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Dec 2009
Dec 2009

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Annual GCA Awards, whose dedication to training and growth in the GAC World have been inspirations to those around them. And now, the winners in their own words-

Dan Hjalmarsson, Group VP Middle East
On Receiving Best Region Award

Dan Hjalmarsson (center) receives the award from Group Executive Chairman Björn Engblom (left) and Group President Lars Säfverström (right)


"The number of training hours achieved in the ME for 2009 was 48% above budget - this is mainly down to the commitment of company managers in keeping their staff motivation levels high and educating staff as to the benefits, not just for themselves, but how they contribute on a global scale.

Though it is difficult to measure, I have received feedback from the region in regards to results achieved from the 2009 learning and development focus. Comments I have received are quite positive. For example, there has been a positive impact on staff attitudes towards training, and working environments are becoming more open and transparent. Teams are sharing experiences from the courses, which have led to better sharing of operational matters, both problem solutions as well as cross-selling between different sections.

GCA has definitely built a bridge between the regions, with a positive impact on developing relationships that last well after training has been completed, which in turn opens the doors for better business opportunities and co-operation.

The GCA is really a great ambassador to the "GAC Spirit," bringing the regions together and moving forward with ideals that have made GAC a trusted leader in the market place. The Middle East look forward to another successful year with the GCA by our side."

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Ivo Verheyen, MD of GAC Singapore
On Receiving Best Company Award
Ivo Verheyen

GAC as a multi-national company has its capability and the resources to have expertise and talent around the world; we should capitalize this unique resource of ours to bring the company to a greater height of our goal.

"Furthermore, a company that promotes continuous learning and development will attract talent to join the company and at the same time retain talented staff within the organization as one will feel good and proud to work in such an organization.

Having an online training portal allows us to offer a wide range of professional development programs that are directly relevant to our operations. GCA has also been able to offer the flexibility of our staff being able to tune in to these trainings at the time of the day that is most convenience to them. This is especially convenient taken into the consideration the nature of the work of our colleagues in the operations sector. This has resulted in staff gaining the training that is essential to keep them up-to-date in the developments of the industry with minimal disruption to their daily work schedule.

Sharing best practices within the organization helps reduce cost, as less time is wasted due to trial and error, mistakes are minimized and manpower is more efficiently used. A team is also able to give constructive feedback and suggestions. We are creating, or rather, developing a team culture which is important in this modern business environment. We all come from different background and all walks of life, but through GCA, staff are able to demonstrate trust, support and respect towards team members and also share experiences and knowledge with team members."

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Graham Wright, Test Administrator GAC Singapore
On Receiving Best Participant Award
Graham Wright

As a participant in the IGW & LGW courses, I found it interesting to see how people adapted to the remote training mode. Initially I was a little skeptical that it could provide more than a forum, but I found that it wasn’t just sit back and listen, you had to participate and work together.


"For me, what made it work were the people on the courses and the structure. Through the diverse backgrounds and time zones on both courses there was a sense of community, and because the company covers such a wide range of solutions & markets there was always something to learn from the others on the course- everything from finance to large scale & small scale projects.

I learned a lot about the history and the legacy of the company and how this still drives the decision making. The style of working is very open and this helped on the courses as people could contribute without worrying about making mistakes.

One of the things I have taken from the GCA courses is a better understanding of who to contact across the globe for ideas and support on aspects such as supporting business solutions. The diverse capabilities are always there to utilize. This was noticeable when coming up with new ideas & solutions for customers. The combination of marine air land specialized projects and logistics gives a lot of scope. It also gave some insights into the current systems being used and where some changes in approach and awareness could help people make better use of the systems available.

In many companies providing support and training is often seen as a cost of doing business, rather than a tool to making people more efficient. But I believe that GAC is different, and the culture encourages people to believe they make a contribution and can achieve more if they have the will to do so. GAC is a company that values its people as a genuine part of its policy."

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Mavis Tan, GLO of GAC Singapore
On Receiving Best GLO Award
Mavis Tan

Mavis Tan receives her Best GLO award from Damien O’Donoghue, GM of the GAC Corporate Academy

As the title suggests – being a Global Liaison Officer gives me the opportunity to work with fellow colleagues globally. With this global interaction we have started to build stronger working relationship and share our experiences and good practices which can be adopted and practiced locally. Being able to communicate efficiently within the company and across the world is an art, and I am still learning.

As a GLO, I am able to facilitate learning and development needs analysis of the company and communicate these to GCA. I can assist colleagues and provide them with information to ensure that they know what is expected from them in terms of course participation and encourage them to successfully complete the course. With the GCA online training portal, you can be a learnt individual ‘everywhere you go,’ and as Henry Ford said, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eight."

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Teaching the Teachers:
GCA Hosts Facilitator Workshop
From left to right: Catherine Leach, Sarah Brassington, Lyn Blake, Val Rowlands and Kylie Grimmer

The GAC Corporate Academy hosted a workshop for facilitators and GCA team, including Jan Farnelid and the complete GCA facilitation team.

Facilitators from as far as Turkmenistan and Cairo met to share best practices, and tackle FAQ’s of facilitation on the GAC learning management system.

Waleed Jameel Some of the topics on the agenda included how to ensure active participation and create an optimal learning environment, how to help participants overcome challenges and successfully graduate.

"GAC participants will be pleased to know about this because we are constantly looking at how to evolve our facilitation to provider a richer and deeper learning experience for our participants," said Waleed Jameel, Operations Manager of GCA.

"We just want you to know that even our teachers are continuing to learn."

"The FAC workshop gave us the opportunity to meet face to face; many of us for the first time, to share ideas and experiences, further develop our relationships and to learn from each other. The workshop helped to further reinforce us as a team with a common focus – to see that course participants receive a consistent experience and fully enjoy their time with GCA!"

Kylie Grimmer
GCA Facilitator


"The FAC Workshop allowed all facilitators to meet in person; something that doesn’t happen too often! Getting to know each other better in this way improves communication and as a result some interesting discussions ensued. One important issue raised was the need to improve upon and generate more explicit guidelines for FACs to follow – this will help create a common approach in our facilitation to successfully lead us through 2010!"

Sarah Brassington
GCA Facilitator



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