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May 2009

ITG Upgrade ready for release for Q3 - Lars Bergstrom on the important role you play by using your IT solutions

CM Profile:Patrik Hallden - Patrik Hallden, General Manager of GAC Oman, on the competitive advantage of GCA to GAC

GCA Facilitator Profile: Lyn Blake joins the ranks of GCA's online facilitators for LGW- Logistics in the GAC World

Sights & Sounds: "Could my nearly half-a century old brain absorb all the IGW material..?" -Amelia Chik Abdullah on her challenge, and success, in IGW


In this past ten years alone, the internet has changed the way that people learn. Learning methods have changed from the traditional "chalk and talk" to virtual. Where it was once difficult and highly expensive to bring 20 colleagues in one place for training, GCA now successfully does this by connecting participants from across the GAC World through GAClearn – our state-of-the-art learning management system.

Colleagues working in different departments and holding different responsibilities in their business areas not only know and meet each other through this networked learning environment - but they learn from each other through the process as well. We are entering the new era of learning through connectivism!

The terms "connectivism" and "social constructivism" are the latest breed in best-in-class learning methodologies. Leading corporate education functions are enabling organisations to achieve their strategic objectives more effectively, compared with early e-Learning approaches.

GCA has been early adopter of connectivism and social constructivism in the corporate sector. Based on feedback from our learners, and to promote GCA as a best-in-class "e-Learning 2.0" organization, all traditional "generic" e-Learning content packages will be phased out from 2010.

We intend to further build a learning culture that values sharing and learning from other colleagues around the GAC World. Sharing expands knowledge and expanded knowledge expands businesses and improves the bottom line.

Since February 2007 the GAC Corporate Academy has been living the GAC Spirit and transmitting the strategy through its learning and development activities. GCA is not only enabling our people to drive our business forward, but also enabling the GAC-to-GAC (G2G) concept for integration and alignment. This concept supports aligned solution selling - an integral objective in VY-GV strategy term.

Subject Matter Experts (SME's) from within the GAC World itself are taking part in the development of new courses. This model allows us to develop a new breed of GAC-specific courses - developed and deployed exclusively to the GAC World.

Learning is a team sport - G2G is a core part of GAC Spirit - and the GAC Way of doing business! GCA has been able to crack the code and harness G2G in learning and development – creating an action learning environment – transferring learning from the shop floor to the board room.

To be continued in October newsletter.

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ITG Upgrade ready for launch in Q3
"You play an important role" - Lars Bergstrom
Lars Bergstrom

"We intend to find better and smarter ways of serving our customers . . . and you play an important part in this by using your IT solutions to their full potential..."

Lars Bergstrom
Regional Director
Indian Subcontinent
GAC Group IT Director

Information Technology (IT) is an integral part of all GAC's business and administration processes, and a critical success factor for the future development and ongoing success of the GAC Group.

GAC has IT solutions covering all aspects of our business operations in Shipping, Logistics, Marine and Administration. Our future success lies in making secure, innovative and creative use of these technologies, and continuous development of our IT solutions with regards to functionality and technology.

We intend to find better and smarter ways of serving our customers across the globe, and you play an important part in this by using your IT solutions to their full potential and contributing to future development.

The ITG course has been designed for all current and future GAC personnel, to ensure they have a good understanding of the IT policies of the group, what IT solutions are available, how we manage the development and enhancements of our IT solutions and how we ensure good and secure usage.

I invite all GAC colleagues to this course because we must be skilled in managing the development of IT solutions and have a good knowledge in how to make maximum use of these solutions in a secure way.

As part of the induction program I would recommend all new joiners to take this course on completion of their Introduction to the GAC World Course.

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Patrik Hallden: CM Profile
Patrik Hallden

In today's fast moving environment, with its rapid changes and demands from our customers, it's important that our team continue to grow and educate itself so that we always are able to provide first-class service towards our Principals and Customers.

Here, GCA fits excellently, as our individual team members are able to enhance and increase their knowledge related to both business areas as well as personal development. I consider it to be a win/win situation for all parts involved. GCA is providing state of the art e-learning methods throughout the GAC Group, which provide us with motivated, trained and skillful team members who are, in turn, doing good business, making money and having fun.

