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“Welcome to 2012!” Damien O’Donoghue, GCA

It’s great to welcome the GAC World to 2012, and on behalf of the entire GCA team, we are all looking forward to another year of learning and development opportunities. As we start out the New Year, I am enthusiastic about the possibilities in our business, and the important role that GCA is entrusted with.

Firstly, and perhaps most exciting is that on the 28th February (our newsletter release date) our Corporate Academy turns five years old. It is a big achievement and we have certainly come a long way in a short time. Today, we are a highly regarded corporate learning organization with a global reach that reflects the diversity of GAC.


In 2011, GAC was awarded the International Bulk Journal (IBJ) award for training and development, based on the activities of GCA. Further international recognition as a best-in-class leader in corporate learning from Moodle, the Learning Management System used by GCA.

Last year also saw the launch of our Sales Development Programme – a group-wide initiative to support enhanced sales focus and effectiveness. The suite of courses includes including the Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS), Profitable Customer Relations (PCR) and GAC Sales Handbook (GSH). The GAC Financial Essentials (GFE) course was also launched with the support of our Chief Financial Officer, and has already been credited with fulfilling the need of improving financial literacy throughout GAC.

This year, we will continue the development and launch of a number of new courses aligned to the business needs of GAC. The first of these include Personal and Professional Development (PPD), GAC Quality Management (GQM), Key Account Management (KAM) and Ocean Freight Operations (OFO). We also welcome a number of new facilitators to the team, Heather Orange (Singapore) and Jane Wardle (Dubai), who will bring energy and facilitation expertise to our learning programmes.

As the GAC Group moves towards its new strategic plan in 2013, we are looking forward to supporting this and other developments, to ensure GAC is positioned with a vibrant and connected learning culture. We look forward to seeing you being an active part of this.


Sights and Sounds

Growing with GCA – Gobind Kukreja and GAC Trinidad & Tobago

Gobind Kukreja is the Managing Director of GAC Trinidad and Tobago, a new GAC operation set up just last year. In an inspiring interview, Gobind discussed how GCA courses have supported the new development.


“We have actually been doing business through GAC’s GNA in Trinidad since 2007, however it was clear that our customers were missing the “GAC” touch. That has now been introduced with the opening of GAC Trinidad.

The plan to set up new office in Trinidad was based on aligning GAC’s policies and practices with local operational experience. So because we are employing local operations staff, GCA has provided us with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to teach the “GAC” way of doing business. Out of the four local staff we have so far, two of them have completed five GCA courses and the other two who joined in October will start their GCA training this month.”

Gobind points out that he already see the advantage of the courses. “For example a question about the GAC Spirit asked by one of the new employees was promptly answered by other two who have successfully completed their IGW courses. Also one of our operations staff who was initially struggling with GACagent has now enhanced her understanding the business application, thanks to SAO course she recently completed. HSSE awareness in the office has improved as well.”

He concluded by saying; “Overall I am more than satisfied at the clear outcomes the GCA courses have provided and look forward to our small team growing and continuing to learn as our business grows.”

GEP Award Presentation - Hari Nair

Hari Nair was presented with the GCA Award for ‘Best Global English Programme Participant in 2011’ in a ceremony in GAC Dubai. The award was presented by Dan Hjalmarsson, GVPR MEA, in a function that was also attended by Stuart Bowie, Andro Du Toit, Phil Showering, Pramod Kumar and Richard Potts.


In his acceptance speech, Hari acknowledged his impressive performance over the year-long programme, saying his biggest achievement was “the confidence it has given me to present myself in the most apt manner in the workplace.” He went on to point out that “English is the window to the world and especially when we are in an organization like GAC, we need practical knowledge in the common language to give a better performance to our customers.”

GEP aims to develop critical skills in effective communication both spoken and written. Through the programme, Hari progressed from Level 2 in his Business English skills at the beginning of the year, which represents a basic level of English, to Level 10 where his skills are judged as sufficient for dealing with complex business situations. This was achieved in around 60 hours of self-study.

Dan Hjalmarsson, Group Regional Vice President, MEA, presented the award and commented; “Hari's dedication to the Global English Program (GEP) has been well rewarded by significant improvements in his written and spoken English. As a result, he is more effective in his role – and is able to communicate more effectively with his customers at all levels.”



Dr Peter Hosie – GCA Governance Board


Dr Peter Hosie joins the GCA Governance Board as an External Specialist Representative from the University of Wollongong in Dubai. To GCA, Dr Hosie brings extensive experience as an Instructional Designer and Educational Developer in a range of educational institutions. Recently he conducted highly regarded research into job related psychological wellbeing and intrinsic job satisfaction, and authored Happy-Performing Managers: The Impact of Affective Wellbeing and Intrinsic Job Satisfaction in the Workplace published in 2006.

He is enthusiastic about his role on the Governance Board, commenting:

Already I am very impressed with the GAC Group. They have successfully managed to establish themselves as leaders in the dynamic corporate education industry and are creating excellent opportunities for learning across a global organisation.

They have clearly taken on social constructivism as the basis of their learning pedagogy, which means the learning is directly related to GAC’s core business, and ensures a wide range of tangible business outcomes for GAC. This is the essence of what a learning organisation should be.

Peter wishes to invite GAC managers to participate in a study being conducted by the University of Wollongong in Dubai on the Influence of Happiness on Managers’ Job Performance.

Unprecedented challenges are facing businesses across the world. Successful organisations need people capable of achieving and sustaining optimal levels of performance. This trend is particularly evident in the case of managers. In this dynamic environment managers’ happiness can affect their job performance and ultimately business outcomes.

For more details click on this link http://survey.healthengine.org/information.html

Farhana Kausar – GCA Customer Relationship Manager


Farhana Kausar has recently joined GCA as ‘Customer Relationship Manager’, and in this role, Farhana will be working to further develop excellent relationships with GAC Operating Companies, partners and commercial operations.

Farhana comes to GCA from GAC Dubai, where she worked as a Key Account Manager. Her experience in customer analysis and detailed understanding of GAC’s core business areas positions her to ensure GCA continues to meet the evolving needs of its customers across the globe.

With a long term and successful career in business development across a range of industry sectors, and an MBA graduate from Australia’s Murdoch University, Farhana is a great asset to the GCA team.


Course Feature

Personal and Professional Development (PPD)

Personal and professional development is at the core of our lives, but how many of us have a written five year plan with specific and measurable goals?

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) course is designed for anyone who wants to pro-actively take control of their future success. The course will introduce participants to a wide range of tools that can be used to define their personal values and develop their own personal and professional goals. From there, the course will help participants plan how to achieve their goals in the most meaningful way. This will include learning plans, time management, performance management in the workplace and more.

In today’s competitive world, having a carefully developed personal and professional development plan is important for many reasons, including:

  • It can assist with career development by defining your desired career development path and helping you to stick to it.
  • It can become the basis of your performance appraisals.
  • It can ensure you maintain a balance of personal and work time.
  • It can set you on the path of being an effective lifelong learner.

“Everyone can benefit from enhanced personal and professional development skills - and this course covers such aspects such as time management, goal setting, career planning, work/life balance, stress management and relationship building. The course is an 8 week e-Learning program that will be open to everyone in GAC with an ambition to take control of their own destiny”. – Damien O’Donoghue, GCA General Manager

The PPD course is an 8-week e-Learning course for everyone with an interest in excelling in life and career. Contact your GLO or Sherol Fernandes at GCA sherol.fernandes@gac.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information

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