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Top Story:
Jan Farnelid previews the L&D Forecast process for 2012 and invites the GAC World to consider their courses for next year.
Course Feature:
The new GTSS 2-day Understanding LNG workshop is set to launch in Dubai on 14/15 September.
Patrick Lim discusses his experience of the brand new GAC Sales Handbook course.
External view on GCA:
Tom Bayes of EMO Trans talks Fundamental Sales Skills (FSS) and the future of relations between the partners.
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Forecasting Learning and
Development for 2012: The
Time is Now!

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The success of GCA is based upon the collective inputs of the entire GAC Group – where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Through the combined contributions of everyone from VPs to Country Managers, GLOs and course participants, the learning and development objectives of our Vision Y-Global Value strategy are realised, and we can measure these through GAC TIME CSF 5.

image 3 alt alt Part of this strategy is the annual Learning and Development Forecasting process. In order to plan for 2012, each GAC operating company will project the number of participants for each course, and this demand becomes the GCA course portfolio for 2012.

This forward planning works on multiple levels. With projected numbers, realistic targets can be created for meeting the learning and development objectives of GAC Group. At the same time, the forecast provides each organisation with the opportunity to properly plan and budget for learning and development in line with GAC TIME CSF5. For participants, forward planning means the ability to plan learning as part of an employee's personal and professional development plan.
Those people who take an interest in their own development are likely to find many more attractive career opportunities come their way!

In order to ensure that sufficient capacity is available for those interested the L&D Forecasts need to be as accurate as possible. This is the perfect time to check out the courses on offer from GCA on the website and think about which would help your current and future career aspirations. Each year, a new range of courses will become available, and 2012 will be no exception.

Be sure to let your Line Manager and GLO know your job aspirations, and plan how you see the fulfilment of your learning and development aspirations as a way to get there.

- Jan Farnelid, Group Vice President Human Resources and Chairman, GAC Corporate Academy

Building Learning and Development Relationships with our GAC Partners: Tom Bayes, EMO Trans talks GCA courses

GAC’s global learning and development capability through the Corporate Academy is now becoming internationally recognised thanks to the growing number of GAC partner companies accessing the GCA courses.

This is a positive trend towards global connectedness that is putting the GAC Group at the forefront of corporate

Recently, Tom Bayes from EMOTrans USA participated in the Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS) course. He was full of optimism about the ability of GCA to play a role in

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supporting EMO Trans' learning and development initiatives as well as building stronger relationships with GAC as an international partner.

Tom is the Director of Asia Route Development for EMO Trans USA and the Chief Representative of EMO Trans China. He has been with EMO Trans USA since September of 1993 and one of his key responsibilities is to develop and support a strong working partnership between EMO Trans USA and GAC Asia. To achieve he makes sales calls with the GAC Asia Sales teams in their respective countries as well as working with the Managers and MD in each Country put focus on USA Sales.

Tom’s feedback on the course clearly showed the importance of continuing to build relationships with our GAC partner companies like EMO Trans.

“The Fundamental Selling Skills (FSS) Course was a great course, and no matter how long you have been doing Sales, this course is a refresher and can make you think about changing some of your sales approach and thinking before and after visiting a client. Two of the modules that I felt were most useful were Sales Psychology and Sales in a Diverse World. I believe that having access to the Multi Cultural Notes was some incredible information that would be of great value to anybody traveling that has a copy of this.

The GCA courses I feel provide great value coming from a GAC Partner company, as one of the best things to come out of this course is the relationships you build during the course. I made it a point to make sure I personally said hello to my colleagues from this course during my June trip and was able to meet GAC employees in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia that I would have not probably been able to know if it was not for this course. Another point would be you get to learn a side of GAC that is not normally seen from the outside such as the different sales programs that GAC has to offer its employees as well as the important focus being put into Sales Development.

Definitely I would recommend the course to other GAC Partners as well as supporting it in the EMO Group."

Course Feature: GTSS Launches the 'Understanding LNG' Workshop in Dubai
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The partnership between the GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) and the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) is underway, with the upcoming Understanding LNG workshop being offered through GAC Training and Service Solutions (GTSS) in Dubai.

This two day workshop will be held for the first time in Dubai on 14/ 15th September and will be facilitated by Howard Candelet.

Howard worked for more than 47 years in senior positions with British Gas in the US, before retiring in 2008 to take on an active training consultant role with GTSS amongst other institutions. His extensive background in LNG management makes him a highly regarded international authority in the field of LNG.

The Understanding LNG course is designed for any staff who are involved in the handling of LNG shipments, or wish to enhance their knowledge of the business. Please see the course specification for a detailed outline of the topics covered.

