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Top Story: GCA is set to launch a suite of great new courses in 2012.
Course Feature: The GAC Financial Essen-tials course is now underway and Lars Latti, the CFO, talks about its importance for the future of GAC.
Profile: Crystal D'Souza joins the GCA team as GFE facilitator.
Seeking GCA Awards Nominations from across the GAC World!
Sights and Sounds:
Snapshots of the TBL workshop in Nigeria AND Oman GCA grad-uation ceremony
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New GCA Courses for 2012

Get ready for a big year because GCA has a new batch of courses ready to roll out in 2012!

With our focus on courses that meet the VY-GV strategic objectives to make GAC an even more competitive and successful organisation worldwide, the new courses offer a range of exciting new learning opportunities.

GCE - Corporate Governance and Ethics
The GCE course is designed to familiarise participants with the regulatory environment in which they work. Understanding the legislation and regulations that govern the shipping and logistics
business worldwide is essential for GAC employees to avoid potential non-compliance issues.

KAM - Key Account Management
Key Account Management is set to be a new addition to the suite of courses that make up the Sales Development Program alongside the highly successful Profitable Customer Relations, Fundamental Selling Skills and GAC Sales Handbook. Key Account Management focuses on strategically maximising the potential of business relationships with key customers. It is an 8 week
e-Learning course that includes learning outcomes like prioritisation of key accounts, relationship building and strategic planning.

HS2 – Advanced HSSE Management
Advanced HSSE Management is a certification course that is designed to build a strong community of HSSE ambassadors to take GAC?s new HSSE strategy forward. This include specialist training on aspects such as HSSE auditing, investigation and planning and engagement.

PPD - Personal and Professional Development
Everyone can benefit from personal and professional development skills and this course covers such essential learning outcomes as time management, goal setting, career planning, striking an appropriate work/ life balance, stress management and building relationships….how to "win friends and influence people?. The course is an 8 week e-Learning program that will be open to everyone in GAC with an ambition to improve themselves.

ENS – Effective Negotiation Skills
Effective Negotiating Skills is a 2 day workshop that aims to build confidence and savyness in achieving great outcomes from any kind of business transaction. Effective negotiation does not necessarily mean dropping the price and the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) approach focuses on setting a minimum acceptable limit to negotiated outcomes by taking all factors into consideration and communicating effectively to take the deal beyond that limit.

If you are interested in enrolling for any of these courses, talk to your GLO now so you can be included in the learning and development forecasts for 2012.

Enhancing Financial Literacy: Introducing the GAC Financial Essentials Course

By Lars Latti – Group Chief Financial Officer

We are very proud to launch the new GAC Financial Essentials course (GFE), which aims to increase the sense financial responsibility of everyone in GAC. The course is aimed at all staff who want to increase their understanding of finance, but in particular, people in non-finance roles.
For some time we have been hearing our financial managers talk of the need to increase financial literacy throughout the organisation. This is for some very important reasons.

Everyone has a role in GAC's financial position
As a profit-seeking business, everyone in GAC plays a role in achieving our financial bottom line, whether they are an accounts manager, sales person or administrative officer. By understanding the basics of finance principles in GAC, everyone can be better informed about how to play this role more effectively, making us a more financially intelligent organisation.

Out of the seven Critical Success Factors that make up GAC TIME, three directly relate to financial aspects of our business…. CSF 2 says "We must have good cash management" and CSF 4 says "We must keep expenses under control". GSF 5 says

"We must have viable cost effective business development". When we look closer however, we can see that in fact all seven of the CSFs relate to financial management in some way.

Better communication between finance staff and the rest of GAC
Increasing financial literacy also means that communication is improved between finance and sales/ operations. For example, very often sales people need to communicate with finance people in order to create quotes and tenders, get invoices ready on time, collect money and more. We believe that speaking the same language will enhance this relationship and make us an even more successful and profitable business.

