenat is the facilitator of OFO and discussed with us the important outcomes from the course:

“In GAC’s ocean freight business there are people in our offices all over the world working with essentially the same customers and markets. This OFO course has built strong communities through linking colleagues who have previously only met through email. By sharing their stories and experiences in the course context, it has benefitted all participants.

What this course covers:

  • Terminology & Equipment in OFO
  • Service Providers and GAC Service
  • Documentation and Application
  • Basic Ocean Freight Process
  • Consolidation
  • Specialized Ocean Freight Business

“Another one of the positive outcomes of the OFO course is the fact that the participants are being exposed to other markets and services that they have not experienced before, giving them a greater overall knowledge of the product. 

“In the OFO course we are focussing on the operational, but highlighting the commercial aspects of decision making from a customer service and a financial perspective. This means we can differentiate between a company-focused business and a customer-focused business.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the OFO course, contact Sherol Fernandes at sherol.fernandes@gac.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Oil Tanker Operations in Port (OTAO)

“Being the local partner of choice for our customers, we also have to be the experts on local requirements. To ensure we always improve to meet and exceed the ever developing Global requirements, it is essential to embrace the learning opportunities, especially related to safety, security and efficiency issues involved in oil industry. The OTO is a foundation and should be part of every staff member’s individual learning plan.”

Joachim Holst, Business Process Manager Shipping, GAC HQ

Oil Tanker Operations in Port (OTAO) is a new course being run byGAC Logo GCA in partnership with GAC Training and Services Solutions Ltd (GTSS). A two-day workshop, it covers a comprehensive view of the latest safety, security, efficiency and environmental measures as it relates to the shipping agency business in the oil industry.

What this course covers:

  • Oil distribution
  • Safety & security
  • Ship/shore interface
  • Associated operations
  • Mooring & oil jetty layouts
  • Pre-docking procedures
  • Measurements & calculations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Record keeping , Letters of Protest

If you are interested in finding out more about this workshop, contact Sherol Fernandes at GCA at sherol.fernandes@gac.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Upcoming GCA Workshops

Team-Building Leadership >>
UPS Qatar
GAC Qatar
2nd May
3rd, 4th May
Leading Corporate Future >> Nigeria 14th , 15th May
Team-Building Leadership >> Ghana 17th, 8th May
Customer Relationship Management >> Singapore 17th, 18th May

Team Building Leadership (TBL) is all about building effective teams for successful business outcomes. It is a two-day workshop that takes participants through a process of learning about leadership in teams, how teams work, how to make them more connected and how to assess how well they are performing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also case study-based two-day workshop that covers the tools and techniques required to build excellent relationships with both current and future customers. This includes identifying small customers that have the potential to grow, and also increasing customer loyalty that leads to long term customers and increased profitability.

Leading the Corporate Future (LCF) aims to provide a discovery experience and work through “what is” and “what can be” of the changing business landscape. It builds skills in how to take a proactive approach to creating the future, rather than reacting to an imposed one.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these workshops, contact Sherol Fernandes at GCA at sherol.fernandes@gac.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sights and Sounds

Winner of the First GCA Newsletter Survey Prize!

Feroz AbdullahOur first ever newsletter survey in February was a great success and we are pleased to announce that the winner of the $100 Amazon gift voucher was FEROZ ABDULLAH, C&F Coordinator from GAC Abu Dhabi. Congratulations to Feroz!

In his response he said;

“The best course I have completed with GCA is IGW because gives a clear understanding about my company’s activities and business. In the future I would like to see courses in the handling of dangerous goods, and the transportation of oversize and heavy lift cargoes by land.”

We learned a lot from all of your survey responses, and a summary has been compiled and passed on to management to highlight where you see the value of GCA courses, the best courses, and ideas for the future.

Check out our new survey (we will be running one every edition this year) and make sure you have your say on GCA to be in the running to win another gift voucher!

Have your say on GCA – and win!

This month we are running the second in our series of GCA surveys with a great prize for one lucky respondent!

The link below leads to a very short survey about GCA courses, and simply by submitting your response, you could win a $100 voucher from Amazon.com.

The survey will close at midnight on 15 May 2012.

The winner will be randomly selected from those who complete all the questions of the survey, so share your thoughts on GCA, and be in the running for this great prize!

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