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GCA Courses: What’s In It For Me? Part 2

Last edition we took a look at ‘What’s in it for me’ for participants in GCA courses. This month we will take a look at two more important outcomes from the courses.

Sense of Community

Every GCA course involves participants from across the world and this provides the opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The result is a strong sense of community and alignment with the GAC vision and objectives. It also gives participants a voice in the GAC World that is heard throughout the organisation.

Arun Julka
Making new friends in overseas GAC locations through the courses is definitely a superb idea and has helped us all to obtain a good view into how these offices work to help improve our own offices. We should maintain these contacts forever.

Arun Julka,
General Manager,
Business Development Oil and Gas Support GAC India
Ramachandran Nair
All my GCA courses have generated distant community friends. Sindu Menon from MFC Dubai and I met through the GLO course. five years ago and we have continued to have great rapport since then on work related issues. My worktable still has the printed greeting card that Sindu sent, wishing me the very best in 2012.

Ramachandran Nair,
Manager Quality Development,
GAC Oman

Comparing Experiences

Because participants are constantly sharing their own work experiences in the courses, it makes it easy for them to apply the learning to their work context, and find new ideas and approaches to doing things.

Rosy Chaanine
GCA courses provide accurate and related knowledge and resources plus the interaction with other colleagues and learning how they do it at their end to compare experiences and learn.

Rosy Chaanine,
Shipping Operations Manager,
GAC Lebanon
Joachim Holst
I believe we need to challenge the habits and find better ways to do business, for us and our customers, and this course is a great example of sharing business experiences that can be introduced locally!

Joachim Holst,
Business Process Manager Shipping,


Daniel Nordberg and GFE for the ARC region

Daniel NordbergDaniel Nordberg is the Regional Business Controller for GAC ARC Region. In that role he supports the ARC companies mainly in business process and financial/accounting matters and works closely with Group VP for the region.

Right now, Daniel is also the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the GAC Financial Essentials course being run exclusively for the ARC region. The initiative for this course came from a discussion between Daniel and the VPR Erland Ebbersten, to bring the whole region onto the same page when it comes to analysing and reporting the performance of its business.

Discussing the aims for the GFE course in ARC, Daniel said; “The course will ensure that everyone uses the same terminology in the region. It will also ensure that everyone has same understanding about the key elements of finance. What we are aiming for is to create a forum where companies can help and learn from each other and build network in the region. Another important outcome for us is that our people receive GAC TIME training in the two financial CSF to ensure that all companies are ready to fully implement GAC TIME.”

Daniel adds that so far the course has been excellent and says “I am impressed with the interaction, learning and transfer of knowledge taking place in the forums. I have great hopes that the relationship between the operational and financial sides of GAC will continue to build and grow through the GFE course.”


Course Feature

Key Account Management

Gurumurthi ShankarThe latest addition to the GAC Sales Development Programme is Key Account Management (KAM) which focuses on strategically maximising the potential of business relationships with key customers.

Gurumurthi Shankar, Group Sales Director, describes the new KAM course as an important step in deploying the key account methodology throughout the GAC Group.

Shankar says “Key account management is rapidly evolving in GAC and there are some exciting developments underway. These include a standardised Group-level approach, and an integrated system of customer data management using the GACsam business application. Although still in its infancy, our vision is a one-stop tool containing multi-level information on all key accounts.”

The KAM course is an eight week e-Learning course, and will have the following outcomes:

  • Identifying key accounts at a group, regional and local level.
  • Understanding management information on key accounts.
  • How to approach and build relationships with key account customers at all levels.
  • Taking action to develop focused growth opportunities.

KAM provides a framework for every GAC company to evaluate its existing customer base and develop clear business strategies using the Group-approved KAM framework for those who qualify as key accounts.

The course is recommended for everyone involved in customer relationship management including sales, key account managers and senior managers. As Shankar says however, GAC’s aim is to be a sales-driven organisation so everyone is a salesperson to some extent and has a role to play in customer relationship management.


Sights and Sounds

CRM Workshop Singapore 17, 18th May

crmCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of GCA’s premier workshops that focuses on strategies for improving the quality of existing customer relationships and forming new partnerships for the future.

In May the CRM workshop went to Singapore for an intensive two days of training and facilitator, Helena Cuenat, described the workshop as a “huge success”.

workshop“The Singapore CRM was a great workshop as it not only included those who work directly with our external customers in a sales and customers service capacity but also a number of staff from internal support functions such as IT and HR. With such a diverse group it was a good opportunity to be able to tie in all the functions working with internal and external customers to give a complete all round approach to the business which can only result in more satisfied customers and higher profit margins.”