Key elements of the GFE Course
The course begins with understanding the basic elements of the GAC finance environment, and leads through the topics of Cash Flow to managing Money In and Money Out. With this appreciation developed, participants then learn about Financial Reporting and how our accounting system, Dolphin, works.

The pilot GFE course is now underway and we are very excited at the learning that is developing amongst the participants from throughout the GAC world.

If you are interested in enrolling in the course, please contact Waleed Jameel at the GAC Corporate Academy or your GLO and for more information, take a look at the GCA website.

Facilitator Profile: Welcome Crystal D'Souza!

image 5 The launch of the GAC Finance Essentials (GFE) course has coincided with the introduction of a highly talented and experienced new facilitator to the GCA team.

Crystal D'Souza brings more than 10 years of experience in corporate accounting, developing and implementing financial controls, budgeting and cost analysis to the GFE course. She adds a high level of expertise to the GFE course, ensuring the best possible learning experience for course participants keen to learn the basics of finance in GAC.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Crystal moved to Dubai earlier this year with her husband and two children. We asked her about her initial impressions of the GFE course:

"I believe the GFE course is a great platform to refresh the finance knowledge of those in non-finance positions. Understanding financial health and the business factors that assist in managerial decision making are often not well understood by those outside of the finance team, but in fact they are essential for everyone in GAC, from administration to sales but particularly those with budgetary responsibility.

"I am impressed by GFE's aim to create an awareness of the key aspects of organizational financial health. This is particularly important because it adds to the checks and balances within GAC and improves the communication and understanding between finance and operational staff. It goes on to make personnel more responsible and able to contribute to the overall financial health of GAC."

Sights and Sounds: Oman Graduation Ceremony

This month, GAC Oman held a staff get-together in the office to honour GCA graduates and long-serving employees. Course certificates were presented and the high achievers were acknowledged.

Here are some great photos from the event provided by Oman?s GLO, Ramachandran Nair. Congratulations!


Photos from top left corner to clockwise…. Patrik Halldén, General Manager, GAC Oman presenting to: Sneha Sampat (IFS), Daniel Jenkins (IT), Ranganathan Krishnan (Finance) Sivadas P (TNT), Alia Abahri (Shipping), Duline Gonsalves (Moving), Sanjay Soanes (CNF), Dominic Savio (MSTA).

GCA Awards for 2011: Nominations NOW OPEN!

The fifth annual GCA Awards are fast approaching and it is time to start nominating for these prestigious awards in the following categories:

  • Best Participant – Awarded to the participant whose grades and participation represent the best achievement towards fulfilling the learning outcomes and excelling as a GAC employee.
  • Best Operating Company – Presented to the GAC operating company which has demonstrated the highest level of commitment towards making GAC a learning organisation through the best overall grades and strongest participation in the GCA courses for the year.
  • Best GLO - For the GAC Liaison Officer who has excelled in spreading the message of the GCA courses and supporting participants in their learning.
  • Best Global English Achievement – Awarded to the GEP participant who has achieved the most impressive improvement in business English skills.

The awards represent the best of the year?s achievements through the Corporate Academy, and are a major recognition of the GAC World?s commitment towards our learning and development objectives, articulated in the VY-GV strategic plan.

The announcement of this year?s GCA Awards winners will be made in our December newsletter, and the awards ceremony will be held at the GCA Governance Board Meeting in December.

If you have been part of, or know of a great achievement in any of the four Awards categories, please be sure to submit your nomination to the GCA team. Contact Waleed Jameel.

Sights and Sounds: TBL Workshop Nigeria
Team Building Leadership (TBL) is a 2-day GCA workshop that prepares leaders to think more about their impact on, and opportunity with, individuals and teams.

Here, one group was in the process of understanding each other's viewpoints, and demonstrating an understanding of each other's behaviour! The results spoke for themselves and we had a fantas-tic time together….Well done GAC Nigeria!

-Debbie Nicol, TBL Facilitator