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New Year  
Top Story: The 2008 Lineup
A new year means new courses, new features, and new ways to enhance your GAC World career with GCA. Click to read more about what's up and coming on the GCA LMS for 2008!
Profile: Rehan Naeem
Rehan Naeem is bringing eight years of Freight Forwarding and Logistics experience to the table at GCA. Joining us as the new Business Development Manager, Rehan is also a graduate of PRB, BSC and GLO, click here to read more!
Smart Moves: Better Alignment = Better Company
We bring you the second of Waleed's three-part series on strategy, the first being its importance, this second on the crucial nature of alignment. Click to read more!
Highlighting Excellence
Jarunee Korjarunchit is not only a graduate of BCI with Outstanding Distinction, but also an expert in her field- as a Logistics Statistician she tracks and gathers data for analysis and use throughout the GAC World. Click to read more!

Top Story: New Year, New Line-up at GCA

A New Year means an improved new line-up of courses here at the GAC Corporate Academy. From upgrades to entirely new offerings, our courses get more robust and more relevant as we go. Here are just a few of the exciting courses being offered during the coming year:

Introduction to the GAC World has been created, and as of this year, upgraded to give both new and existing personnel a better understanding of the GAC Group and its place in the international business world. New features in the course include activities and scenarios to further detail the company’s history as well as its current stance on ethics, corporate culture and HSSE. Graduates of IGW are positioned to become more productive and more valuable members of the GAC team. Click to read More...

A completely new offering for 2008, the ICDL at GCA offers participants the opportunity to obtain the globally recognised International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

As the world's leading computer skills certification programme, ICDL presents a tremendous opportunity for participants to polish and extend their knowledge on computers and technology while adding an internationally recognised qualification to their resume.

Scholarship opportunities for this independently-paced learning opportunity are also available to GAC personnel, Click to read More...

The link between personal life and professional development is present on multiple levels, and where one is improved, the other will follow.

Using Time Management, SWOT Analysis, Goal Setting and other tools, Personal and Professional Development gives participants the power to achieve this.

Included in the course are methods for improving time management, for clearly defining attainable goals, for managing stress and for taking back control of our lives. These tools will go a long way towards helping us take charge of our personal and professional growth. Click to read More...

It's no secret that communication skills play a major role in helping people climb the ladder to professional success. PRB has been designed to assist people on that journey by helping to perfect their communication skills.

Whatever one's natural ability, skills can be improved by learning certain techniques. This intensive workshop covers many of those techniques in an exciting interactive way that will leave participants with much greater confidence when making their next presentation. Click to read More...

Coming soon to GCA is Information Technology in the GAC World. The establishment of this course underlines how important a thorough understanding of IT is to the ongoing success of the GAC Group.

All personnel are now routinely exposed to new technology, but by completing this course they will confront those challenges with renewed confidence. Click to read More...

Logistics in the GAC World provides an overview of the logistics business as it pertains to the GAC World. Touching on the full range of products and services that GAC is involved with, the course covers topics such as freight forwarding, transportation management, distribution, warehousing management and third party logistics. Supported by interesting case studies, participants will be taken on a journey of theory in practice in the GAC World.

Click on this link to check out more of our available courses.

Profile: Rehan Naeem - Business Development Manager, GCA

Having spent eight years in the Freight Forwarding and Logistics sector of GCA, how do you plan to integrate your previous experiences with Logistics with the GCA Strategy 2008?

The GCA strategy 2008 is to strategically align its offerings to the learning and growth needs that exist in the GAC World. I come from an operational and a frontline background and therefore understand the gap that exists in customer/market requirements and our offerings to the market. My understanding of the market trends and requirements help GCA better understand the learning needs that exist in GAC World and therefore better align the course offerings.

What are your thoughts and ideas on Learning, particularly in the Logistics business area?

The logistics industry is rapidly changing and maturing further. Logistics has become just a part of the larger global supply chain management system that firms are keen on improving to meet customer requirements. Hence, learning in Logistics is gaining currency rapidly. In the past decade, fast changing consumer behavior and producers’ value-added offerings have forced the logistics industry to think outside the box. Hence, development of services like 3rd Party and 4th party logistics have come into existence. I foresee many other developments in the coming years, like the interaction of the firm’s supply and demand chains to meet ever changing consumer demands. Therefore to sustain existence in the market and to gain sustainable competitive advantage, constant learning in the area of not just Logistics but complete Supply Chain is very important.

As a noteworthy member of GCA and a participant of many courses such as GLO, Balanced Scorecard and PRB, what do you have lined up in your Personal Development Plan?

