Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG)

"Providing support services to the oil and gas industry is becoming an increasingly important part GAC’s business. As a Group we are established in the key oil and gas hubs around the world and are building a portfolio of tailor made products and services for this industry. We are also increasing our customer base to include more and more of the major players in the oil and gas industry. This certified course will equip you with the awareness, knowledge and connections required to work with this important industry. It will also enhance your capabilities for future growth and success in the oil and gas support sector."

William Hill
Executive Vice President
Oil and Gas


The Oil and Gas Support Services (ONG) course is designed for GAC representatives handling support services to any client in the Oil and Gas sector. The course provides an overview of the activities and assets involved 
in the Oil and Gas industry, the role that internal and external stakeholders play and GAC’s Oil and Gas support services.

ONG ensures that participants are able to speak the language of the Oil and Gas industry, and culminates in participants actively identifying the role they can play in supporting GAC’s future Oil and Gas business across both upstream and downstream value chains.



All GAC people with a role in our oil and gas support services, whether in administrative, operative, commercial or management positions.