eNewsletter February 2011

Feb 2011

Group Data Controller Gunnar Lundgren: On the importance of data existence and accuracy in our operations

New for 2011: Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS) to add further depth to the GCA's portfolio of sales courses

Facilitator Profile: Gopal Krishnan joins the GCA facilitator team for ITG, Information Technology in the GAC World

Sights & Sounds: Thoughts from Annamma Jose, GEP Participant from GAC Sharjah


"Welcome to another new and exciting year in the GAC World. As we commence year four of the Vision Y-Global Values strategic plan, we would like to thank all our customers for their on-going support during this plan period.

It is pleasing the see the significant progress that is being made in Learning and Development across the GAC World, and the "yearning for learning" that is being embraced by our people.

There are multiple feedback channels that we carefully monitor to ensure our Academy is aligned to the business needs of the GAC Group.

In 2010 we introduced a number of new courses and the Global English Programme (GEP). This year, we will also be launching new operational, sales and business application courses. Our goal is to ensure that best practice through the "GAC Way" is transmitted across our organization.

Feedback from the field is also seeking greater accessibility to GCA courses, and accreditation from external bodies. This will be a strong focus for our 2011 strategy, and we look forward to keeping you posted on our progress throughout the year."

Best Wishes,
Damien O'Donoghue
General Manager,
GAC Corporate Academy

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New Role & New Developments in GAC Data Management
Gunnar Lundgren

Gunnar Lundgren, Group Commercial Data Manager, talks about his role in managing GAC's data using GCA courses to increase efficiency and profitability throughout the GAC World.

Group Commercial Data Manager is a new group job function to improve and manage our various "data warehouses" giving all stakeholders quality information in a timely manner allowing for better commercial decisions. This also leads to increased productivity and profits and will be a good tool for assessment, sales management and benchmarking of customers, suppliers etc.

AFO (Air Freight Operations) and SFO (Sea Freight Operations) are two very important courses for facilitating these objectives, as they provide good knowledge and understanding of how concepts like consolidation can dramatically increase our profitability on air and ocean freight jobs. With this knowledge, operations can also "help" our sales departments to get more focused on what type of cargo and trade lanes they should aim for better profits. Rate negotiations, volume ratios and understanding of price and weight structures are key to our success being more competitive and make more profits.

Being the multicultural group of people we are, what is making us unique and strong also comes with a challenge, as many of us don’t have English as first language. Here GEP plays a very important role and the better we communicate in English, the better netiquette and less misunderstandings between colleagues and customers. Good command of the English language is a strong tool for alignment across the GAC world.

Another important tool for alignment are the upcoming BAT Programmes - Business Applications Training. For me in my new role this is extremely important. The quality of data we receive from our business applications has room for improvement. One of the reasons for errors in our statistics is that staff hasn’t been properly educated in how to use our business applications correctly and the inventiveness of how to circumvent certain procedures in order to finalize a job has led to challenges of validating data. This is now being addressed and we are on the right track and I fully support more BAT programmes to increase data quality and eliminate errors.


Gunnar Lundgren
Group Commercial Manager
GAC Group

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New GAC Sales Course: Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS)

Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS) builds a basic understanding of the requirements towards effective and efficient sales effort. These fundamentals aid any salesperson or the GAC Group in attracting a customer. The content of this course includes the must-have, non-negotiable factors for any sales activity to yield results, the GAC-way.

Who this course is for:
This course is designed for all personnel, regardless of experience level, in a performing or supporting sales function. Any person who sells GAC products and services will benefit from this course.

What this course covers:
FSS is an eight-week e-learning course with step by step learning contents:


  • Fundamental Sales Principles
  • The importance of a strong relationship with the customer from the very beginning
  • Common pitfalls that can break a relationship apart
  • Listen, smile, respond – what else could there be to it?
  • Forming a strong understanding of the customer's need
  • Objections will rise in a sale – what are they and how to handle them
  • Adapting sales activity in a diverse sales landscape
  • Maximizing sales opportunities in a structured sales framework



Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS) is the first of a three-course portfolio of GAC sales courses. Successful completion of this course would lay a strong foundation for successful adoption of the GAC Sales Handbook (GSH) and associated templates and techniques, the second course in the sales portfolio. With those two courses facilitating new customer relationships, the third course, Profitable Customer Relationships (PCR) allows us to channel any sales efforts into those customers which will maximize our gain and cement our long term relationships.

How this course will be taught:
Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS) runs for eight weeks and is delivered via our state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System.

Who to contact:
The course is open to all GAC employees and network agent partners. For further information, please contact Rehan Naeem This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Business Development Manager - GAC Corporate Academy. Any interested prospective participant may contact


Facilitator Profile: Gopal Krishnan of GAC Oman for Information Technology in the GAC World (ITG)

Knowledge is Power. The more you acquire knowledge the more you get empowered. The fact remains that we are living in an imperfect world trying to make things perfect. To achieve this, we keep learning. There is no age factor or boundaries for learning. With the advent of technology, the ocean of knowledge is made available at an easy reach. I took the plunge into a part of that ocean in the form of GCA in GAC.

E-learning has always interested me. It allows me the flexibility in learning within the stipulated time. It also gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and gain knowledge from many heads instead of few or none. As an active and keen GCA participant, I enjoy every bit of my learning and try to impart my knowledge and experience to all my online colleagues.


What characteristics/traits would you encourage in your colleagues to become empowered online learners?


  • Positive attitude towards change
  • Disciplined approach
  • Self Motivation
  • Minimum communication skills
  • Minimum technological knowledge
  • Comfortable when in participation
  • Ask questions when in doubt
  • Respond rather than React
  • Commitment

ITG Anyone showing some or all of the above traits should be encouraged for the online learning. I am sure it is tough to identify these traits sitting on the other side of the virtual world. However, the encouragement or counseling can come from the representatives present close to the online learner. Further, providing the right environment, SMART resources of participants’ interest and timely encouragement from Management can sure turn out more on-line learners.

I am really excited and energetic to take on this new role as GCA Facilitator. The first course to facilitate being in line with my line of duty, I feel confident that I will contribute my best to see that all participants are encouraged and they graduate with flying colors. Hope my past classroom training experiences will help me in this online role. I feel the IT experience along with other operational systems know how and the assistance from my FAC colleagues, the sailing on this voyage should be smooth. It is said small drops makes the Ocean. Hope my small contribution in the new role will benefit the GCA community.


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Sights & Sounds: Annamma Jose, GEP Participant from GAC Sharjah

"GEP was very easy for me to digest, highly informative and it was very well structured in addition to flexible. Initially, I was skeptical on what the topics could cover. Would it really be beneficial? Would I be able to complete it within the given time? But I still wanted to take it as I considered this course could be a stepping stone to success in my professional work.

I made sure that I found more time after office hours and during weekends to complete the work, and I believe that full commitment and regular practice will help you in achieving the best result. Commitment and proper GEPtime management should be the prime factors for the successful completion of the course.

I would suggest all employees utilize the opportunity GAC offers by way of GCA courses which will benefit themselves professionally and add value to the future of our company."


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