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Sales Strategy - Logistics: Feedback from people like you

Information Technology in the GAC World: Coping with the changing times, now in Q3

Jen Mcglennon on managing change and the future of GAC

Vision Y - Global Values


Over 100 senior GAC personnel are meeting to discuss the next five years in GAC's future, see what they have to say!

Vision Y - Strategy Development (YSD), is this year's flagship course in the GCA learning management system, and over 100 senior GAC personnel are meeting there to discuss the next five years in GAC's future strategy.

From May until August this year, participants in YSD, will be working together to discuss and develop ideas to support business area and regional strategy development across the GAC World.

Participants in the YSD course will be using actual scenarios from within our business and industry to help drive our future strategies – this is learning in real-time rather than through theory. "We are very much looking forward to seeing their ideas on how our Vision Y strategy can be applied at Business Area and Regional level," said Lars Safverstrom, GAC Group President. "And together with the Business Area Vice Presidents, Regional Directors, and members of the Group Management, I am very much looking forward to reviewing these outcomes."

This melding of GAC minds is made possible by the discussion forums and learning tools on the GCA learning management system- LMS, and allows the free exchange of thoughts irrespective of locations and time zones. "The beauty of this system," said Jan Farnelid, Group Vice President – Human Resources, "Is that it connects everyone in the GAC world. People who would otherwise never meet, people on different continents, are suddenly able to speak with their colleagues in distant offices, to work together on projects, and form connections that would otherwise not have been possible."

"Strategy maps and scorecards are being used are being used as tools in the strategy development and implementation process" said Damien O’Donoghue, General Manager of GCA. "These tools enable our people to work with the principles of the strategy-focused organization. We are able to harness the best ideas from a wide cross-section of senior personnel, and we're looking forward to seeing how these ideas will ultimately support Vision Y – Global Values".

Participants in the course also meet in face-to-face workshops conducted in Dubai, Bangkok and London to discuss the finer points of strategy and engage in discussions on the process. All five YSD courses conclude in July, and will be followed by a review of team strategy project by Group Management in August. Ideas and strategies selected from this process will be integrated in the Vision Y – Global Values strategic plan launched earlier this year.

YSD workshop participants
YSD workshop participants from across the GAC world stand together at the first Dubai workshops conducted in June.

Left to right Standing : Mark Delaney, Peter Gronberg, Paul Fardy, Ray Taylor, Xavier Perrin, Timur Makzume, Rodrigo Demarco, Markus Johansson, Gunnar Lundgren. Anand Nair, Magnus Sorgen, Marten Helg, Brett Drinkwater, Ronald Lichtenecker, Sherol Fernades

Left to right Sitting : Debbie Nicol, Jean Richmond, Jennifer Mcglennon

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Profile: YSD Facilitator Jen McGlennon

There are few people as skilled for YSD facilitation as Jennifer McGlennon.

Currently finishing her Doctorate in Management, Jen also holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Education, and as such, Jen brings unique expertise to the role.

Jennifer is also a member of the GCA Governance Board and facilitates the Balanced Scorecard Course.

Jennifer Mcglennon, YSD facilitator

The combination of organizational development, innovation and strategic HR that working with GCA involves does bring an interesting dynamic to the type of work that I do. The higher education aspect looks from a macro to micro level ie: what a country may be doing to skill its workforce to be more competitive globally through to regional dynamics, company change, divisions, teams to individuals. So perhaps the inter-relationship comes in always looking forward –being strategic in determining options and knowing that both organizational and individual shifts are required.

Actually my work rarely fails to be fascinating. Every company I work with has its own history, values and aspirations – so working to assist people within the company demands that I understand the past but then be involved in forecasting. Introducing sometimes daring change for future success is demanding, but rewarding and my work has covered Australia, SE Asia and the Middle East, across aviation, mining, transportation, defence, energy sectors and public service reform.

Sights & Sounds: Sales Strategy-Logistics UK

"This course was excellent, it provided comprehensive and easy to understand approach to the modern sales process. Fantastic course, positively delivered by somebody who really understood the subject matter."

Kevin O’Shea
General Manager

"I thought the course was very good. Kate's level of experience and input was very beneficial. We were able to relate and compare day to day real life business experiences with the discussion topics."

