eNewsletter October 2010

Oct 2010

HSSE in Indonesia: GAC Samudera Logistics and their HSSE initiatives.

GEP Snapshot: GAC Enrollment in the Global English Programme is up by over a hundred new participants!

GCA Annual Awards:
It's time, once more, to highlight excellence in learning and growth throughout the GAC World!

With VY- Global Values we are moving towards being a sales focused organisation. As we reach the halfway mark of the strategy rollout, you must have noticed transformations that have taken place in the sales structure of GAC Group starting this year. This is strongly supported by our heavy investment in learning and development.

We have invested time and resources to ensure that you have state of the art and meaningful learning in the area of Sales and Customer Relationships to help meet our strategic objectives, Stronger Business Development and Good Customer Relationships. To support these objectives the GAC Corporate Academy has developed The GAC Sales Handbook and Profitable Customer Relationships course that will motivate and equip you with all the required tools to develop new business and more importantly retain and further nurture good existing customers.

As a fast expanding global company, it is essential that we conform to a set of common standards in developing business, whether you are in Houston or Hong Kong. This will ensure as a group, we follow a more structured, strategic and coordinated approach to achieving long term and sustainable business growth.

We strongly recommend that you learn through these two significant courses to meet the VY-GV set targets. You are encouraged to understand the GAC Way of developing new business by participating in the GAC Sales Handbook course. Furthermore it is important that you understand how to analyse your customers and to know who and how to retain and develop further.

I look forward to seeing you in the courses soon.

William Hill
VP - Commercial

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HSSE Initiatives in GAC Samudera
Logistics and Shipping

As the official transmission station of the GAC Spirit and the values that GAC stands for, The GAC Corporate Academy is delighted to recognize GAC Samudera Logistics in their initiatives to share and strengthen the culture of HSSE in their organization.


"The best way to build and sustain a culture of HSSE in our company is by structuring it on Behavior Based Safety. This is achieved by personal empowerment that enhances our knowledge with hands-on training.

In our company, GAC Samudera Logistics, people have open communication about training and share knowledge about safety information though our installation safety information board.

During training, we encourage people to be aware of how important of their safety, health, and environmental practices are. We want to make our safety culture a way to increase productivity as well, every day and everywhere not only within our work environment. Because the practices that are good for people and good for the environment are good for business too.
During our training, all employees have stated their commitment to implementation of safety by signing a big safety banner. The banner is a proof of our commitment, and is seen by every employee every time they enter the office, because it has been installed in the area where employees gather.

The purpose of all readable information, such banners and signs, are to keep our employees aware that safety really is an important aspect in GSL’s working environment. No one is allowed to neglect or ignore HSSE, as they are reminded of the consequences. People must be aware that they are responsible to ensure other employees are safe, and safety must start from ourselves."


-Hari Krishnan
MD, GAC Samudera Logistics
& GAC Samudera Freight Services
Jakarta, Indonesia


Lars Safverstrom

GAC focuses on providing employees and stakeholders with a healthy, safe, secure working environment – and is committed to limiting the carbon footprint that our business activities leave on the planet. The GAC Corporate Academy is pleased to support this outcome with our innovative and practical HSSE course, designed to enhance knowledge on the importance of HSSE within and beyond the GAC World.

Together GCA and GAC Operating companies can live the principles defined by GAC Group President Lars Safverstrom when he said, "We want to be known as the most ethical company in the business, because it's not about doing the most profitable thing, it's about doing the right thing."



GCA is pleased to announce that GEP enrollment at its second launch is up by over 150, with participants throughout the GAC World numbering over 350.

Nominations Open
Fourth Annual GCA Awards

GCA is proud to announce the opening of nominations for the fourth annual GCA Awards. Winners in the categories of Best Company, Best GLO, Best Participant, and Best Region will be judged from among those nominated. Anyone may be nominated, and anyone may submit a nomination.

The award for Best Region will be awarded to the region that has most excelled in their learning and development perspective during the year.

The award for GLO of the year will be presented to the GCA Liaison Officer who has made themselves an indispensable, undeniable source of expertise as they have served as a bridge between GCA and the rest of the GAC world.

The award for best participant in a GCA course will be given to one GAC participant whose outstanding course contributions, team participation, and overall grades will represent the zenith of what can be achieved when dedication meets facilitation on the GCA Learning Management System. Participants from the Global English Programme are excluded from nomination, as the GEP Program maintains its own recognition and rewards framework for GEP participants.

The award for Best GCA Company will be awarded to a GAC Operating Company who has shown strong participation, the highest participant outcomes, and the most dedication to ongoing employee development.

Results will be announced in the December newsletter, and the awards ceremony will take place in the final GCA Governance Board Meeting in December.

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