eNewsletter December 2010

Dec 2010

PCR: Participant feedback from one of our robust new courses – Profitable Customer Relationships

GEP Survey: A survey of Global English Programme participants has revealed some interesting new information about how GEP is saving time and increasing language proficiency throughout the GAC World

AFO: GCA is increasing the scope of our business-area courses with our brand-new Air Freight Operations course

Facilitators Wanted: GCA welcomes queries for potential course facilitators!


As we prepare to wrap up another year, I am very pleased to witness the commitment to Learning and Development (L&D) across the GAC World. We see skilful and motivated people in GCA courses connecting, learning and sharing across continents.

Jan Farnelid

Enabling the "GAC Way" is our commitment to being a progressive, global, learning organisation! 2010 has been another interesting and successful year for our Corporate Academy. We have reached further into the GAC World and enhanced course offerings. The Global English Programme has exceeded expectations, and the feedback from participants and line managers has been excellent.

As we look forward to 2011, the demand for learning and development opportunities require us to further expand our operating capability. Next generation courses are now being developed to support operational, commercial, and business application training.

We have successfully launched the first phase of our new business application "GACknowledge" that supports GCA operations and provides enhanced management information on L&D targets in line CSF5. I look forward to your commitment to our L&D outcomes in 2011.

Best wishes,
Jan Farnelid
Group Vice President – Human Resources

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Profitable Customer Relationships (PCR)
Participant feedback from one of our robust new courses.

It is vital that the sales executives within a company possess the knowledge and practical skills necessary to identify potential in existing customers and persuade potential new customers to purchase a service from your firm, rather than from a competitor.

Few, if any, people are born good at selling. Like all skills, selling goods or service to a consumer (who may not even have thought about purchasing that product) is a skill that requires teaching and experience in order to be truly mastered. In today's business environment, competition for a consumer's business is more intense than ever, which means you need effective and skillful employees to push your product and make a consumer choose yours over all the rest in the market.

Suzanne Reid

Professional sales training equips employees with the skills that are vital for making a potential buyer favour your product over all the others. With a sales force who can do this by promoting your products, consumers will buy from your business, not your competitor’s.

PCR helps GAC in evolving customer analysis and development skills because it brings the ability to visualize, articulate, and solve complex problems and concepts, and make decisions that make sense based on available information. Such skills include demonstration of the ability to apply logical thinking, gathering and analyzing information, designing and testing solutions to problems, and formulating plans.

Bringing this into the GAC marketplace will gives us all the ability to recognise potential and be able to deal with the customers accordingly, providing the best possible solutions for them and at the same time integrating GAC fully into their business merging close long term partnerships.


Suzanne Reid
Sales Executive - Fashion Brands
GAC Logistics (UK) Ltd – East Midlands

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Daniel Nordberg "The Activity Based Learning with assignments on customers using the tools learned each week stood out from the course. GAC companies and employees will have instant ROI as the weekly assignment will improve understanding of their profitable customers and give tools how to make them more profitable. Do you want to be able to measure and identify your most profitable customers, get tools to make your customers more profitable and learn from other GAC professionals? If yes; then sign up for Profitable Customer Relationships at GCA."

Daniel Nordberg
Regional Business Controller

Nadeem Al Sabbagh "All the activities in PCR were important as well as interesting ways to find the possibilities to target customers. PCR helps participants learn important analysis and development skills, and the customer pyramids from week 1 were important for formulating strategic plans and helping all to see how to create the analysis and action plans for customers we deal with."

Nadeem Al Sabbagh
Sales & Marketing Executive
Gulf Agency Company (Oman) LLC

"PCR has been very enlightening and has definitely broaden our perspectives of our clients. The time spent on each module was adequate and had a logical and chronological order that step by step revealed the greater picture and opened up new ways to look at and measure clients’ performance, and from there on to inquire on how to further grow our presence with them.

Socrates Zorbas If we can put into practice the very useful tools offered by the course, then we are in a position where we can make educated decisions on how to develop our customer relations further.

Overall, it has been an interesting and fun eight weeks, and as I have observed in other GCA courses I have participated, the forums and the information exchanged between the participants is crucial to the success of the course."

Socrates Zorbas
Logistics Manager
GAC Greece

Marten Helg "Good knowledge of our PCR is the key to a profitable and optimal operations. We should all be aware of the different aspects of "measuring a client" in order to fully understand the true potential business opportunity. A complete measurement can only succeed if we keep clear records about customer behaviour, maintain open communications with the client and engaging pro-actively in continuous information sharing.