I am an advocate of life-long learning and am always looking to upgrade my skills and knowledge through learning. Currently I am at the completion stage of my MBA in Supply Chain Management. I am also looking forward for the GAC perspective Logistics and Supply Chain courses planned for the latter part of the year. Apart from the business specific courses, I am looking forward to attend some personal and professional development courses like the internationally recognized and very effective International Computers Driving License course to upgrade my computer skills and the very popular Customer Relationship Management workshop through the GAC Corporate Academy.

The academy plays the very important role of a transmission station, transmitting the company values, mission, vision and spirit. As an integral part of this station, I look forward to transmit the messages mentioned above in the most effective and efficient manner to the maximum number of valued employees of the GAC Group. Like my seniors I would like to see my colleagues and the group as the best in the industry and my efforts will be in making sure that they gain excellent skills and knowledge to meet that goal.

Better Alignment, Better Company
Your powerful company brochure describes your incredible engineering solution and how much better a project could be. Yet, when customers call your sales team, the story they hear is far different from the image projected by your marketing department...
By Waleed Jameel
Business and Technology Manager, GCA

Disillusioned, your potential customers walk away looking for someone who knows what they are talking about. The brochure clearly boasts of your strategically developed solutions and services. So what happened? Classic mis-alignment.

Last week we discussed the importance of having a strategy to further company goals and objectives. This week we look at aligning your resources with the strategy. These resources can be tangible or intangible, human capital or otherwise. To achieve maximum efficiency, all resources need to be aligned with the corporate strategy to ensure minimum loss and maximum profits.

Strategy alignment allows the establishment of a relationship, either direct or indirect, between all resources. In smaller companies, this can be easily visualized by the staff and management. Department A (e.g. products & services) connects to Department B (e.g. marketing) while Department C (e.g. office maintenance) is supporting both indirectly. As companies grow and spread out, visualizing becomes a challenge.

Strategy alignment allows upper management to connect the dots and effectively relay these new "maps" to their subordinates and team members, ensuring that everybody is on the same wavelength. Strategy alignment can take place in the form of a lecture, a large discussion, a DVD overviewing the strategic objectives or your manager engaging in a detailed meeting with the entire team. Many methods - single message.

One of the more powerful outcomes of strategy alignment is the distribution of ownership that takes place. Individuals, acutely aware of the bigger picture in their offices, will react within the scope of the larger corporate strategy. Abdullah now has partial ownership of the corporate strategy that falls within his domain and can ensure that all active work, projects and plans are aligned properly.

As your valuable human capital starts shifting its work processes to be more congruent with the bigger picture, it can lead to a powerful and dynamic shift in the company's progress. Micro-management is no longer necessary. References to the corporate strategy suffice. This takes into consideration that people work differently and all styles are welcome as long as they fall within the realm of the corporate strategy.

Lastly, strategy alignment leads to smoother collaboration between all resources. I have seen many departments quarrel furiously over financial resource allocation during budget-times. Such disagreements can easily be disarmed with an explicit and clear strategy. It would resolve which projects have a higher priority (in light of the strategy, of course) and thus, how to best spend resources, both financial and otherwise. The desired outcome is to see departments supporting each other in their strategic objectives, ensuring that all services are properly delivered for the best overall outcome.

This synergization of company resources is best evident when your sales team can comfortably discuss everything from their marketing brochures to their products/services and finally, down to when and how the logistics department will deliver the goods- a natural win-win solution for you and your customers.

Highlighting Excellence: Jarunee Korjarunchit


From top left: Richard Mallen, Global Purchasing Unit Ocean Manager, Johan Vermeiren, Managing Director for GAC Thailand, Sunanta Wongyuen, Quality Manager and Jarunee Korjarunchit with her Outstanding Distinction for BCI.
You perform a very specific task related to gathering statistics for the GAC World. Could you please explain what you do and how these statistics are used?

I gather all the liftings reports, either in GACfreight or Manual report, from GAC offices / partners all over the world. This information is then combined and analyzed, such as liftings for each region, each carrier, each agent/partner etc. As we always say, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Managers use the stats as their support data to negotiate on any vital decision, deal contract, rate support, etc.

Do you feel that the skills required to perform your job tie in to the BCI course you just completed? Does anything you came across in BCI have real-life relevance to what you do in GAC?

Absolutely. Communication is what people cannot escape in work life and personal life. I deal with other colleagues all over the world and BCI course has made my life better by having effective communication.

What, if anything, stood out in the BCI course that you just completed?

I love the way people shared their opinions in the discussion forum. I learnt and got more knowledge on different thoughts and cultures from this room.

Given your outstanding results, would you have any advice for other people in the GAC World hoping to achieve similar accomplishments in their own jobs and skill sets?

I would say know what your roles are and how important you are to the team. You will realize and value yourself and then whatever you do is just the best for you and the team.

Jarunee Korjarunchit
Logistics Statistician
Global Purchasing Unit
GAC Logistics

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