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December 2008
Best Region - Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific

First of all, it’s great news to have won an award like this and the response I have gotten from colleagues around Asia Pacific is that, besides the learning of a particular subject, it has been great to meet GAC colleagues via the internet from all over the world and in a range of positions/services. It has been very enriching from that point of view and it indicates that learning best practices from each other as well as starting personal and business relations between offices across the world has worked well.

Getting together, being one team regardless of what we do within GAC, making use of each other’s skills and just having some fun together is utmost in importance and in that respect GCA has in my view had a fantastic start to their activities earlier this year. Well done to that and with more courses coming in 2009 and beyond, GCA will attract more and more colleagues to using these services. Eagerness to learn and forming relations ships across borders are key. We used a lot of local courses across the region prior to GCA so learning was already in the “blood” of many colleagues, and being able to do so with internal friends and with focus on key GAC services and aspects has added an extra spice to it.

From my point of view, our focus should be on cross trading between business areas and G2G (GAC to GAC) business and future courses should have that in mind so that we can do a lot more than we already do. We have a very good potential working for long term business opportunities between offices and to adding new services to existing customers. GCA working closely with local offices will enable GCA to fine tune and improve on something that is already working well.

I went through the IGW course myself and found it very rewarding and even with my travel schedule it has worked well to be part of a course. One good memory, among others, I had is of Doris in Taipei, Taiwan. She has always been a keen learner and positive contribution but when I visited Taiwan earlier this year I realized that her English had improved considerably so I asked “how come”.

Her answer was that “it’s IGW, I bought a dictionary and every time I came across a word I didn’t understand I had to check it. Over time my vocabulary improved so I learnt both English and a lot more about GAC at the same time…”. Language is sometimes a barrier but Doris turned it around in a positive way.

I look forward to seeing further courses coming off the ground in 2009 and beyond. I would like to thank all, not only in AP but also beyond, who have participated in GCA courses while also encouraging those who haven’t yet participated to do so.

Christer Sjodoff
Vice President, GAC Solutions
Regional Director Asia/Pacific

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Best Client Company - GAC Qatar
GAC qatar

Information is useless if it is not shared, so the more we know the more we can share and the better we can perform, and if my staff can perform better by using GCA then we are obliged to use it and use it well. We have been given an opportunity that few companies provide and we must make the best use of it.

We have a golden tool for linking up with colleagues from other GAC companies. With GCA we meet colleagues from other offices that we had never been aware of before. I see it as a bridge between GCA offices and the stronger the bridge the stronger the company. GCA is performing well for my bottom line.

My GAC Qatar colleagues understand that I want them to perform better by providing them with training, believe you me, they do. I must invest in knowledge else I can't understand what my customers need. It is my experience that the customer wants to deal with solid and well performing service providers, GCA will make us better, hence customers will be drawn towards us.

We were recently recommended to become certified by DNV in an integrated management system including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. I would argue that I have one of the best team Gac World has ever seen, thanks to GCA and other trainings. This wouldn’t be possible without trained and motivated colleagues. Thank you GCA.

Michael Sturesson
General Manager
GAC Qatar


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Yorgo Bejjani - Best Participant
Yorgo Bejjani

It is a huge honor for me to be nominated as the best participant in the GCA course and to represent “the zenith of what can be achieved when dedication meets facilitation on the GCA Learning Management System.”

I would like to thank you, all involved and the GCA Governance Board Members for their decision and honestly I think I wouldn’t have won the reward if it weren’t for the interesting material I found, the huge role the course facilitators played in the success of the course and the enjoyable and fruitful interaction between all of the participants.

Having graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a BA in Finance in July 2007, I knew immediately that I wanted to join GAC for its culture, the interesting position and the growth opportunity. When I enrolled in the first online course (IGW) on September 2007 I was shocked with the amount of information I found online. This course for me was the cornerstone in my professional career for I had literally the instant access to all the info I needed in order to be named with confidence a “GAC Man”. After three months only of joining the company I felt like an old timer and was armed with all the internal material I needed.

The PPD and LGW online courses I’ve taken have armed me with the technical information I need to be more effective at work. Besides, it changed my whole perspective about the company and made me realize that it is true that the company is global in attitude and local in action since every one of us has to promote our local services as well as the services of the entire group!

To me a successful company starts with its own people and a way of differentiating your people from other companies is to provide them with necessary tools and trainings.

Learning and development is a must for each one of us if he/she wants to take a further step in his/her career and assume more responsibilities. Besides, it’ll help us do our job more efficiently and serve our customers better.

On a final note, I encourage every GAC colleague to enroll and participate in the GCA courses as there will always be something new to learn!

Best Regards,
Yorgo Bejjani
Business Development Manager
GAC Lebanon

Moly George - Best GLO
Moly George

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank GAC Qatar management, my colleagues and GCA for giving me this proud title ”Best GLO” and, that too in the Best Client Company. I’m very much privileged, and this would not be possible without the help of all my colleagues in GAC Qatar. In my experience, the Training and Development Process has a great impact in increased job satisfaction and morale among employees. It is a motivating factor and an innovation in strategies and products which in turn results in financial gain.

Today's global market, with its increased competition, makes it critical that employees understand and meet the needs of customers. Training creates a smarter workforce and guarantees a return on this investment. Development through training is a broad and ongoing aspect of our activities. It can bring or change any individual up to another threshold of performance in our organization. GCA has worked as a new platform, with its new technology, by providing diversified subjects in their learning curriculum to yield the best results. I wish GAC to grow with GCA in our compliance to Vision-Y GV with its motto of “train and develop” each employee to enjoy the realm of education in the future – “going the extra mile”.

Moly George
HR & Admin Supervisor
GAC Qatar


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Facilitators Wanted
Facilitators Wanted

The GAC Corporate Academy is looking for a few good men, and women for that matter- to be online facilitators for its lineup of courses. As the GAC World expands, so does its participant base, and it follows that our pool of qualified teachers and Subject Matter Experts, or SME’s, should as well.

If you are interested in facilitating any of our courses, please email Business Development Manager Rehan Naeem .


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