Ty Harris
Air Export Clerk

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the course. I found it most informative, in fact this is the first sales course I have done that was industry specific, and will now take what I have learnt and put it into practice here in South Africa. With kind regards,"

Laura Evans
Sales Manager
GAC Laser International Logistics (Pty) Ltd
Gauteng, South Africa

"The course has finished and what a great success! I have had nothing but positive feedback from the chaps in the UK. The great thing is that not only were they learning but developing relationships and business opportunities! Presentation was very nerve wracking, I hope I managed to do some justice to it! Our sales consultant was very impressed and when we got our new sales team on board, and I think we would like to run this again. A very positive outcome! Thanks to Kate and the GCA team for bringing this to the UK"

Annalie Briers
Chartered MCIPD
Human Resources Manager
GAC Logistics (UK) Ltd

The links with my experience, interests and Vision Y Strategy Development are very strong. GAC has adopted a strategic view with an international perspective and identified a significant pool of people with well developed regional and business unit expertise and tacit knowledge. Bringing people together to develop strategy using the Balanced Scorecard Approach – (a management framework that seeks a balanced and accurately measured approach to business) – to pose meaningful questions and to identify and measure what truly matters across 4 levels, those of Learning & Growth, Internal Processes, Customers (internal & external) and Financial - supports is a continuing cultural evolution for the GAC Group.

In initiating this approach, the level of internal expertise, networking and sharing of information grows significantly – this should be used as a driver for GAC’s future as it works towards becoming a more Strategy Focused Organization (SFO). The outcomes of the YSD projects that are being developed are aligned with the broad GAC vision and enhanced through specific regional/business unit strategic objectives and meaningful measures.

The level of dialogue and discussion across the YSD programs is phenomenal – such wisdom, insight and drive! While this 'shakes' some existing frameworks of thinking – it should also bring broader understanding, involvement and commitment to enhancing the strategy of GAC, not as a one off, but for the conscious and continuing development of strategy in an ongoing capacity. That sounds a bit heavy! But it is not.

GCA has an important role to play on multiple levels – both strategic and operational - in growing expertise across a range of important areas. There is so much GAC can leverage through GCA in being the face of cohesive change in the way people think and behave. Ideas continue to come from YSD programs about what type of learning, development and business knowledge would be useful for GAC employees. Multi-national contexts, cultural and language issues can be managed to assist individuals and businesses make fast progress – GCA can address these demands in order to support GAC’s needs.

As an example, while to date individuals are encouraged to enroll in GCA courses – I believe there will be greater impact if regionally a business unit says – we want all our people to have a 2 day YSD course! The outcomes may not be at such a high level (due to less experience at strategic level) however the process of bringing people together to think and explore future possibilities and identify improvements required is incredibly powerful. I have some great examples from other companies that support that experience – so know the positive impact achieved.

To the GAC world – I learn new things about your business, your opportunities, your competitors and significant cultural, political and economic impacts in your regions and business units everyday! Thank you – as it broadens my mind and also enables me to identify ways in which GAC can utilize this information more strategically.

Globalization, regionalization as a response to fuel prices, customer needs and new niche opportunities are your future! Get thinking, discussing, questioning & suggesting and make this everyone’s job!

Once people fully understand their opportunity to contribute you will be amazed at where innovative ideas come from – and you will be a stronger company for it if you work out ways to communicate, innovate and reward all players on the team – everyone is vital for GAC’s success for the next 50 years.

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Information Technology in the GAC World

ITG To say that computer technology has revolutionized the modern workplace is one of the great understatements of our times.

Not only have traditional methods of handling information and communication been vastly improved, but entirely new business tools, like email and video conferencing, have been created. Like other successful organizations, the GAC Group has fully embraced this change and, as a result, all our people are now routinely exposed to the challenges posed by this new technology.

The GCA course Information & Technology in the GAC World (ITG) has been established to address this ongoing need for all GAC People. The course is wide-ranging and covers GAC-specific content such as our IT systems, policies and security, our business and communication applications, our office automation systems and the roles and responsibilities for IT in GAC, including the provision of support and training.

This course is aimed at all personnel who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments in information technology, especially in how it relates to your daily responsibilities within the GAC Group.

Information & Technology in the GAC World runs for eight weeks and is delivered via our state-of-the-art interactive online Learning Management System.

The course is open to all GAC personnel. For further information, please contact Rehan Naeem , Business Development Manager - GAC Corporate Academy.

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