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May 2009

Jane Cresswell: GCA proudly welcomes Jane Cresswell, our newest IGW facilitator. Read her thoughts on learning, teaching, and the role of IGW in GAC

A Page from GAC's History: GAC was first established in 1955, and like most businesses in the region, was 51% owned by local partners...

From the GSB Forum: Neil Godfrey on a powerful tool that GAC cannot afford to be without


We're very excited to share that GCA is instituting a Workshop 2.0 approach, where all workshops will be accompanied by online learning components on GAClearn.

Previously, workshops were two days, with lots of activities taking place within the workshop setting. We gave people tools and gave them the applications, examples, stories within those two days themselves. This allowed participants to engage within that context, but transferring those skills from the workshop to the office was sometimes limited. GCA’s workshop 2.0 approach overcomes that speed bump by wrapping each workshop around a 4 week eLearning component.

With this new model, the learning experience continues as they build new knowledge through GAClearn over a period of weeks, and they are able to assimilate, apply, and demonstrate that knowledge. Online, they are able to discuss and work with the people they met and engaged with during those initial workshop days, and this allows helps strengthen relationships of our people across the GAC World.

This also allows participants to continue building new experiences with their teams, applying newly acquired knowledge in a contextualized GAC setting. The projects are designed to take in real day-to-day challenges in the work life. In a recent visit to NSGAC, I bumped into one of our workshop learners. He enthusiastically told me about the impact the GAClearn component had on the workshop - it gave him the opportunity to ensure that all his learning was successfully captured by him. He was able to ask questions and apply his new-found knowledge outside of those 2 days. Waleed Jameel

This model is set to the be future standard for our workshops, and we want to thank all those participants who gave us the feedback that has enabled us to make this upgrade.

Waleed Jameel
Operations Manager

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A Page from GAC's History: 1955

Gulf Agency Company (Kuwait) Ltd. was officially established November 1955. As in most other Arabian countries, a local partner was required in order for foreign companies to do business in Kuwait.

GAC's partners in Kuwait were Abdul Aziz Al Kazemi and Jassim Mohammed Thuneyan Alghanim- the two businessmen who had originally approached Bengt Lindwall.

The document officially registering Gulf Agency Company (Kuwait) Ltd. was signed, stamped and sealed in November 1955. N&S owned 49% of the new company while the Kuwaiti partners owned 51%, and Bengt Lindwall was responsible for covering all losses of the new GAC.

Åke Svensson took over the practicalities of setting up Gulf Agency Company and Bertil Ahlm, who had previously been working for N &S, became the first employee of GAC.

Initially the business was based upon Scandinavian cement shipments, but quickly branched-out into other projects, such as business from the American and European oil drillers.

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Teacher and life-long learner: Jane Cresswell joins the GCA facilitation team
Jane Cresswell

Jane Cresswell is a facilitator for Introduction to GAC World (IGW), and in addition to a love of teaching, also brings a love of learning and music to her role in GCA.

I do not 'teach' in the traditional sense; I am there to facilitate learning, to give people the ways and means of acquiring new skills and knowledge. I also have to be a bit of a gentle disciplinarian now again and keep people focused and on track! My training as a teacher has certainly helped me with all aspects of my role as a facilitator and it is interesting to note that it doesn’t matter what you 'teach,' the approach is very similar.

Learning should be a pleasurable experience so I also hope that they enjoy taking this course and that it inspires them to take more in the future. I firmly believe that learning and education, in whatever shape or form, can truly enrich your life and make you a more rounded, interesting and tolerant person.

Sneak Peek
From the GSB Forums

As the GAC Group grows - we should attain over 9,000 employees in 2009 ...


The need for colleagues to understand what GAC does in all corners of the globe, both in their business area and in others, becomes more and more important. GCA is going to play a pivotal role in this by imparting information on the Group's products, services and activities and facilitating in-house discussion and learning in the course forums. Used prudently and kept up to date, this is indeed going to be a powerful tool and one which GAC cannot afford to be without.

GCA will help in promoting understanding of what G2G is, but for it to really work, the local offices Neil Godfrey involved may - on some occasions at least - have to think less local and more global by reducing their local profit in the interest of keeping business "in the family".

Neil Godfrey
Shipping Marketing Director

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It is very insightful to be able to communicate with people from all over the world who all share the same GAC values and spirit. All the people I’ve ‘spoken’ to have felt the same way about the company which is very rare in this day and age. The IGW experience brings people together people from all different parts of the company; and they learn things about GAC which they couldn’t have if they didn’t take this course. The history of the company especially, is very interesting and also very important as it is, in essence, the rationale of what GAC stands for today.

IGW allows GAC people to learn something about the company, other people and themselves. That’s a lot of learning for just 8 weeks, but it’s all very valuable. I think the IGW course will continue to be the foundation upon which other courses are built. It plays a very important role within the GAC Academy and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come.

I think the IGW course will continue to be the foundation upon which other courses are built. It plays a very important role within the GAC Academy and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come.

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