eNewsletter October 2008

October 2008
YSD Concludes

On the Drawing Board 2009 : GCA's new offerings are being selected for 2009, and you have the power to decide

XLA : Advanced MS-Excel - take your spreadsheet skills to a new level

Clara Agah : Dedication to growth in the GAC World

A New Category, a new opportunity - Best Region added to upcoming GCA Awards. Nominations now being accepted.


It's time again, for GCA to look at the great work we've seen in 2008, and select the winners for the annual GCA Awards. The categories from last year; Best Company, Best GLO, and Best Participant, are joined this year by a new award, Best Region.

The award for Best Region will be awarded to a Regional Director who has helped lead the region forth to strong growths in their learning and development perspective.

The award for GLO of the year will be presented to the GCA Liaison Officer who has made themselves an indispensable, undeniable source of expertise as they have served as a bridge between GCA and the rest of the GAC world.

The award for best participant in a GCA course will be given to one GAC participant whose outstanding course contributions, team participation, and overall grades will represent the zenith of what can be achieved when dedication meets facilitation on the GCA Learning Management System.

The award for Best GCA Company will be awarded to a GAC Operating Company who has shown strong participation, the highest participant GPA's, and the most dedication to ongoing employee development.

Results will be announced in the December newsletter, and the awards ceremony will take place in the final GCA Governance Board Meeting on December 4th, where our distinguished members and external specialists will announce their decisions.


Profile: Clara Agah
Clara Agah

A graduate of GLO, MOT, GLO-MC, and BSC, as well as a current participant in ICDL, Clara Agah is a great example of dedication to learning & growth in the GAC World.

I joined GAC Nigeria in year 2000, and for the first 3 years I worked in Clearing and Forward Department. Since 2004 I have being working as the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and also assisting the Administration Department. It has been fun working for GAC all this while, especially in the last couple of years having gained exposure to the workings of executive management.

I would like to say thanks to the GCA team, my MD, Capt. Peter Bengtsson who has given me the opportunity to learn and also my colleagues (participants) who contributed to my learning when taking the GCA courses.

I encourage my other colleagues to take advantage of the ample opportunities that exist in GCA to develop themselves. There are variety of courses on offer which enhance personal development and professional growth in the workplace. I have taken a few of these courses and brightened my horizon and scope of the business, please don't hesitate further go online and enroll now.

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Course Feature: Advanced MS Excel

Do you use Excel regularly? Do you wish you could manage your data (and time) more effectively? Do you need to employ more advanced techniques than you currently use?

The things you will learn in this course will transform your day to day use of this application. Impress your managers, colleagues and even your customers by becoming a true power user of spread sheets.

Excel is probably the most widely used computer desktop application in the world of business, and how you use Excel in your work role will dramatically improve by taking this course.

By completing this GAC corporate academy course you will increase your efficiency and productivity as you use Excel every day. Excel is the ultimate business tool – so become an expert user!

Specifically, on course completion, a participant will be able to:

Learning Outcomes


  • Name areas of your worksheets for more meaningful formula, and use the power of applying relative and absolute references.
  • Gain the ability to link separate worksheets and workbooks.
  • Apply advanced power formatting techniques.
  • Create conditional statements to make automated decisions in your worksheets.
  • Manage large spreadsheets more effectively, through listing techniques, advanced filtering, indexing and lookups.
  • Extensive knowledge of charts and graphs.
  • Create pivot tables to enable summarising and manipulation of data in a simple yet sophisticated manner, understand your data more clearly and share summarized views.
  • Use advanced functions such as goal seeking, problem solving and building interactive scenarios for “What if?” projections.

Performance Outcomes


  • Use advanced formatting techniques
  • Use a wider range of functions.
  • Manage workbooks, worksheets, and data more easily.
  • Apply techniques to real-world spreadsheets.

Business Outcomes


  • Manipulate data in a more meaningful way for business.
  • Increase efficiency when dealing with Excel data.
  • Use advanced data management techniques to present data more effectively.
  • Integrated advanced knowledge in an appropriate way in day-to-day use of Excel.

What's involved?

As with most other GAC Academy courses, XLA is delivered via an interactive e-learning technology. This rewarding and interesting course is open to all GAC employees.

For further details on this career-enhancing course, please contact Rehan Naeem, Development Manager – GAC Corporate Academy.

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Learning Forecast 2009

The GAC Corporate Academy has an exciting new line-up of courses and workshops slated for development in 2009, which ones make the cut is actually up to you.

If you are interested in any of the following course, email your GLO or Rehan Naeem, Business Development Manager of GCA. There is no limit to the number of courses you may express interest in, and we’re looking forward to hearing how we at GCA can help you further your career in the GAC World.

1 GMC GLO MasterClass - 2009
1 GLO GCA Liasion Officer
1 VYG Vision Y- Global Values - Leadership (Online)
1 YSD Vision Y- Global Values - Strategy Development
Professional Development (Online)
1 GEL Global English
1 ICDL International Computer Driving License
1 CSE Customer Service Excellence
1 XLA Microsoft Excel - Advanced
1 TMG Time management
1 PAP Performance Appraisal
1 ISO ISO9000
1 QAT Quality Auditing
1 SSF Six Sigma Funamentals
1 PMG Project Management
1 GTM GAC Time
Professional Development (International Workshops)
1 CRM Customer Relationship Management
1 BSC Balanced Scorecard
1 VSL Value Selling
1 SSL Sales Strategy
1 PAD Process Analysis and Design
1 HRM HR Masterclass
1 STD Seal the Deal (Negotiating & Closing deals)
1 PRB Presentation Bootcamp
1 P2W Pitch to Win (Sales, Proposals and Presenting)
1 P4X Precision Communication for Executives
1 PAD Process Analysis and Design
1 KAM Key Account Management
1 CMG Change Management
Business Area Specific (Online)
1 LGW Logistics in the GAC World
1 IAT IATA Fundamentals
1 DGR Dangerous Goods Awareness
1 SCM Supply Chain Management
1 FFF Freight Forwarding Fundamentals
1 GFT GAC Freight
1 GSB GAC Shipping Business
1 SAF Shipping Agency Operations
1 DF1 Dolphin Fundamentals
GAC Fast Track Programme (Online)
1 IGW Introduction to the GAC World
1 ITG Information Technology in the GAC World
1 BCI Business Communication in the Information Age
1 PPD Personal & Professional Development

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