PCR is a perfect tool for us in order to find out more about our current clients / future clients. Our target should be clients that we WANT to be partners with. And at the same time, we might have clients that we thought were good for business, but after analysis we realize that they are not."

Marten Helg
Business Manager Logistics

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The GEP Survey: Exciting Results from the GAC Global
English Programme Survey

The GAC World exceeded expectations with its terrific performance in the GAC Global English Programme this year. Here's what the results of the survey showed:


  • 98% indicated English is required in their current job and 98% indicated it is required to advance in the company
  • 99% use English daily or a few times per week for internal and external communication with Managers and Executives (22%), Customers (20%) and Co-workers(19%)
  • 86% indicate they need to improve their English Language skills within a year
  • 93% are satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience with the GlobalEnglish service


Business Situation % of participants who report improvement
Understanding Email 97%
Writing Email 98%
Understanding Documents 99%
Producing Documents 92%
Participating in conference or training 80%
Participating in meeting 87%
Participating in conference call 74%
Participating in 1-to-1 call 90%
Delivering presentation 78%
Conducting strategic planning & management discussions 62%
Responding to questions/providing assistance 94%
Helping other non-native speakers 78%


Esther Oon

The GAC Global English Programme is a powerful way to bring all GAC employees together on one common platform, "One Language".

This unifies our businesses and ensures that we all speak the same language, convey the same messages and overcome all communication barriers. We hope to see an even more enthusiastic participation rate in the coming year for the mutual benefit of individuals and the Group.”


Esther Oon-Bybjerg
Group Director
Corporate Communications

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Air Freight Operations (AFO)

With the evolutions taking place in the GAC group, now is good time for us to evolve our capabilities towards efficient and commercially viable operations.

Air Freight Operations (AFO) is designed to help you understand not just the basics of operations, but also how efficient and more commercially viable operations can contribute to the bottom line of our business. Profits are generated by selling at the right price, but margins can be broadened with smart operations. This course will help understand how to efficiently sell solutions to a customer for more profitability. It will also aid you in understanding the hard core operational process for smarter, more efficient, and more commercially viable operations.


Facilitators Wanted!

The GCA Facilitation Team is inviting queries for new facilitators to help guide learning and growth through GCA’s exciting online course portfolio.

Candidates selected for facilitation will also be given the opportunity to complete a certified facilitation course that guides them through the fundamentals of the GAClearn system, skills for creating an engaging and effective learning environment for GAC participants, and GCA processes and operating procedures for facilitating online courses.

The GCA offers a diverse lineup of courses, and candidates are recommened to visit www.gacacademy.com to review the course list and determine where an overlap of their skills/interests and the GCA course material exists.

Candidates with fluency in English, strong communication skills, and the computer literacy necessary to facilitate an online course may email CV’s as well as preferences for course facilitation to Waleed Jameel, Operations Manager of GCA for further details - Waleed.Jameel@gac.com

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Who this course is for:

This course is designed for all personnel who wish to raise their understanding of operations. This course also features a special focus on consolidation techniques, and will lead you towards managing and creating profitable consolidations.

What this course covers:

Service Partners – Understanding of all stakeholders in the freight business and identifying which service providers (airlines, shipping lines, transport companies) add what value to the freight forwarding process.

Terminology & Equipment - Understanding of all terms and kinds of equipment used in GAC’s Air Freight Business.

Basic Commercial Processes – Understanding the back to back (Direct) shipment process, and where to generate profit from negotiations with the service providers. It also covers the significance of understanding customers’ real needs and minimising the cost of handling their freight by offering efficient solutions.

Advanced Commercial Processes – Understanding the concept of Consolidation, and its advantages, this course will cover consolidation concepts that change mindsets from Back to Back to Consolidations.

Advanced Freight Business – Understanding of additional requirements of the freight business in addition to the basics. It also covers advanced freight business understanding.

Documentation & Application – Understanding of what documentation is required at all levels. It also covers the understanding and importance of accurate and timely documentation.

How this course will be taught:

Air Freight Operations (AFO) runs for eight weeks and is delivered via our state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System.

Who to contact:

The course is open to GAC employees. For further information, please contact Rehan Naeem , Business Development Manager - GAC Corporate Academy.

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