eNewsletter June 2010

June 2010

GACknowledge: GCA's automated data management system set for pilot in Q3

Sights and Sounds: Time Management for Peak Performance

Did you miss the boat?
Good news, if you missed the Q1 launch, GEP is set for a 2nd launch in Q3!

GCA for All: Thoughts from Costanze Arjona, Ultramar GNA

As we head into the end of this month, we are celebrating crossing the half-way point of our five year strategic plan Vision Y – Global Values (VY-GV) which started in 2008.

GCA has been a fundamental building block of VY-GV, as we invest in people and put learning at the heart of what we do. Our global values are what makes us inherently successful and unique. GCA is the transmission station for both GAC Spirit and the GAC Way – and a catalyst for GAC-2-GAC, or G2G.

Midway through this strategy, we are pleased to be playing a key role in educating people across the GAC World, and we would like to thank everyone who has helped contribute to our collective success. We are proud to be a part of VY-GV and also seeing the results of learning and development throughout the GAC World.

Best Regards,
Damien O'Donoghue
General Manager
GAC Corporate Academy

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GACknowledge: The next evolution in data management for GCA

The GAC Corporate Academy is proud to announce the ongoing development of GACknowledge, GCA's automated web-based administration system, developed in-house by Group IT. While you may not see this program at work in your courses or daily work, you will be happy to know that GACknowledge is set to become the powerhouse behind the management of GCA's elearning data.


The GAC Global English Programme (GEP) is well underway, with participants from the Q1 launch exceeding 200. We are pleased to report that Participants are very actively engaging in forums, and sharing stories about extending their learning to their family and friends.

GEP is discovered to be more than a course, and even a service that can be used by people that enables them do their work better. Tools like Vocabulary, Writing, and over 200 instant mail templates are guiding GEP participants through a practical, hands-on way of increasing their communication skills.

It's not too late to join the ranks of GAC people taking advantage of this amazing tool. GEP will launch with a second batch on September 26th. If you are interested in taking your English language skills to the next level, please speak to your GLO, or email Sherol Fernandes, Programme Manager for GEP.

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The benefits to GCA are obvious, data automation means increased data accuracy. For participants, this means quicker turnaround service at end of course with rapid delivery of digital certificates. Company Managers will benefit from the system as well, as GACknowledge will provide clear and concise company reports, allowing them to see the status of their enrolments and company participation.

GCA is regularly asked by Regional Vice Presidents to provide regional level snapshots of the companies in terms of nominations and participations across all courses. GACknowledge's reporting system will provide up-to-date information to senior management when they need it, how they need it.

Our GLO's will be particularly pleased to know that GACknowledge will make their jobs easier. GLO's are vital to GCA's operations, as they are our representatives around the world and it is important the information they share with us be carefully maintained and used. In manual systems, there were chances of human error during multiple steps in the process. With GACknowledge, information will be entered almost directly from the GLO, allowing seamless transfer of information. GLO's regularly need to know status of their nominations, their enrolments and end of course certificates. With GACknowledge, GCA will be in a stronger position to provide this information to GLO's, enabling better service.

Since initiation, GAC Corporate Academy has been a process driven organization, and for the first few years, we used manual systems – Excel mainly – to manage all GCA data and processes. Our data-gathering has allowed us to quickly refine, update and polish our systems, and with each evolution, we have learnt more about the needs of our customers and clients and were able to deliver better service.

GACknowledge is another such evolution, and it is the culmination of years of this experience channeled into an automated system that captures the best practices of managing elearning courses globally in the GAC World. GACknowledge is also vital to GCA, given the massive volumes of participants that are knocking on our doors, so we're very excited to be in the final stages of GACknowledge's development. A pilot launch of GACknowledge is scheduled for Q3 this year, and we'll keep you posted on its exciting development.


Sights & Sounds: GAC Global English Programme
at 3PL GAC Dubai
Pradeep Kumar

I highly recommend T4P to all, even if they ‘think’ they manage their time well. The root cause analysis of Time Wasters, Time Stealers & Time Thieves, as well as The Four Quadrants, The Four D’s of Productivity, Pareto Principle, Procrastination & Delegation with the practical workshop, will help people save time, do more and better handle responsibilities in the office. T4


Pradeep Kumar
General Manager
GAC Sharjah WLL

The course helped me identify which tasks I should prioritize and allocate more time on. Also, it helped me become conscious of each second passing by. Being aware prods me to make maximum use of my time resulting in higher productivity. Also, the course helped me feel more empowered by being the one in control of my own time.

Joy Quino The benefits that this course can bring to other colleagues in the GAC WORLD are many. Participants learn how to respect their time and that of others, as well as learn more techniques on how to do things effectively in very little time as they go on practising time management.

They will realize that other trainings play a very important role in using time effectively as well. When they are trained on many things, then it’s more likely that they will know what to do. And when they know what to do, it is less likely that time is spent on redoing work.

Learning these things can bring in more productivity for GAC, and the more productivity for GAC, the more likely that GAC is going to reciprocate through incentives. At the end of the day, it’s going to be a WIN-WIN relationship between the company and the staff, reciprocating from both ends on an ongoing basis.

Joy Quino
Executive Secretary

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The course helped me identify which tasks I should prioritize and allocate more time on. Also, it helped me become conscious of each second passing by. Being aware prods me to make maximum use of my time resulting in higher productivity. Also, the course helped me feel more empowered by being the one in control of my own time.

Sudesh Chaturvedi "In our department we handle three variety of work – Urgent / Top Urgent and Top Top Urgent. Some of the tools, especially Four Quadrants, have helped tremendously in putting things in perspective. Same goes about the concept of 'Time Waster' and 'Time Stealers'. Now I can see them through swiftly and recoil to productive tasks.

One thing that none of us can create is additional time. So to do justice to this most precious resource at our disposal we must utilise every minute productively. We can achieve this conveniently through the 'Tricks and Tips' picked up from the Time Management course."

Sudesh Chaturvedi
Ocean Freight Manager


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Time Management for Peak Performance
Constanza Arjona, Product Manager for GNA Ultramar, has participated in two GCA courses, and believes that GAC courses are "an essential tool for our GNA’s job."

I have taken Introduction to GAC World (IGW) and Shipping Agency Operations (SAO), and I was motivated to take these courses to better understand the GAC World and standards, principles and operation modes. Of course, both courses broadened my understanding of the GAC Group, and they are very helpful to get closer to GAC way of doing things!

Understanding all the principles and operations modes, means that we can attend in a more effective way our GAC clients. We need to deliver the same output for a client who operates in Latin-America and for a client who operates in the Middle East. Knowing and understanding the GAC way is a step forward in customer satisfaction.

Constanza Arjona Some of the benefits these courses have brought to us in Ultramar are a better relationship with GAC, and better integration and alignment between GAC and the Ultramar Network. And, of course, taking GCA courses are a wonderful way to get closer to our GAC colleagues, and I think this is the most important benefits of all.

Thanks and kind regards,


Constanza Arjona
Product Manager
Ultramar Network

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