Day One will provide a comprehensive approach to understanding the key elements of the LNG business, while Day Two focuses on the supporting activities that underpin an LNG operation.

The key topics of the course include:

  • An introduction to LNG
  • The buying and selling of LNG
  • Types of transportation agreement
  • The LNG value chain
  • Operational safety issues
  • World markets
  • LNG Shipping
  • LNG trading
  • Operational shipping logistics
  • Maritime law, regulations and codes of practice
  • New LNG concepts

Christer Sjodoff, Group Vice President GAC Solutions, has played an active role in bringing this course to fruition and commented;

"We are really excited about the launch of this course as the first stage in our global partnership with NMCI. It will provide a very practical approach to understanding the entire value chain of LNG handling, as well as the hazards and support
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activities required. It is a world class course run by a world class trainer and we invite GAC staff and our partner companies to register now.
Announcement: BELIT Testing for Better Business Communication
Good business communication is now more important than ever as the workplace in GAC goes global. However finding the right people with excellent communication skills in the GAC business language, English, is often a significant challenge. In job interviews it is often difficult to clearly ascertain the level of English proficiency of a prospective employee, which can lead to problems later.

The Business English Level Indicator Test, more simply known as BELIT, is a cost effective and easy way to assess both prospective and existing employees in GAC. It is conducted through an online program that can be either a comprehensive 50 minute test, or a more condensed but still highly effective 30 minute test.

The result is a score on the level of proficiency from 1-10 (10 representing Advanced Learners). This can be used to determine where further training is required appropriate to the role of the employee, for example the Global English Programme.

Currently, GCA is conducting BELIT testing throughout the GAC World, and each month BELIT tests form part of the GCA schedule. Please contact Sherol Fernandes at GCA or your GLO for further information.

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Profile: Patrick Lim on his Outstanding Success in the first GAC Sales Handbook Course
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GCA recently launched its latest course, the GAC Sales Handbook (GSH), and it has been hailed as a success by all involved. The course is part of GAC’s 3-part Sales Development Programme (SDP) which aims to build the sales competence across the GAC World.

Developed and refined with sales experts throughout the organisation, the GSH course has received strong support from the first batch of participants. One of these first participants was Patrick Lim, GAC Sales Executive from the Philippines. Patrick talked of his experience:

My roles as a Sales Executive includes opening up new accounts, managing the existing ones and making sure they are happy and satisfied with the service that we are providing. The sales activities that I am involved in include doing sales calls, conducting sales presentations, preparing of cost efficient and tailor fit logistic solutions to clients via formal quotations, conducting research on prospective clients, sending sales leads to GAC partners abroad. I also suggest ideas to clients on how to effectively and efficiently implement logistic solutions.

Major Sales Challenges

Selling is not an easy task as we have to strike a delicate balance between providing our customer what they really need when they need it and earning an income for the service that we extend to them. It is difficult to perfectly achieve what we set out to do all of the time. Sometimes things turn out exactly the opposite of how we planned to implement things, things like service failure, commitment gone awry, not being able to provide a competitive rate, unreasonable demands from customers, etc. We just have to take things in stride and keep in mind that these are all part of the territory. At the end of the day, nothing beats the emotional high of what closing out a sale brings. It gives sales people like me so much fulfillment and motivation to achieve more.

The GAC Sales Handbook

The GAC Sales Handbook is an indispensable guide for me to be able to attain my sales objectives and goals. It is not enough that we have the contacts, connections and the innate ability to sell. More importantly, we need something to guide and tell us if what we are doing is effective because we won’t be able to determine it just by ourselves.

The Sales Handbook provides a methodical, scientific and effective ways of assessing all aspects of the sales process. This tool helps us measure the productivity of a sales person in a precise and scientific manner. The five-step GAC sales process is helping me to achieve what I set out to do and in case we didn’t accomplish our objectives, this tool will help us diagnose and determine what went wrong and how to rectify those mistakes or shortcomings.

It serves as a direction or path as to the proper way to go about our sales activities. In fact we can never go wrong with the Sales Handbook because it is a compilation of the best practices of all GAC companies.



I would recommend the GSH course to all GAC personnel, regardless of work assignment and department that he or she is involved in. All of us must have a salesman’s mentality even though we are not all sales frontliners. It is imperative that all of us have the same mindset for us to be able to connect with each other effectively and seamlessly. We are all salesmen our own little way so we must learn to utilize it at all times.

If you are interested in enrolling in the GAC Sales Handbook course, visit our website for the GSH course specifications, or contact Waleed Jameel, Business Manager – GAC Corporate Academy.

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