The GAC Spirit is indeed very important to me, as this is what makes us special in our field of operation and unique as a company. GAC has grown rather extensively the last couple of years, and the more we expand and grow, the more important it is to keep the GAC Spirit and our company culture alive. Here GCA plays a vital role as it helps to communicate our spirit and corporate culture around the globe to all GAC team members.

When it comes to G2G, we are doing ok, but in my book, we can do much better aligning ourselves as a company. Indeed, GCA plays an important role here as well, as a catalyst and eye-opener for our team members to understand and learn more about each others' work within companies, and between companies and regions and business areas.

I am looking at this in three phases for GAC Oman. Phase one will be to explain and train all staff on the importance of G2G, to get everyone onboard. Phase two will be implementation of training and enhanced knowledge into reality, phase three as a result of these previous two, will be the increased profitability for GAC Oman based on internal cooperation within the Group.

A strategy or a business plan only works and is successful if we are been able to get 'All Onboard!' Only then will we be able to achieve what we want, reaching set goals. We need to have all team members 'live, think, and breathe' VY-GV and GAC Time. If as if not, it simply becomes another shelf product. This is not an easy task, and it's not enough to simply understand the concept or strategy. You need to explain somewhat deeper and also train. With the GCA, we are able to do more - we involve our people as well as have our staff understand what we want to achieve.

To me, this is very important as it helps me and my team to continue moving GAC Oman forward on its path to reaching our set goal together with a smile on our faces.

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Facilitator Profile: Lyn Blake
Lyn Blake LGW

GCA is proud to announce the addition of Lyn Blake to our line up of qualified online facilitators. Lyn Blake will be guiding participants through Logistics in the GAC World.


"My name is Lyn Blake and I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in education for the last ten years, thoroughly enjoying the interaction with each class and being rewarded by seeing them progress.

The best part of teaching is getting to know each student as an individual; learning what makes them tick, knowing what jokes make them laugh, studying their faces to recognise their moods, knowing what methods of learning and teaching are suited to each one and watching them evolve and mature over the year.

I hope I can put my experience to good use to help you all get the most from this course. Above all, I hope you enjoy getting to know fellow participants and logisticians throughout GAC and beyond, learn from their experiences and you have a steep upward learning curve throughout the next eight weeks. "

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Sights & Sounds: Amelia Chik Abdullah on IGW
Amelia Chik Abdulllah

"Could my almost half-century old brain absorb all the study materials given and go through 8 weeks of assessments and course activities?"

I was first notified by my HR department in early February 2009 that I had been enrolled for the IGW course, to commence in the coming month. Two days later, my Managing Director's "words of encouragement" through email confirmed my worst fear! Words like "set good example, maintain perfect record, achieve top grades, properly represent GAC Malaysia" were meant well to spur me on but these words rang through my brains for days after. Pressure, pressure, pressure!

Could my almost half-century old brain absorb all the study materials given and go through 8 weeks of assessments and course activities? I only handle finance & accounts throughout my working life, but going back to studies on unfamiliar topics like logistics and shipping can be very unnerving at first thought! However, I resolved to prove that I could do it, and would do it as a personal challenge for myself and an achievement for GAC Malaysia!


It was such an opportunity to get to learn and share with course-mates from diverse places and cultures – Dubai, U.K., Bahrain, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Norway, Singapore, India….. And it was with great pleasure that I met one of my team-mates of the same group in person, when she had to travel from Thailand for a meeting at GAC Malaysia during the course. I also shared a telephone conversation with another team mate from Qatar. The GAC Spirit definitely traverses worldwide wherever you are!

The tangible and intangible benefits gained from these 8 weeks deeply enriched me, both personally and professionally. IGW gave me a deeper understanding of GAC's history and its place as a global player offering a wide range of services. But, perhaps more importantly, the assignments the teams did together proved challenging and, at times, even argumentative. It was a real lesson in the importance of teamwork and the GAC Spirit, even in everyday tasks, in building strong foundations. It also proved that online courses and facilitation can work and be successful in achieving its purpose for the global GAC network. And for such valuable experiences, I would definitely recommend to other colleagues as a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Amelia Chik Abdullah
Finance Manager – GAC Malaysia

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