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New GCA Offerings, Pipeline 2009

Career Coach : GAC's doing it, so why not you? Create your own budget.

Logistics in the GAC World : Effective management of logistics and supply-chain activities on a global scale can be an enormous challenge, LGW is its answer.

Helena Cuenat CRM Facilitator and GLO, on the evolution of CRM in the GAC World.

The GAC Corporate Academy is upgrading, evolving, and growing, and already new offerings are in development for 2009. See what new courses are coming to the GAC World.


As Quarter 3 gains momentum, the GAC Corporate Academy has begun the process of evolving its offerings for 2009.

"Having reviewed participant feedback, the expert suggestions of the senior level management, and the recommendations of our GLO's, we're putting together a package of relevant and powerful new options for 2009," said Rehan Naeem, Business development Manager of GCA.

Apart from the current courses, as well as the mainstays, like Introduction to GAC World, Personal and Professional Development, Business Communication in the Information Age and Information Technology in the GAC World, the corporate academy will also be offering a host of new industry-specific courses. Here's what's in the development pipeline for 2009.

  • ITD Introduction to Dolphin - An introduction to the in-house application in terms of usage of functionality. This course will cover the tools and features of the dolphin financial system, enabling efficient and expert use of this powerful tool.
  • PAD Process Analysis and Design - This course will give managers the tools to identify and map processes, and allow continuous improvement through problem solving, cross-functional thinking and optimization of strategy.
  • CSE Customer Service Excellence - This 8 week e-learning course will cover the tools and techniques of excellent customer service for better results and gaining customer loyalty. Specific scenarios, such as dealing with dissatisfied customers and building customer loyalty, are also addressed in this advanced forum.
  • GVE Global Values - Global English - This self directed learning experience will enable participants to better understand, speak and write English. A powerful resource for those who wish to move from basic skills to fluency, this course will help users identify the current level and improve it to the highest through the interactive learning tools provided.
  • XLA Advanced MS Excel - This course will take MS Excel users to the next level of skill, turning basic excel users into Advanced Excel practitioners. In-depth instruction into the many features, shortcuts, and advanced functions of MS Excel will allow more fluid, more effective use of this every-day tool.
  • GSB The GAC Shipping Business - This course is an introduction to the shipping industry in the context of the GAC Group's products and services. Understanding the shipping products and services offered by GAC and their functionality is key your success in the GAC World.
  • YSL VY-GV - Leadership (Online) - This is a Vision-Y course for leaders and aspiring leaders, which covers the GAC Group strategy and formulation of such in depth and in real, applicable scenarios from the GAC World.
  • CMG Change Management - This course highlights successful implementation of change in organizations for better business performances and results, and will teach participants crucial ideas about continuous improvement and innovation.

All new courses are subject to availability, funding and Governance Board approval. A complete course listing for 2009 will be available Q1, 2009.

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Course Feature: Logistics in the GAC World

ITG The trend towards globalisation of business has never been greater, but along with the many benefits of this trend comes enormous challenges. Perhaps the greatest of these challenges, especially for an organisation like GAC, is the effective management of logistics and supplychain activities on a global scale.

Thus, it is of vital importance to the success of the GAC Group that our personnel are fully aware of the range of GAC-specific logistics products that have been developed and also how they are deployed throughout the GAC World to provide integrated solutions for current and future clients.

Logistics in the GAC World (LGW) is an entry-level course specifically designed to address this ongoing need. Its goal is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools required for a successful logistics career in the GAC World. With a sound working knowledge of the GAC Logistics business, participants will enhance their ability to serve current clients, grow the business and support new sales.

The target audience for this course is current and future GAC Logistics personnel.

Logistics in the GAC World runs for eight weeks and is delivered via our state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System.

The course is open to all GAC employees, and is offered in both General and Leadership modes. For further information, please contact Rehan Naeem , Business Development Manager - GAC Corporate Academy.

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Career Coach: Creating a Personal Budget
Creating a Personal Budget

Proper budgeting is critical to the financial success of any organisation, and the GAC World reviews its annual budget this August. The goal of the annual budget review is to ensure good financial management and the future prosperity of the GAC Group, and on a smaller scale, what's good for GAC is good for its people too.

Introduction to GAC World From the Top Down...

IGW isn't just for new beginners in GAC, it's also for leaders and managers who build their expertise and knowledge of GAC by learning about its history. To learn more about IGW, please contact Rehan Naeem, or your local GLO.

IGW Graduate Christer Sjodoff
Vice President, GAC Solutions
Regional Director Asia/Pacific

IGW Graduate Ronnie Knowles (right)
Managing Director
GAC Pakistan

There are many ways of doing this on a personal level, but the best way to begin is by Understanding and estimating your current spending patterns. You may think you know how you spend your money and where, but you may be surprised at how much your real expenditure is. Keep receipts, or keep a small notepad on hand to make a daily list of expenses.

Once you know where your money is being spent, you can then create a personal budget outlining where it should be spent. Be sure to be realistic about necessary expenses, as well as to differentiate them from unnecessary ones.

Try, as much as possible, to allocate a portion of your monthly income to savings, and the best way to do this is to take it aside before it gets spent. By designating your savings before putting your salary into circulation, you are setting savings at a priority higher than spending. Take the amount and put it into a separate bank account, or even in a separate envelope at home somewhere, just so long as this amount is kept apart from the rest of your money so that it is not in danger of being spent unless it absolutely needs to be.

Above all things, keep the big picture in mind. Set financial goals for yourself, both long and short-term, and be honest to yourself in keeping them. Whether you're saving up for a down-payment on a car, or a college fund for the kids, having an explicit goal will help motivate you to save more and waste less.

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Profile: GLO and CRM Facilitator Helena Cuenat

Helena Cuenat Helena Cuenat has fulfilled roles in Business Development, Operations, and Sales, and is both a GCA CRM facilitator and GLO.

Currently a Commercial and Admin Manager for 3PL, Helena lends her considerable expertise to the CRM workshops, most specifically in Process Improvement and enhanced performance. Read on as Helena shares her insights on Customer Relationship Management and its evolution in GAC.

The better you know you know your customer and their requirements the easier it becomes to manage their existing and future expectations. The benefit for GAC people is that we work together as a team with our customers with joint strategies and action plans to achieve a common goal.

CRM is understanding and knowing our customers on an individual and group level and providing them the services they require.

The four elements of the scorecard and the strategy map are all connected to our CRM program, and through the strategy map we are easily able to identify the cause and effect relationship between each of the individual elements. If we do not have a thorough understanding of our customer’s individual requirements we will not be able to keep them satisfied, resulting in loss of business. The elements can be broken down simply into:

Learning and Growth - For this we effectively train our people to fulfill both our and our customer's needs, and implement and integrate our IT systems with the customer's.

Internal Process - Here we review and continually streamline processes to meet improved service levels and reduce costs for both GAC and the customer.

Customer Perspective - By measuring customer service and satisfaction levels, we enable GAC to have continual insight in where to focus and what area to keep our customers
satisfied in.

Financial - When our customers are happy this can only have a positive effect on our top line, with increased revenue and profitability. The aim of CRM is to grow our small customers into our large customers.


The relationship index measures not only how well an individual knows its customer but how well the customer knows GAC and the number of services currently used. The supply chain is from the point the raw materials are ready for transport until the finished goods are on the shelf. Improving our relationship index will grow our business across the GAC world using multiple offices and services.

The long term achievement GAC may reach is that all customers reach either the Excitement Zone or are moving towards the Excitement Zone, meaning we are the supplier of choice, having good relationships with our customers and offering them the services they require and exceeding their expectations.

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