eNewsletter August 2012

Why Forecast L & D?

It’s that time of year again…. the annual Learning and Development (L&D) forecast. This is the time of year when GCA works with its stakeholders across the GAC World to plan the next year’s course schedule and this year we welcome the new VP HR, Patrik Halldén, to the process. The good news is that with many years of experience, GAC as a whole is getting better at making the process as accurate and inclusive as possible.

Why is L&D forecasting important for GAC Operating companies?
L&D forecasting is also helpful for each GAC Operating Company to plan how they will be involved in the courses in the coming year. Forecasting allows training priorities to be aligned with CSF5 targets, and how this relates to business objectives. It also ensures availability of courses aligned with HR initiatives as well as adequate training budgets. Participants can plan their coming year by knowing when their courses will take place.

Why is L&D forecasting important for GCA?
For GCA there are a number of reasons that we carefully plan the coming year of courses. Importantly, it gives us an indication of where learning priorities exist through identifying interest in various courses as well as testing the interest in proposed new courses. It provides information on budgets for development of new courses and facilitators and allows us to plan the annual schedule. Finally, L&D forecasts help us to ensure VY-GV and GAC TIME initiatives are being reinforced in the GCA portfolio.

With the L&D forecasting time coming up, it’s time to start thinking about learning needs. As a participant, be sure to let your GLO and Manager know what courses are of interest and align with your learning needs. As a manager, consider the training objectives of your section of the business and which employees would gain the most from the courses available. As a GLO, work with us to coordinate the process to accurately forecast course loadings.

Jan Farnelid hands on the HR Baton to Patrik Halldén

After nearly 20 years at GAC, Jan Farnelid has announced his retirement and is handing over the Group’s Human Resource portfolio to Patrik Halldén from September this year. Jan joined GAC Oman in January 1993, moving to GAC Kuwait as Managing Director in 1995. He was subsequently posted to GAC India in 1999 as Managing Director. Jan was appointed as the Group’s first Vice President of Human Resources (HR) in September 2004.

Since founding the Group’s HR function, Jan has played an integral role in the development of the Vision Y-Global Values (VY-GV) strategic plan. This included establishing GAC’s priorities as an organisation that nurtures ‘motivated and trained personnel’. From this objective, GAC Corporate Academy was developed. Jan has been instrumental in driving the growth of GCA from a concept to an internationally recognized corporate learning organisation today.

Jan has also been at the helm of the annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES), a key strategic initiative that measures the perceptions of GAC people in line with the key objectives of VY-GV.

Patrik Halldén is well known and highly experienced in GAC. He has eight years operational experience in GAC Kuwait, serving as Managing Director for the latter half of his appointment. Patrik then moved to GAC Oman as General Manager, and has led this successful company for the previous six years. Patrik’s long-term experience with GAC has instilled within him a strong sense of GAC Spirit. He embraces the new opportunities in GAC Headquarters with a great sense of enthusiasm. Like Jan, he is a strong believer in the role of GCA in enabling GAC as a performance-driven business.

Course Feature:Compliance and Ethics

Andrew Leach, Group VP, Legal, has played a key role in developing the Compliance and Ethics course

The GAC Group has developed and is to launch a new Compliance and Ethics course in September 2012, under the sponsorship of Group Vice President Legal.

GAC has always been committed to working within the specific requirements and spirit of all laws, regulations and GAC policies that ensure an honest, ethical and transparent environment, with integrity at its heart. Therefore, compliance and ethical business practices are nothing new to GAC. What is new is the increased focus the business community at large is putting on compliance and ethics.

The international world is responding with legislation to stamp out unethical and unfair practices. The UK Bribery Act 2010 and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) are just two examples of legislation in force which have a significant impact on GAC’s business operations across the globe.

Many of GAC’s prominent customers are seeking evidence of compliance and ethics beyond ‘just words’. More and more, GAC’s ability to prove we operate ethically and within relevant legislation will determine whether we are eligible to secure new business.

As seen with recent anti-bribery and corruption cases brought against companies within our industry (often resulting in hefty fines being given to companies), it is clear that a proactive approach is needed to ensure GAC remains an industry leader in the field of ethics and compliance.

The Compliance and Ethics course will cover the GAC Code of Ethics and the GAC policies relating to compliance and ethics including:

  • GAC Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
    (inc. the FCPA and UK Bribery Act 2010)
  • GAC Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • GAC Sanctions Policy and associated
  • GAC Whistleblowing Policy
  • GAC Health, Safety, Security and
    Environment Policy

The new compliance and ethics course will be launched through GCA and will provide employees of GAC with the knowledge and understanding of GAC’s compliance and ethics policies and GAC’s stance on ensuring that all its business is undertaken ethically and transparently.

The course will be delivered in a self-paced format through GACLearn. Each module is self-paced and can be completed according to the participant’s schedule. The course is competency based, meaning that all modules are assessed through scenarios and a short test and culminates in a final quiz at the end of the course.

Adaku Achonu: How PCR tools have helped me in our business

Adaku Achonu works in GAC Logistics Nigeria and is an enthusiastic GCA course participant. In 2011 and 2012 she completed all three parts of the Sales Development Programme; Fundamental Selling Skills, Profitable Customer Relations and GAC Sales Handbook. Here she writes about how the tools in PCR have helped improve GAC Nigeria’s business.

The PCR course is an action learning sales course for every GAC employee in a customer facing role. My experience is that it helps in creating a more satisfied customer and ensuring long-term sustainable and profitable relationships.