Just some of the benefits of improved customer relationship management include:

  • An increase in profits without increasing costs
  • The building of existing business as well as new business
  • The identification of small customers that have the potential to be very large customers
  • An increase in customer loyalty, which decreases customer "churn"

The participants praised the workshop for its practical approach leading to clear and positive outcomes in their own business:

"Helps better understand what the customer needs, their products and services" (Keane Nyo, Hub Co-ordinator, GAC Singapore)

"Bringing out the potential inside each of us. Awareness from reactive to pro-active." (Albert Sio, Business Development Manager Warehousing, GAC Singapore)

"Understanding the value of customer relationship is very important in the business world." (Syed Yahia, Customer Service Assistant Manager, GAC Singapore)

workshop workshop workshop


Mikael Leijonberg—GCA Learning in Bahrain

Mikael LeijonbergMikael Leijonberg is the Managing Director of GAC Bahrain and a strong supporter of GCA’s learning programmes. This month he talked with us about his impressions of the courses and how they have helped him.

Which courses have you completed with GCA and what are the highlights of each?

The first GCA course I did was YSD - Vision Y Strategy Development in 2008. The highlight from the course was the interaction with colleagues discussing GAC strategies and how to implement them. It was very stimulating to share strategic thoughts with colleagues from different professions and countries around the GAC World.

In April 2012 I completed the AFO (Air Freight Operations) course. Through the course material and the interaction with my fellow course colleagues I gained a much better understanding of airfreight operations and how it can be made more profitable.

I have just started the SAO (Shipping Agency Operation) course. Since I have a finance background I hope to gain a better understanding of the shipping agency operation. From what I have seen during the first weeks it looks promising!

How do you see GCA courses can assist you to better achieve your business outcomes?

A better understanding of the various parts of our business areas will for sure help me to manage GAC Bahrain more effectively. In the GAC Group’s efforts to increase the G2G business, GCA courses can contribute positively by building networks and streamlining business practices.

Telling others in GAC about GCA courses, what would you say?

Learning is a never ending journey. I believe that GCA courses can benefit GAC staff at all levels in the organization to advance their careers and the GAC Group.

Did you know?

Travelling and want to access your current GCA course on the road? Use a tablet or smart phone?

Well now you can make sure you never miss those important discussions and deadlines by using GAClearn for mobile. GAClearn automatically recognises the device you are using and delivers the appropriate system with no app to download. Plus it will provide low bandwidth graphics and videos hosted on youtube to ensure you stay up to date!


GLO Best Practices

Oman Graduation Ceremony

graduation ceremonyTop – Subhith Nair (International Moving), Felix Menezes (Clearing & Forwarding), Nadeem Al Sabbagh (Shipping), Makhdoom Mohideen (MSTA Shipping), Suad Said (HR & Admin), Patrik Hallden, general manager, GAC Oman.

Bottom – Jayaram Sethuraman (Finance), Joseph Ambrose (Import Freight Services), Mariam Ismaily (GAC Shipping), Arun Lal (Clearing & Forwarding), Shilpa Shetty (MSTA Shipping) and Nishit Nair (TNT International Express)


GCA Survey

Shahid Aslam Wins the Second GCA Newsletter Survey Prize!

Shahid AslamWe are excited to announce our second survey winner, Shahid Aslam, the Manager of Business and Credit Control with GAC Pakistan. Shahid was randomly selected from the pool of respondents and wins this month’s $100 Amazon gift voucher.

Shahid is great supporter of GCA having done five courses in recent years. He commented that “Each course has been a different experience for me. It has given me more clarity and confidence to my work and has helped in developing the knowledge I need about the work and the industry.”

In discussing the possible future for GCA in five years’ time, Shahid said; “I foresee that GCA will be contacted by other multinational/local companies to educate their staff in order to enhance their abilities to perform better.”

Once again your survey responses were collated and passed on to management, and continue to be a powerful way of giving feedback about GCA.

Have your say on GCA – and win!

Once again this month we are running our GCA survey to learn more about your expectations of GCA courses and how we can improve them. A $100 Amazon gift voucher will be presented to one randomly chosen respondent, so click below to have your say!

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The survey will close at midnight on July 15 2012, 11:59PM GMT + 4 (Dubai).

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