eNewsletter August 2010

Aug 2010

Stuart Bowie, Group Sales Director: On understanding the magnitude of GAC’s business, because how can we sell a business that we don’t fully know?

Jan Farnelid, Group VP– HR: Why we forecast Learning & Development, and why now is the time to talk to your manager about your interest in GCA courses.

The Next Evolution of GCA: GCA’s website has been redesigned to match GAC.com's new look, same great information, new look and new courses coming soon!


HSSE stands for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, but what it really means is that our behaviour as a global organisation must be a model of excellence so that we have credibility in the eyes of our stakeholders. It is not enough that we be leaders in the fields of shipping, logistics, marine or solutions, we must also be leaders in the field of ethical, safe, secure and environmentally sustainable business.

Your support for GAC’s strong standard of corporate ethics is of utmost importance and you would also be aware that there is a ten thousand dollar prize for the GAC company that best exemplifies the environmental practices that are good not only for business, but also for the world we live in.

I would invite you to think about your role in GAC, and what part you can play in making GAC a greener company and the world a cleaner place. One way of doing this is through participating in the GAC Corporate Academy course- HSSE.
It is vital that we have credibility in the eyes of our stakeholders, as well the best interests of our own future generations in mind. Because business that destroys the environment is not good business, and our responsibility as a business is not just to do well, but to also do good.

Lars Safverström
Group President

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Why We Forecast Learning & Development
Group VP– HR, Jan Farnelid

One of the key strategic objectives of the GAC Group is learning and development, and the forecasting and budgeting process is a key activity in our business. It gives us a strategic direction to work on through the year. We forecast and plan for our future business, and our budgets give us targets for what we need to achieve. Why is this news to you? Because the Learning & Jan Farnelid Development Forecast will soon be underway, and if you want to take part in any of the training opportunities we offer through GCA, then this is the time to talk to your manager or GLO.

Your Company Manager and GLO will be gathering nominations of potential participants in GCA courses, and based on this information, GCA will schedule and prepare courses launches according to the projected demand. This advance planning helps direct strategic learning objectives at the company level – and also creates the GAC Corporate Academy course portfolio and schedule for the subsequent year. It is also important to think about identifying and budgeting for learning needs at all levels of the business – individual, team, business area and company. The Learning & Development Forecast needs to be as accurate as possible, so that there are enough seats created in GCA for everyone who wishes to avail the opportunities for growth.

The planning and forecasting process needs to be realistic - and created with the expectation of meeting these targets. As we will soon be starting this process for 2011, we invite people across the GAC World to think about their learning and development ambitions, and the role you will play in helping make GAC a great learning organization.

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Understanding the Magnitude of GAC’s Business
Stuart Bowie

As a sales-focused organisation, it is very important for our people across the GAC World to first and foremost understand the magnitude of our business.

To put it simply, if we aren't aware of the full range of products and services that GAC offers, then we aren’t able to provide integrated and complete solutions to our customers’ wishes.

In supporting GAC people to have a detailed understanding of our business, you have the opportunity to engage with colleagues across the GAC World to learn about our products and services – courses such as GAC Logistics Business (GLB) and GAC Shipping Business (GSB).

These courses are designed to give you a detailed understanding about what we do and how we do it. We focus on cross-over services and selling more GAC, as ultimately we want you to be able to identify different opportunities from your customers.

With a detailed knowledge of our business, we encourage you to be equipped with excellent skills in selling, relationship building, and customer service. To enable this, we invite you to fine tune your skills in our new Profitable Customer Relationships (PCR) which will launch in Q4 this year. We also invite you to hone your sales skills in the new online GAC Sales Handbook (GSH) course which will launch through GCA early next year.




Stuart Bowie
Group Sales Director

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Snapshot: GCA’s new look – visit http://www.gacacademy.com/ for the full tour of GCA's new look as well as our course listing and schedules.

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