As a result of the PCR course, we have now instituted several significant changes in Nigeria:

  • So far, apart from the customers who already have an established agreed logistics agreement with GAC Logistics Nigeria, we are presently establishing competitive tariffs for customers at all levels i.e. Top, Big, Medium, and Small customers, to give them appropriate attention.

  • We have created a priority client list that identifies active and inactive clients and a schedule for re-establishing contacts where required. To further drive this, the GM Logistics Manager for Nigeria, Erwin Lottering has recently introduced a commercial section in the department.
  • By understanding the importance of revenue generation and profit making in using the financial modeling PCR tool, we have been able to recover a long outstanding amount from two key clients amounting to USD$130,000 in less than a month.

The PCR course gave me insight into other profitable ways of dealing with our customers. These include identifying opportunities, finding out what needs exist and identifying solutions to sustain and develop customer relationships.

For more information about the PCR course, take a look at the course description on the GCA site or contact Sherol Fernandes at GCA on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

GLO Corner: Leonor Arguelles, GAC Dubai

This month we talked to Leonor Arguelles, Training and Development Officer in the HR Department of GAC Dubai. Part of her role is that of GAC Liaison Officer (GLO). She discussed her GLO role, how she helps course participants, and offered some great tips for other GLOs.

What is your role as GLO?
I am the main GLO for GAC Dubai working in collaboration with four other GLOs assigned in their respective business units. That makes me the central point of contact between GCA and GAC Dubai. I collate, monitor and handle the nomination process for our L & D forecast. I also maintain adequate and timely support to staff before, during and after their course enrolment. This includes course recommendations, nomination and enrolment, response to participation reminders by GCA facilitators, involving team leaders and line managers if required, organizing certificate handovers, and more.

What is your approach with new GAC joiners?
My approach is always friendly and supportive because new joiners often need a helping hand to get involved in eLearning. In particular, time management and familiarisation with GACLearn have been a challenge to some of our new joiners, so often I sit with new colleagues to browse their IGW course and discuss the course assessment guide. I also refer them to colleagues in their department who have successfully completed GCA courses and involve their team leader or line manager when their participation reminder comes.

Why do you see IGW as so important for those starting out in GAC?
Above all, IGW is a venue to inculcate GAC spirit and values. I think IGW is really important for everyone coming into GAC, so one of the things I have done is create a flyer that I give to all new joiners. It is a brief one-page outline of what GCA does, the IGW course, and a few success stories from the course that help them see how useful the course is. This has been really successful and helped quite a few new employees to feel enthusiastic about the course.

Profiting Through Understanding the Oil Tanker Business
Amsterdam - 13th/14th September 2012

Oil Agency Tanker Operations (OTO) is a two-day workshop that provides a comprehensive overview of the latest safety, security, efficiency and environmental measures as they relate to the shipping agency business in the oil industry.

The next OTO workshop is being held in Amsterdam on 13th and 14th September and will feature a particular European focus.

Run in partnership with GAC Training and Services Solutions Ltd (GTSS), the workshop is facilitated by Captain Stephen Gyi who has been involved in the oil and gas industry in Europe for over 40 years. His experience includes supervising oil and gas transport including LNG, as well as design and construction of import and export terminals and ships.

Testimonials from recent OTO workshops:

I had the pleasure of attending the OTO course in Dubai, presented by Capt Stephen Gyi. I thought it was an excellent presentation, and for someone who didn’t know much about Tankers was inspired by the content and the delivery.
Richard Mallen (General Manager, Liner, GAC Nigeria)

From a previous captain’s point of view, the workshop was a good reminder of the basics and necessary steps to follow during the ship’s operations. That was very helpful for me because although I spent 15 years at sea, I never had the opportunity to work on board tankers. It is obvious that the workshop will have a great benefit for tankers operations and will help our agents and boarding team to do their job in a safe and correct manner.
Abdelbaki Bouyahiaoui (General Manager, GAC Algeria)

For more information about the OTO workshop, contact Farhana Kausar at GCA on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Sights and Sounds: Carren Borcher wins the GCA Survey for June

Carren Borcher has been announced the winner of the June GCA eNews Survey, taking home the $100 Amazon voucher… congratulations!

Carren is also our South African GLO and took this opportunity to share how things are going with GCA courses in South Africa.

Sharing experiences
Through my involvement in GCA courses I have met many other colleagues from all over the world and we keep in touch on skype and facebook. I have completed three courses over the past year, IGW, GLO and HSSE. We have recently created a facebook page for GAC South Africa and have invited colleagues from the courses to join. This is a great way to keep in touch, and through it we have learnt a lot about each other’s cultures and sharing best practice.

Spreading the participation
In South Africa we focus on giving all departments the equal opportunity to study through GCA and enjoy the benefits. Our Shipping Operations department is in the process of working through Shipping Agency Operations and we have members of our administrative staff currently in the Global English Programme. Recently our Senior Management completed the GAC Financial Essentials course for the ARC region and other staff have completed the Air Freight Operations, just to broaden their knowledge of the industry.

Helping GAC South Africa do its job better
As GLO for the South Africa, I am confident and proud to promote GCA courses to the staff. The courses add substantive content knowledge of the main and important fields of business which is extremely valuable and also allows GAC SA to better understand the industry. Interacting with people abroad gives us a unique experience within a culturally diverse environment, promoting a “team” effort within the course. We are eager to continue learning through GCA courses!

At GAC Shipping we really value GCA courses, because they are tailor-made for the industry in which we operate.

So far all of the participants have enjoyed the camaraderie and GAC Spirit which has built up between the colleagues in the various locations, and as MD I believe this perhaps is of equal importance to the actual courses.
David Hitchman, Managing Director, GAC Shipping S.A.